Targeted email marketing services: Boosting your campaign precision

Start segmenting correctly for more personalization with each customer with Selzy’s targeted email marketing services.

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Targeted email marketing services

Maximize engagement with our targeted email marketing service

Sales funnel: Increasing conversions and open rates

We help you plan, build, and launch specific email campaigns for all stages of your sales funnel to generate leads, increase conversion rates and revenue.

Effective segmentation

We help you segment your contact base and develop strategies for each segment so you can easily create more personalized and targeted campaigns.

Email list warm up: Increase brand recognition

We organize your contact base and activate your subscribers, remove invalid addresses and recapture the engagement of inactive subscribers.

A/B testing: More accurate analytics

We analyze current campaign performance and propose data-driven hypotheses for A/B testing.

Automation: Put your sales on autopilot

We analyze your sales funnel and revenue generated from different channels and create newsletters that automatically communicate with your audience.

Trigger-based emails: Send when people are most engaged

We create segments and responsive triggers for automated goal-oriented campaigns that deliver unique emails to each segment of your subscribers.

What you get

Personalized infographics with analytics and targeted messages that help you better communicate with your audiences at every stage of the sales funnel.

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Who needs targeted email marketing services?

Small business

Do you need results fast or do you need to grow your contact list? We’re your ally in making sure you don’t lose your customers’ attention.

Medium-sized business

Increase your sales: automate work with your current customers and focus on attracting new ones.

Large enterprise

You already spend a lot of time and money acquiring customers, so it’s time to get a return on that investment with the help of professional email campaign managers.

Why choose Selzy for email marketing solutions?


Team of email and CRM experts

Get a professional full service with anything from marketing strategy and email templates to copywriting, design and delivery service for your messages.


Effective email marketing platform

Leverage an easy-to-use platform with the most flexible email builder on the market, powered by AI and backed by superior deliverability.


Time and resource savings

Focus on developing and improving your product and creating an appealing look for your brand with custom landing pages. Our team of experts will take care of your digital marketing and routine tasks.


Guaranteed results

Get your money back if you’re not satisfied. We stand behind the results we guarantee.

Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns with Selzy

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Dmitry SEO of Selzy

“We understand the challenges of developing and growing your business in today’s world where time, resources, and expertise are often in short supply. What motivates me and our team to open our laptops and continue development of a powerful email marketing platform with pricing structure simple to understand?

We’re confident that Selzy will grow as our customers do. That’s why we prioritize customer results and experience. We hope that Selzy will become a reliable partner and favorite email marketing solution for all businesses.”

Dmitry, CEO of Selzy

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Don’t have enough time and resources, but want to see results?

Comprehensive campaign management

Value: $800 tooltip

Benefits: Put your email communications on autopilot and get the results you want.

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Need to create personalized and specific offers for your customers?

Target audience analysis

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Benefits: Stay relevant to every contact on your list by personalizing content to your target audience — all automatically!

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Never sent before and don't know where to start?

Starter pack: Customized campaign planning

Value: $600 tooltip

Benefits: Sending your first newsletters + a guide to implementing the right email marketing strategy for your business.

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Looking for new growth points in your marketing strategy?

Creative content development

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Benefits: Improve your monthly campaign performance with Selzy’s high quality analytics tool that helps you improve everything from open rates to sales and revenue.

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Already sent emails, but did not get the expected results?

Campaign audit and engaging email copywriting

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Benefits: Monthly audit of both failed and successful email campaigns, highlighting areas for growth, new strategies and content to implement.

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Want to give your communications a unique look and feel?

Visual design and branding

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Benefits: Free professional templates that match the visual identity of landing pages for businesses of all sizes and industries including ecommerce.

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