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How to use mailto link generator by Selzy

This free mailto link generator allows your customers and website visitors to craft a converting email from scratch — all they have to do is fill in the recipients email address and write a copy.


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Test the link

Easily create with mailto link generator


Efficiency and time savings

Create a pre-written email body copy and subject body with mailto service for your clients, so all they have to do is click the send button.


User-friendly interface

Don’t let your one-time website visitors get confused by complex settings and leave the page without taking a targeted action.


No coding required

Integrate this link generator into your website in the most convenient and effective way of your choice, it can be either a ready-made HTML code or a simple link.


Customization options

Prepare multiple links with subjects and email addresses, pre-filled and blank, and use the most relevant one for different sections of your page.

Who is mailto link generator useful for?


This mailto link generator allows developers to easily create short email links for seamless integration of email services into customer websites, saving time coding embedded forms and ensuring accurate syntax.

Content creators

This email sending link generator is a useful tool for inserting short email links into content to increase customer engagement and spark communication with your audience.


This mailto tool helps save time by automating link creation and gathering analytics for effective email-driven strategies to achieve better results and build a deep connection with clients.

Website owners

This free mailto service provides a distinctive interface and consistent email formatting that helps you maintain an easily recognizable and professional brand image across all of your websites.

Efficient communication starts with Selzy mailto link generator

Generate mailto short links with subject lines, body copy, and recipient email addresses, including BCC and CC, that are easy to share on social media and embed on your website.

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