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Who is Selzy Agency Partner Program for?

  • 360º marketing agencies
  • Content marketing agencies
  • Event organizations
  • Software agencies
  • Consulting agencies

If you are not on this list, please contact us. We will be happy to receive your offer for a partnership.

Selzy Agency Partner Program

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Juliana, Representative of a 360º agency

Participation in our Agency Partnership Program brought in 20 clients who signed up for our $49/month plan, resulting in an income of approximately $4.700 for the agency. Incredible, right? How about bringing your agency into a partnership that benefits everyone?

Juliana’s agency earns $4.700 per year with Selzy


Caio, Creative Director of a content marketing agency

He recommended Selzy to three of his clients who needed an email marketing solution. Through our training, Caio's agency specialists were able to manage marketing campaigns for these three clients using our solutions, generating more opens and clicks for their campaigns.

Caio's agency gets more satisfied clients and more qualified professionals with Selzy


Fernanda, Communications Coordinator at an advertising agency

She referred 10 of his clients to Selzy's complete email marketing creation structure, including content creation, design and overall campaign strategy. The result was a return of approximately $10.200, which is 30% of the amount paid by the referred clients.

Fernada's agency earns about $10.200 per year with Selzy

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