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Improve deliverability by finding and removing inactive email addresses from your contact list — 100% automatically.

Email verifier

Verify emails on your list with one click

Keeping your email marketing on point is crucial, and that starts with a clean email database. Ignoring it could mess things up big time.

Email verification software helps

  • Improve deliverability
  • Safeguard sender reputation
  • Optimize email marketing budget

Up your game with free email verifier

  • Selzy

    Improve deliverability

    By sending bulk emails only to active contacts. This has a positive impact on the domain’s reputation — emails are less likely to end up in spam folders.

  • Selzy

    Save money on your plan

    Typically, email platform pricing plans are based on the number of contacts you have. So why overpay for people who don’t get your emails anyway?

Clean up your email list in minutes

Selzy automatically rates each of your email addresses on your list and gives you valuable tips on how to land in the inbox, not spam.
Without email verifier

Without email verifier

  • Spam traps
  • Non-existent addresses
  • Globally unsubscribed addresses
  • Addresses with bad reputation from anti-spam services
With email verifier

With email verifier

  • Anti-spam email checker
  • Bulk email deliverability tips
  • Email size and authentication check
  • Subject line assistant to improve open rates

How to verify your email contacts

There are three ways to verify your contacts with Selzy’s email verifier.

From a list

From a list

Choose this option if your contacts are already in Selzy’s contact lists, and you don’t need to upload them separately.

From a file

From a file

Use this method if the contacts you want to verify are in a file. Note: Selzy will only count the unique contacts in the file.

From a text

From a text

Simply copy and paste the contacts here. If there are duplicates, they will be counted only once.

Unlock the full arsenal of Selzy’s secret email weapons


Personalized emails

Send personalized emails using any available information, such as your subscribers’ viewing history, date of birth, family, or location.


Intuitive analytics

Track and respond to every action your subscribers and customers take with email analytics tools and make data-driven decisions.


AI writing assistant

Selzy can do more than just send bulk emails – it can also write them for you! Automate your content creation with our AI email generator.


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How do I contact customer service?


The easiest way to contact our customer service is to drop us a line in the chat directly from your Selzy account. We’re available 24/7 to help you with any questions you may have!

How does this bulk email verifier help me?


Bulk email list verification allows you to check and avoid some of the most common spam traps, ensure high deliverability, and save you some extra money on tariff plans.

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