Email marketing audit for enhanced campaign performance

Are you sure your email marketing is delivering the best results and keeping up with the latest trends? Find out with Selzy’s email marketing audit!

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Email marketing audit

Email marketing audit from Selzy

Poor results

Low open rates, click-through rates and ROI.

Emails go to spam, not inbox

Your customers don’t receive your emails because they all go to spam.

Content is out of trends

You have a huge list of contacts, but no new subscribers, no activity and no results.

Technical issues

Without an expert on your team to help with integration, configuration, and coding, your company is at risk for serious technical problems.

Funnels that don't convert

You launch email marketing campaigns to get more customers to interact, but your subscribers are still inactive.

Lots of manual work

You have to spend a lot of time pushing your customers. There is no email automation to bring them back to your website.

What you get

You'll find out why your emails aren’t bringing the desired results, receive a clear and comprehensive roadmap with detailed components for fixing it, and get answers to your most frequently asked questions.

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What we check in audit of your email marketing

Who needs email marketing audit?

Marketing specialist

You need to start conducting email marketing for your brand, but you have no experience.


You have too many comprehensive tasks and cannot create trendy email campaigns for your ecommerce business.

Digital marketing agency

You want to make sure your emails are effective without relying on other professionals or other agencies.

Why you need email marketing audit

  • Performance evaluation
  • Boost open and conversion rates
  • Improved brand design and content
  • Identify opportunities
  • Remain competitive
  • Budget efficiency
  • Forward marketing strategy
Why you need email marketing audit

How we organize our communication


Contact our specialist

Chat on WhatsApp or schedule a call to discuss your business challenges with our expert. It’s absolutely free.


Set up goals and outcomes

Tell us about your goals, preferred content, and expected results.


Sign a contract

All tasks, phases and deadlines are documented in the contract.

Get an email marketing boost!

Our goal is your satisfaction. We use a data-driven marketing approach that has been proven in numerous real-world cases.

Why choose Selzy for email marketing solutions?


Team of email and CRM experts

Get support from a team of email marketing experts: marketers, HTML coders, copywriters, designers, and other professionals who have focused their careers on email marketing.


Effective email marketing platform 

Leverage an easy-to-use platform with free bulk email service, responsive emails and the most flexible email builder on the market, powered by AI.


Time and resource savings

Focus on developing and improving your product and service. Our team of experts will take care of the marketing and routine tasks.


Guaranteed results

Get your money back if you’re not satisfied. We stand behind the results we guarantee.

Smart email marketing audit starts with Selzy

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Dmitry SEO of Selzy

“We understand the challenges of developing and growing an ecommerce business in today’s world where time and resources are often in short supply. What motivates me and our team to open our laptops and create a comprehensive yet easy-to-use email marketing service?

We’re confident that Selzy will grow as our customers do. That’s why we prioritize customer results and convenience. We hope that Selzy will become a reliable partner and favorite tool for all ecommerce businesses.”

Dmitry, CEO of Selzy

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