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Selzy's visual email editor lets you drag and drop ready-made elements from multiple templates. Adjust their parameters to your liking in just a few clicks.

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Choose from ready-made templates

Search by industry or type to get a list of templates that might be right for your business objectives.


Customize to match brand identity

Mix pre-built blocks from a chosen template, as well as from any other multiple templates. Edit their parameters to make them look perfect for your clients.


Create newsletter template

Write a personalized email copy using AI Writing Assistance feature. Add some finishing touches with branded images or, if you don't have any, create them with built-in AI Image Generation feature. Your email marketing campaign is ready for launch!

Email template designs that make impression

Instead of sending plain text, try playing with different design elements like banners, lists, buttons. Make sure emails have a solid structure and are easy to scan through — this will help recipients get the essence quickly.

Drive conversions
Increase engagement
Drive conversions

Drive conversions

Remember, it's not just about impressing your audience with a great email design, it's also about encouraging them to make the move you'd like them to do — like clicking the CTA button or applying the promotional discount code you provide.

Try to place a CTA button at the top of an email and make it noticeable. Then, who says you can't place it twice? Finish your email with a duplicate call-to-action button to eliminate any doubt that you are converting the maximum number of your readers.

Increase engagement

Increase engagement

Add GIFs, animations, and countdown timers to time-limited offers — make your email more interactive and informative for your audience. Your job is not just to get them to click the CTA button, but to really make them love your promotional email or digest newsletter — and crave getting another!


Email marketing templates made easy with Selzy

No-code email development

You don't need any HTML coding skills to either edit or build email templates from scratch with Selzy's visual template editor. But for the real techies, we still have an advanced option to edit our templates in HTML or upload your own code.

Drag-n-drop feature

Simply grab and drop and visual elements to add your personal touch to any email template you've chosen.

Fully responsive templates

No need to create multiple layouts of the same template for various devices. Create 100% responsive mobile-friendly newsletter templates that will definitely look equally impressive on any device.

Prebuilt designs that will boost email production

Selzy provides you with hundreds of ready-to-use email templates — so you don't even have to do any editing if there's no need for it. Fill them with your unique content and hit Send to launch your email marketing campaign!

Get started immediately

Choose and edit template

Pick the email template that's right for you and fill it with unique design and content using the built-in role-based AI assistance feature. 


Preview and test

You can preview the way your email looks on desktop and mobile, plus send a test email to double-check if it displays correctly in the inbox.


Send out your email

Once the preparation is complete, click Send Campaign and monitor performance in real time in the Analytics tab.

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  • Why use email templates?

    Responsive email templates save you time, letting you focus on what matters most: strategic planning, marketing automation, competitor analysis. You no longer have to spend time on manually coding HTML email templates, editing designs, previewing and testing how they look on laptops or mobile devices.
  • How do I find decent email templates?

    Easy! You no longer need to monitor email templates from various email clients — they are now all here, in one place. Plus, you can use Selzy’s drag-and-drop editor as a free email template builder to come up with unique email designs in minutes with AI.
  • Are the templates free to use?

    Absolutely! You can use any of Selzy’s integrations and email marketing tools, plus send unlimited bulk emails for free.

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