How To Write an Email for a Job in 2024

How To Write an Email for a Job in 2024
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Varvara Potekhina
by Varvara Potekhina

A job application email is a message that makes the first impression on your future employer. In this article, we will find out how to write an email for a job, tell the hiring company about your experience and show you are the best choice for the suggested position without being too boastful or pushy.

Your resume represents your experience, but your cover letter shows your attitude and personality, which sometimes is even more important. It also sends a message on whether you are able to follow instructions, focus on what’s most important and value your future coworkers’ time. Let’s learn some tips on how to write a professional resume cover letter.

What is a job application email?

A job application email or a cover letter is a message you write to your potential employer when applying for a job. Usually, the employer posts a message about an open position on a recruiting resource, on a company website or on social media. Then the potential employees send the employer their resumes attached to the job application letter, where they tell the hiring company about their experience and expectations.

How to send a job application email

Simply write a new message from your mailbox and attach the resume to it. 

Make sure your email address is appropriate and makes you look professional. The most common format is the first and the second names before “@” or any combination of those. 

Check your grammar and layout to make sure your cover letter is easy to read.

When you are ready to go, don’t forget to attach the resume to your email. 

It also might be a good idea to send a test email to your email address to check everything for the last time and test the final layout.

What should be included?

  • Full name and contact information.
  • A short introduction to your professional biography. It should be brief and focused on what the hiring company asked about in the job ad. If you apply for a sales manager job a long description of your career in the music business might not be appropriate if the hiring manager has not asked about it specifically. The key logic is explaining why you think you are a good fit for the position and what you have to offer to the company.
  • A link to your LinkedIn profile. Providing links to other social media is a subject to think about, because it really depends on what you post there and what position you apply for. Provide those only if you are hundred percent sure that it will be a benefit for you.
  • An explanation of how you will follow up (or how the hiring manager can get in touch with you).
  • Attachments. Your resume and other documents with information about your professional biography, if required.

How to write an email for a job

There are certain rules for any cover letter. Let’s browse those to learn to write a good job application letter that will make a great first impression and will let you proceed to the job interview.

Write a clear subject line

Hiring managers receive dozens of job application emails daily. Value their time and focus: write a short and clear subject of your message to let them see what role you apply for.

The hiring company sometimes simply asks to use a certain subject line: they write it in the job ad. In this case, it is very important to follow the instructions strictly so that your email is not lost when the hiring manager browses candidates for a certain role.

If the subject line is not specified, just use the name of the position as a subject and your first and second names.

Include a salutation and introduce yourself

Your email greeting sets the tone of voice of your email. Usually, the job application email salutations are formal, but there may be some exceptions, for example, if the tone of voice of the job ad is extremely informal and it’s obvious that the hiring company appreciates the same.

Make the salutation brief and try to focus on what’s important for the employer right in the first lines. For example, if the job ad says you should have fluent written German, you can introduce yourself as a copywriter in German with dozens of publications, even though it is one of the four languages you speak.

Be short and professional

Trying to tell every little thing about your career and describe every irrelevant achievement shows a lack of self-confidence and professional manners. Focus on the job ad and describe yourself as a perfect employee for the exact role by specifying how you match every employer’s expectation.

Show that you are result-oriented. If the employer asks you to describe your experience in social media management, present the task and the result in figures. Avoid long process descriptions: save those for the job interview.

Prepare your resume

Your resume must include your past job positions, the tasks you completed and the best achievements you earned. 

Your resume should be brief, even if you have 30 years of experience. If so, it might be a good idea to merge several projects into one big point and give an overall description of what were your tasks during that period. 

It might be great to add references from your past jobs to the resume, so that the hiring manager could contact your previous employers and get their opinion about working with you.

Same as with the cover letter, the spelling and layout should be fine. Send a copy of your resume to several people you trust to have a look at it and give you some recommendations. It is even better if you can contact a career consultant who will give you recommendations on your professional presentation, focus on what’s most important in terms of the role you are applying for and even will help you get ready for the job interview.

Include your portfolio

If your resume is focused on your job positions, your portfolio should be focused on results. These are the measurable results of your work, something you can show to make one understand what kind of a professional you are. Those could be articles, if you are a copywriter or editor, websites or apps if you are into development and your best pieces if you are a designer.

If you are in sales, project management or human resource or other areas where the results can not be presented by a specific product, create presentations of your project with specific results to show what tasks did you get and how you accomplished those.

Additional tips for writing a job application email

The key to writing a successful job application email that will result in a job interview is focusing on the demands listed in the job ad. This is exactly the case where little things mean a lot. No matter what a good fit you are, being unable to follow simple instructions will never work for your benefit.

For example, if the job ad asks you to describe three projects you are proud of, you should not describe four. That might seem unimportant if all the projects are relevant and impressive, but some hiring managers would eliminate your СV right on without even checking the details. If the job ad asks for a specific subject line, use it without any changes, or your email might simply get lost. If the job ad gives a deadline for job application emails, respect it strictly because no one is going to wait for you when you don’t follow the simple rules.

Following the job ad’s logic will also help you present yourself as a perfect fit for the position. If the hiring company claims to be looking for a passionate manager who is seeking an opportunity to take their career to a new level, describe why you like the position and what growth opportunities interest you the most. Take a list of demands from the job ad and write the relevant list of your skills and experiences. You will save the hiring manager’s time and shorten your road to the job interview.

Another good tip is to focus on the value you can bring to the company and describe your professional experience from this point. Keeping that in mind will help you write a more relevant job application email that will not look boastful but instead will present you as a thoughtful result-oriented player.

Email for job application: Examples

Let’s check some examples of the best cover letters and figure out why the hiring company would like them.

Emily Roberts
marketing professional

[email protected]

0041 777 28

Dear Ms. Jackson,

I am writing to you to apply for the position of Public Relations manager in your company. Having experience in marketing and sales, I am interested in transitioning to PR and do believe my skills and experience make me a great fit for that.

I have used your product a lot and am very much into your business, product line and offerings. I would bring both passion and knowledge to promoting your business.

At my previous workplace, I was responsible for company image on social media, including Instagram which is your focus. We used Instagram to spread the message about the business event we organized and sold 350 tickets for a total sum of 25,000$.

I would love to meet you in person and share more about my experience, including social media. Please let me know what time is good for you this week.

Sincerely yours,

Emily Roberts

The potential employee who wrote this job application email does not have any experience in public relations. Still, they apply for a Public Relations manager position and explain why their experience is a good fit. 

The prospect focuses on being aware of the product already and presents a relevant case from their professional biography. The willingness to transfer to public relations also promises high motivation and interest in the new field.

This job application email is brief, contains all the contact information needed and a link to the LinkedIn profile. The layout looks professional and makes it easy to follow.

Let’s check another good example. This is a business manager cover letter:

Claire Westwood
business manager

[email protected]

0041 777 28

Dear Mr. Green,

Please find my resume attached. I am experienced in business growth, including HORECA business and have a proven track record of restructuring multinational corporations. I would use my experience for the success of your business. 

Through 15 years of working in strategic business development, I gained experience in several areas, including a strong commitment to the industry, a solid marketing background and an entrepreneurial spirit. 

I will contact you shortly to arrange a discussion on the value I can bring to your business. If you would like to get in touch before then, please give me a message.

Claire Westwood

This cover letter is a great example of how to make an impressive presentation of your achievements without being boastful. 

It’s clear that the candidate is a very strong manager, but the description of their professional experience is very brief and relevant for the position demands. They focus on the value they can bring to the hiring company as a professional which gives them great chances to get to the job interview.

Final thoughts

A good cover letter raises your chances for the job interview and creates a great first impression. Not only does it present your professional background, but also shows that you are a thoughtful, attentive and focused team player. Take your time to work on the job application interview that will make you look as a perfect fit for the position demanded and it will become the great first step in your relationship with new coworkers.

Keep in mind these tips for writing a good cover letter:

  • Use a professional email.
  • Add your contact details.
  • Add your resume file.
  • Make your resume brief. 
  • Send a test email.
  • Write a clear subject line.
  • Craft a brief introduction.
  • Focus on what’s demanded in the job ad.
  • Complete every small demand without exclusions.
  • Be short and professional.
  • Include your portfolio.
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