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Take your marketing communications to a whole new level with Telegram chatbots and sendings!

Telegram chatbot

Stay in touch 24/7, get started in a minute

Selzy’s new Telegram chatbot builder is included in the Standard plan at no additional cost. Plus, enjoy a 14-day free trial without limitations in sendings and functionality!

Getting started is easier than you think

  • Develop a scenario. Collect the most frequently asked user questions, find the perfect answers, add menu buttons. All within our platform, easy and smooth.
  • Create a chatbot. Get a token of your Telegram chatbot and connect it to your Selzy account.
  • Invite users. Send an email campaign using one of our pre-designed templates to introduce your bot to your audience.

What Telegram bots can do for you

  • Selzy

    Stay available 24/7

    By setting up automated responses to common questions, sending notifications, and broadcasting. Anytime, with no need for you to be involved.

  • Selzy

    Keep it touch

    Where your customers are at ease. Personal messaging, entertainment content, news feed — it's all on Telegram. Don't pull customers out of their comfort zone.

Grow your business globally

Telegram is one of the top 3 messengers globally with 500+ million active users per month and 80% message open rates.

Get in touch

Get in touch

Send broadcast notifications about new products, promotions, and special offers.

Capture leads

Capture leads

Collect contact information and save leads for future engagement through the Selzy platform.



Address users by name and include details about their city, order, and preferences.

Stay mobile

Stay mobile

Get user responses from a bot right in Telegram on your mobile device. No need for a PC!

Analyze. Segment. Automate

  • Track and analyze your Telegram chatbot performance to optimize customer journeys.
  • Segment your audience by dividing users into groups and sending tailored messages based on their interests.
  • Create automated responses to user messages, menu choices, and adjustable commands.
Analyze. Segment. Atomate

Combine chatbots and email for better results


Triggered messages

Set up automated responses to everything your website visitors do with triggered emails.


Email builder

Launch a campaign in 15 minutes with our drag-and-drop email builder and AI writing assistant.


Email automation

Automate your marketing campaigns based on your subscribers’ preferences.


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How do I launch a Telegram chatbot?


We’ve prepared a handy step-by-step guide for our users on building Telegram chatbots using our platform and tools.

How do I set up notifications for a Telegram chatbot?


Check the quick guide on how to get users’ replies from a chatbot (e.g. customer personal information) right on your mobile without logging into our platform.

Is it free to use?


Our new chatbot and messaging tool for Telegram is included in the Standard plan with unlimited functionality at no additional cost. You can also enjoy a free 14-day trial with an unlimited number of subscribers. Find out more about our pricing plans.

How do I contact customer service if I have a problem?


Feel free to contact our customer service team if you have any questions regarding the Telegram bots and sendings.

Up your marketing game

Connect your Selzy account to a Telegram bot and take your communication to a whole new level.
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