Email list segmentation

Stay relevant to each of your subscribers

Email list segmentation

Only send emails that matter

Segmented campaigns get a 39% higher open rate, 28% fewer unsubscribes, and 24% more sales (Lyris)

Be smarter than mass mailing

  • Send custom-tailored emails to skyrocket your conversion with Selzy email segmentation tool

70+ customer segmentation criteria: choose the ones that fit your needs best


Where and who they are

Men or women? City or country? Young or elderly? Make sure you don’t sell a kid’s bicycle to a 30+ male triathlon junkie.


What they like

Keep your customers’ interests in mind: which articles they read, where they click most, and what they save to the cart.


How they act

Active buyer or hardly ever opened an email? A new client or a good old loyal customer? An iPhone or an Android user? The difference is real.

Make the most of your campaign with segmentation

  • Selzy

    Keep subscribers engaged

    Get a higher open rate by separating inactive contacts from the highly engaged ones. Reanimate the ones who rarely open.

  • Selzy

    Give your people what they like

    “Score points” by sending only the stuff that matters to your subscribers according to their behavior and preferences. Reach humans, not inboxes.

Creating segments with Selzy is easy

Simple or compound — we’ve got you covered


Creating segments with Selzy

Choose criteria and set your condition


Creating segments with Selzy

Make your segment very precise by adding other criteria


Save your segments to use them later

Take segmentation even further


Make it personal

Get closer to your customer by personalizing your message


Test what really works

Use a/b testing which color or shape of the button brings you more clicks


Full analytics

Track your campaign analytics at the deepest levels to make data-driven decisions.


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How does segmentation with Selzy work?


Segmentation helps you target the right people from your list with your message. Segment your subscribers into smaller groups by location, gender, lifecycle, and behavior. Combine several criteria and save your segments. This will allow you to stay relevant to your audience

Which segmentation criteria should I choose?


Activity, preferences, customer lifecycle, demographics, and location are among the most popular ones. Make sure you choose the correct criteria for your goal. If you’d like to announce a hot deal, segment your subscribers by their activity and send it to your most active ones for a higher conversion. If you’re currently offering a special discount for store pickup, segment by location, and only inform those who live where your store is located.

How to automate segmented campaigns?


Automating segmented campaigns with Selzy is easy. Go to ‘Automation’ tab — create email chains for different segments — fill it with your content — choose criteria that fit you best — click ‘Launch’. Your automation process is all set!

Grow your business smarter with email marketing segmentation

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