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Based on 48,654 reviews from G2 and Capterra

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What industry are you in?
Question 2/11
What is the size of your subscriber list?
Question 3/11
What is your experience in email marketing?
Question 4/11
Choose what describes you best
Question 5/11
How often do you experience problems with your current email marketing solution?
Question 6/11
Are the basic features enough for your needs?
For example, bulk email, templates, and drag-and-drop editing.
Question 7/11
What is most important for you when choosing an email marketing platform?
You can choose more than 1.
Question 8/11
Are you considering platforms with advanced features that come at a higher cost?
Question 9/11
Do you need a campaign management service?
That's when they help you fully set up and manage your email marketing.
Question 10/11
Do you need mobile optimization?
Question 11/11
When are you ready to buy?
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Email tool finder

Here are your top 3 matches, based on 48,654 reviews from G2 and Capterra.

Reliable option

Next up, we have [Platformname]. While it doesn't match up quite as perfectly as the top choice, it's still a reliable option. It offers plenty of features and functionality to get the job done.

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Highest-rated features
Your best bet

[Platformname] is the top pick, perfect match. It's tailored perfectly to your needs, covering all the bases and giving you exactly what you're looking for.

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Highest-rated features
Worth considering

Last but not least, we've got [Platformname]. It's not quite as spot-on as the others, but it still fits the bill. If you're looking for a solid choice, this one's worth a closer look.

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Highest-rated features

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Find perfect email tool based on parameters you choose

Learn what features, pros and cons are considered when comparing software.

User ratings

This email marketing platform finder takes into account the overall rating and number of reviews on G2 and Capterra for each email platform, as well as user ratings for specific categories — think ease of use and setup, sending emails, managing campaigns, newsletter templates, and customer service.


User reviews

Yeah, the tool compares platforms based on not just user ratings alone but also takes into account parameters such as pros and cons, highest and lowest rated features mentioned in the user reviews on G2 and Capterra. Many users complain about a lack of integration? You won't see these tools recommended if integration is important to you.


We get it: many of you don’t need a bunch of features that cost an arm and a leg, especially when you’re just getting started. But what if you need more than just the basics? Analytics, automation, segmentation — it’s all covered by this free email marketing platform finder. Prioritize what you need and get the right fit.



Today, there are many promising email tools with excellent functionality besides the big well-known players — and they could be much friendlier to your budget. The email marketing platform finder compares pricing plans based on the size of your subscriber list and check s for a free plan or trial period if you need it.

Industry and market segments

Understanding industry-specific requirements is crucial to effectively using email marketing platforms that meet your business needs. The email marketing platform finder displays the top industries and market segments served by each software based on user reviews from G2 and Capterra, making it easier for you to choose the best fit.



Who are we?

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How this tool works?

Each question is backed by user ratings and reviews of the key features, pros and cons of the top 25 email marketing software on G2 and Capterra. The tool automatically compares them all in one place and chooses the software that best fits your needs based on your answers.

To calculate the final score, the tool takes into account:

  • Importance of each feature and category, as determined by your responses.
  • Feedback from real users on how the product performs on each key feature and overall rating, derived from 48,654 verified user reviews on G2 and Capterra.

Note: If there is more than one software that meets your needs, they will be listed in order of overall rating based on user reviews.