Maximize inbox reach with Selzy's dedicated IP for email marketing

Dedicated IP for email marketing ensures optimal inbox placement, improved sender reputation, and enhanced email deliverability.

dedicated IP for email marketing

Take your deliverability under control with a dedicated IP address for email

Gain strong control over your sender reputation and email deliverability by eliminating the risk of being affected by the actions of others sharing the same IP pool. Reserve optimal inbox placement for your emails!

Why get a dedicated IP for email marketing automation

  • Improved deliverability
  • Enhanced sender reputation
  • Increased flexibility
  • Protection from shared IP risks

Benefits of Selzy’s dedicated IP for email marketing

See the difference a dedicated IP makes to the success of your email marketing efforts

More control over IP warm-up and management

Send to the public domain with no risk of your emails being landed in spam or experiencing any other deliverability issues. With a dedicated IP address, your sender reputation is fully protected and is under your enhanced sender control.


Potential higher sending limits

With a warmed up dedicated IP, you can send an unlimited number of emails to public domains like @gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail. Keep in mind that it takes some time to get to the maximum limit of sendings while warming up your IP. Try chatbot integrations to nurture your subscribers while you wait.


Whitelisting for bulk sending

With a whitelist email address your newsletters won’t end up in the junk folder. It’s a kind of email automation that works like this: your dedicated email domain name and IP address are added to your subscribers’ whitelist, meaning a green light for all your marketing newsletters landing straight at the top of the inbox.


Ability to configure the IPs

With Selzy, you can set up multiple IPs to ensure smooth delivery of your high volume sendings. Note that it can take from 15 minutes to a few days to configure your own corporate IP address.


24/7 support for dedicated IP setup and management

You can request dedicated IP setup from our team and get it done within 48 hours. Plus, our specialists can help you manage your IPs, set up corporate domains and authentication, help with email marketing automation, and share best practices and resources for ensuring high deliverability.

Who needs Selzy’s dedicated IP address for email


High-volume senders

It’s required to have a dedicated IP address to send high volume emails to public domains. Otherwise, you can send only to a limited number of contacts and your sender reputation is at risk if you exceed the limit.



If you send your marketing newsletters with events promotion from a shared IP pool, you can never be sure that they will reach your audience. If someone from the same IP pool you share gets caught by an anti-spam service, your deliverability will also drop and your subscribers may miss an event.


Website builders

Setting up a dedicated IP can strengthen landing pages security and unlock advanced features such as SSL certificates and custom configurations for improved website performance, reliability, and overall user experience.


For sellers

Unlike other industries, e-commerce businesses rely heavily on an email service, not only for promotional purposes, but also for transactional emails, which are sent to your subscribers who typically use public domains. With dedicated IP, you don’t have to worry that your customers may never receive a confirmation email for a purchase they just made.

Explore other tools for smooth deliverability


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Email verifier

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Drip campaigns

Drip campaigns

Automate the process of sending drip emails to your customers and ensure they receive timely emails without any manual effort on your part.

Bulk emails

Bulk emails

Use Selzy’s bulk email service to easily create and deliver meaningful campaigns to your entire audience, yet tailored to each subscriber’s interests.


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How does having a dedicated IP address affect email campaign performance metrics?


It gives you full control of your improved sender reputation and email deliverability as you no longer depend on other senders from a shared IP pool.

Are there any limitations to using a dedicated IP address for email marketing?


Even with a dedicated IP, you still need to comply with the anti-spam policies of your dedicated email service and your subscribers’ email providers to prevent your deliverability from dropping.

How to warm up a dedicated IP address to maximize deliverability?


To activate a dedicated IP, you’ll need to set up DNS records and configure business domain authentication. After that, you need to start sending daily newsletters and slowly increase the number of contacts for each campaign. It usually takes up to 40 days to complete the warm-up period.

Gain control over email deliverability with Selzy’s dedicated IP

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