July Newsletter Ideas Your Subscribers Will Love

July Newsletter Ideas Your Subscribers Will Love
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Maria Bidogaeva
by Maria Bidogaeva

Holidays are a great opportunity to connect with your subscribers and customers. Every month, there are numerous holidays and events that are worth celebrating. Each of them might become a chance for you to promote your business and improve relationships with your subscribers. In this article, we’ve gathered some of the best July newsletter ideas that you can use for your email campaigns. Keep reading to gain some inspiration for your content.

Key events to use for your July newsletter

Here are some of the most interesting and important holidays in July, grouped by weeks. Check out our list to discover some July newsletter ideas and examples to help you create relevant content for your subscribers. 

First week of July

  • Canada Day

Canada Day is celebrated on July 1. If you have Canadian subscribers, this is a great chance to make them feel part of the family and improve your brand-customer relationships. Consider offering bundle deals that contain products with red and white designs to match the colors of the Canadian flag, or making other special offers for your customers in Canada.

In this email from Snowman, the brand offers a limited-time discount deal on a popular video game Alto’s Odyssey as an act of appreciation for their Canadian customers.

An email from Snowman on Canada Day featuring an image of people at the bonfire and a limited-time deal offer on a video game
Source: Really Good Emails
  • Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated on July 4 in the USA. The holiday commemorates the Declaration of Independence that took effect in 1776. Since it’s one of the most important holidays for the American audience, don’t forget to cover it in your Independence Day newsletter campaign. One way to do it is to launch time-limited offers such as flash sales for the products relevant to the holiday. Other campaign options include giveaways or online contests.

The email below from Kampgrounds of America reminds subscribers about the upcoming holiday and encourages them to book a campground in advance. The holiday theme is instantly recognizable here thanks to the email’s design that features the colors blue and red along with some stars and stripes.

An email from Kampgrounds of America featuring an image of people having a party outdoors and an offer to book campgrounds for the holiday
Source: Really Good Emails
  • Chocolate Day

July 7 is Chocolate Day, which is a great opportunity for many e-commerce businesses. If you offer any chocolate-related products, you may launch special discount deals or award extra bonus points for purchasing some selected items. You can also encourage your subscribers and customers to share their photos and stories of how they are celebrating the holiday with your products.

Second week of July

  • National Blueberry Day

National Blueberry Day is celebrated on July 8. Another food-related holiday may serve as a chance to increase subscriber engagement by asking your audience to share their stories. In your newsletters, you may also share blueberry-containing recipes or even hold a cooking contest among your customers and subscribers.

In this email by Wicked Good Cupcakes, the baking company shares some facts about blueberries to celebrate the holiday. The email also features an image of one of the brand’s items that matches the theme.

An email from Wicked Good Cupcakes featuring an image of a blueberry cupcake in a jar
Source: Milled
  • National Dimples Day

July 9 is National Dimples Day. Since the holiday shows appreciation for a physical feature, it is a great opportunity for skincare, beauty, and health-related brands to promote their products. You can share some beauty tips in your newsletters or collaborate with influencers specializing in beauty content.

  • Shark Awareness Day

Shark Awareness Day on July 14 is a holiday aimed at raising awareness about shark conservation. In your newsletter, you may want to educate your audience on the cause or run a charity event. It is also a great opportunity to launch some limited shark-themed products, such as special merchandise or new versions of existing items with designs featuring this fish.

Flora & Fauna shares educational content about sharks in the newsletter shown below. The email features a large image of a shark that instantly grabs the reader’s attention, and there is also an informative text snippet leading to a “Read More” CTA button.

An email from Flora & Fauna featuring an image of a shark and some informative facts about Shark Awareness Day
Source: Milled

Third week of July

  • World Emoji Day

World Emoji Day is celebrated on July 17. This holiday brings you an opportunity to get as creative with your newsletter’s content as possible. You can use emoji-based storytelling, come up with a funny subject line, or even update your logo and social media headers using emoji-styled images instead of regular ones. Read our article on emojis in emails and research on the impact of emojis to find out more. 

In the email below, you can see how Penguin Random House cleverly incorporates emojis in its storytelling to make the holiday relevant for its audience.

An email from Penguin Random House featuring various emojis to represent books
Source: Really Good Emails
  • Mandela Day

July 18 is a day to commemorate Nelson Mandela and his legacy. Since Mandela advocated for social justice, peace, and making the world a better place, the holiday is a great chance to give back to your supporting community. For a Mandela Day campaign, you can organize a charity event or offer your audience other possibilities to make positive change.

  • Moon Day

Moon Day on July 20 is a holiday that celebrates the first moon landing that took place in 1969. It also presents a great opportunity to make special or limited offers and launch a themed event. For example, you can create a unique hashtag for the event and inspire your subscribers and customers to share their celebration stories and experiences.

In the email below, National Geographic offers a subscription discount to celebrate the anniversary of the first Moon landing.

An email from National Geographic featuring an image of an astronaut walking on the Moon and an offer to order a National Geographic subscription
Source: Really Good Emails

Fourth week of July

  • Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is an annual event held by the retail giant Amazon. During the event, the customers are provided with lots of various deals and offers. While there is no exact date for 2024 yet, the event is expected to take place during the second week of July. If you sell your products on the marketplace, you should also use this opportunity to remind your subscribers about your products.

In this plain text-styled email from the protein bars brand RXBAR, the company is reminding subscribers about the Amazon Prime Day deal. The message is short and to-the-point, and the CTA link is simple but very compelling.

A minimalistic email from RXBAR on Amazon Prime Day
Source: Really Good Emails
  • Summer Olympics 

On July 26 2024, the Summer Olympics will begin in Paris. Use this opportunity to launch themed promotions and events or create special packaging designs. You can also think about themed contests for your audience, such as sharing a favorite Olympics’ moment or predicting results to engage with your customers and build trusting relationships with them.

  • Parents’ Day

Parents’ Day is usually celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July in the US. This year, the holiday will be on July 28. To show appreciation for all parents on this day, you can offer your prospects and customers discounts on family products or services and include a gift guide in your newsletters.

July event calendar to use for your newsletter inspiration

Below, we’ve gathered a marketing calendar of holidays for each day of July. Have a look and choose July newsletter ideas to cover in your emails.

Note: all national holidays refer to the US calendar unless noted otherwise.

The list of July newsletter ideas in calendar format

July newsletter ideas for week-long events

July also features some week-long events. They create opportunities for longer marketing campaigns that are great for nourishing relationships with your customers and producing a sales build. 

Here are a couple more ideas for your July newsletters.

National Clean Beaches Week (July 1-7)

For this event, you can share some educational content with your audience in your newsletters. It is also a great chance to engage your subscribers by launching a photo contest for them to share their beach cleaning activities. This can help you know your audience better and increase customer loyalty.

In the email below, Wellements shares some tips on how to keep beaches clean. The brand also announces the launch of a digital scavenger hunt to engage its audience. 

An email from Wellements featuring actionable tips to help keep beaches clean
Source: Milled

Be Nice to Jersey Week (July 7-13)

Jersey has been an object of many jokes after it split in half in the 17th century. Be Nice to Jersey Week originated in 1985, when Lauren Barnett, the editor in Lone Star Publications of Humor, decided to put an end to the jokes about the state. This humorous event can be a great marketing opportunity. For example, you can make a Jersey travel guide with the spots to purchase your products or a fashion mood board inspired by the street looks of Jersey.

Coral Reef Awareness Week (July 15-21)

Another environmental event, Coral Reef Awareness Week, is held during the third week of July. In your marketing newsletter, you may raise awareness by sharing some statistics, facts, or case studies about the matter. It also makes a great time to promote your eco-friendly products and launch some special deals for your subscribers.

July newsletter topics for month-long events

If you are looking for longer events to cover in your marketing campaigns, here are some July newsletter ideas for month-long campaigns.

Disability Pride Month

Disability Pride Month aims to raise awareness of disabilities and celebrate diversity. In your newsletters, you may focus on the accessibility of your products or services, and other initiatives of your business that benefit people with special needs. You can also collaborate with nonprofit organizations to launch fundraising or other charity activities.

UV Safety Awareness Month

The goal of UV Safety Awareness Month is to spread awareness of the dangers of ultraviolet radiation. In your newsletters, you can highlight the importance of sun protection and launch special offers on your sun protection products. If you don’t have any such products, you can collaborate with other brands or focus on educational content.

In the email below, Bermies uses this opportunity to promote its sun protection clothes items. They also offer a discount promo code and free shipping on some orders to drive sales.

An email from Bermies displaying some of the brand’s sun shirts
Source: Milled

Family Golf Month

Every July, golf players around the US celebrate Family Golf Month. The purpose of the event is to popularize this sport among various age groups within families. In your emails, you can share some tips on playing golf for beginner players and offer discounts on golf gear and equipment or other related items.

Subject lines to use in your campaign

Email subject lines are an essential part of your email marketing campaigns. A good subject line can serve as a hook to attract your audience’s attention and entice them to open and read your emails.

Here are some subject line ideas for your July newsletters:

  • [holiday name] deals are here!
  • [event name] sale is ON! Up to 50% off select products
  • No present? Give a gift card!
  • Free gifts inside!
  • It’s [holiday name]. Let’s celebrate!

We’ve also gathered some subject lines from real-life brands for your inspiration:

  • Save 25% & become independent (Avocode)
  • 5 Things to Know About the Winter Olympics (Media iQ)
  • Emoji ➡️ targeting ⬅️ is here. Just in time for 🌏 #WorldEmojiDay, July 📅 ! (Twitter)
  • LAST CHANCE 💣 Prime Deals (Jomashop)
  • Looks to turn heads on 4th of July!🎆 (Bershka)

Tips to make your July newsletter even more effective

After you’ve decided on your July newsletter schedule, it’s time to prepare your email marketing campaigns. Here are some practices, ideas and tips you can use to make your emails even more effective.

Personalize them

Personalization is a good way to increase engagement rates and make your offers more relevant. For example, you can make personalized gift guides of the relevant products for the holidays and create personalized subject lines in your emails.

Use encouraging calls to action

Calls to action, or CTAs, should encourage your audience to, well, take action — so make sure the ones you use are up to the task. To make your CTAs more noticeable, you can style them as colored buttons. Also, using CTAs relevant to the event or holiday, such as “Get your [event name] discount!” or “Share your [holiday name] experience!”, is a good way to make them stand out.  

Work on your email design

Email design is a crucial element of each email marketing campaign, but preparing it takes time and effort. So, we recommend using email templates to make the process easier. Many email marketing platforms including Selzy provide holiday-themed templates with relevant content so that you won’t have to spend too much time preparing your emails. And don’t forget about mobile optimization too.

Perform A/B testing

Holidays bring many sales opportunities, but launching your email campaigns without testing them can be a bit bold. To identify what content best resonates with your subscribers, compare different versions of your emails using the A/B testing feature if one is offered by your email service provider. This technique can help your email marketing campaigns achieve the best possible results.

Final thoughts

Just like any other month, July is full of events — and any of these events can serve as a good chance for you to promote your business. Identify the holidays you want to celebrate with your subscribers and customers and think about what you can offer to them in your emails. We hope our July newsletter ideas will help you with that. Oh, and make sure to also check our holiday marketing calendar article to not miss other important events!  

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