Emails A/B testing

Find out what really works for your customers

Emails A/B testing

No second-guessing. Decide based on facts.

Trying to guess which email subject line will get you more opens? Take a data-driven approach instead.

Go for what performs best

  • Here’s how emails A/B testing works. A small chunk of your audience will see subject line #1, another small chunk — subject line #2. The option with the most opens is the one the rest of your audience will get.

More insights — better results

Here’s how email testing will help your business

Get more clicks and sales

Compare both test email versions, check which one performs better and get a higher conversion.


Check which idea works best

With or without images? What about adding emojis to your subject line? Don’t think twice — test it out.


Know your audience better

Which product gets the most clicks? Which type of articles gets the most opens? No need to do a lengthy survey. Your audience’s actions will speak for themselves.

Fine-tune every step in your campaign

Discover what performs best all along your customer’s journey
Before opening

Before opening

  • Subject line and preheader
  • From name
  • Send time
After opening

After opening

  • Text size and formatting
  • Buttons and links color
  • Images options

It only takes a few minutes to start testing

Here’s how you can launch a split test with Selzy


start testing

Make a copy of your email. Change the element you want to test in the copy.


start testing

Indicate the participating audience and the campaign duration.


start testing

Click “start” and enjoy the show.

Take your A/B testing even further


Full analytics

Track the tiniest details of your campaign to make data-driven decisions with Selzy email analytics.



Divide your audience into segments for even more opens and higher CTR with Selzy segmentation tool.



Discover personalization possibilities to test subject lines and see if a subscriber’s name in them will be a game changer.


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Is email A/B testing free?


All A/B tests with Selzy are free.

How long does an average test last?


Finding out which of the two emails performed best usually takes some time. We recommend waiting at least 3 hours to get a proper result.

Do I need to test every email?


No. But we recommend repeating your test on the same type of emails a few times to get the clearest picture.

Can you test more than one thing at a time?


If you look at more than one thing at a time, you won’t be able to understand what exactly influenced your result. For example, you won’t be able to figure out what brought you more clicks: a different picture or a different button color. Try to stick to the rule: one A/B test — one element to test.

Test like a pro from the start

Launch your first email A/B testing campaign with Selzy.
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