Egg-cellent Ideas for Easter Email Marketing Campaigns To Use in 2024

Egg-cellent Ideas for Easter Email Marketing Campaigns To Use in 2024
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Valeria Shulga
by Valeria Shulga

Easter is a great holiday to spend with family and friends, enjoy festive brunches, exchange gifts, and paint Easter eggs, for sure! For marketers, it is a fruitful season, too. You may probably think it’s not as big as Valentine’s Day or Christmas, but it’s actually a holiday celebrated all over the world. So, take it as a chance to connect with your prospects and take the time to think about holiday promotions.

This year Easter is early, so you need to decide on your Easter email campaign as soon as possible. In this article, we’ll give you some practical tips on creating Easter emails and share clever marketing tactics to grab readers’ attention.

Why you should set up an Easter email marketing campaign

To start sending Easter emails, you just need to open marketing stats, and you’ll see that 81% of Americans celebrate this holiday. In 2023, US consumers planned to spend $24 billion in Easter, the highest figure on record, according to the results of the annual survey. This budget has been steadily increasing throughout the years:

A graph showing expected Easter spending. In 2021, it was $21.6 billion, in 2022, $20.8 billion, and $24 billion in 2023.
Source: NRF

54% of those who didn’t celebrate Easter still were on the hunt for Easter-related sales and were planning to spend $23.41 per person (up from $17.64 in 2020).

So, the Easter celebrations are very important to many people and you can use this fact to your advantage. Why not participate in overall festivities and take a chance to sell more using Easter email campaigns?

Easter email marketing campaign step-by-step

In 2024, Easter falls on Sunday, March 31st, so you need to be ready a bit earlier than last year. Let’s dive a little deeper into the essence of an effective Easter campaign. To make it work, follow several simple steps:

Set your goal

Sending out Easter emails should be a part of your overall email marketing strategy and every campaign should have its goal. For Easter messages, as with other holiday email campaigns, these may be the following:

  • Get sales and revenue with an Easter promotion.
  • Test a new marketing technique.
  • Raise website traffic.
  • Re-engage inactive subscribers.
  • Improve the relationships with your customers.

As Easter is celebrated in spring, many retailers use Easter emails to promote and highlight their spring lines. You can follow this strategy too.

Depending on the goal of your campaign and your email strategy, you can choose the tone of voice, key message, and other points of focus.

Send a non-promotional message

The majority of Easter emails the customers receive have different purchase incentives. To make an impact, you can choose another route like sending Easter greetings or tips.

In this email, the temporary tattoo brand Tattly has combined the best Easter egg designs with links to funny holiday-related articles. They sell nothing but still coax to visit their website and grab readers’ attention.

In this email, the temporary tattoo brand Tattly has combined the best Easter egg designs with links to funny holiday-related articles. They sell nothing but still coax to visit their website and grab readers’ attention.
Source: Really Good Emails

Use multiple messages in your campaign

You can structure your campaign to include two or more messages. For example, you can begin with something Easter-themed like a holiday message from your company’s CEO or an announcement and finish the email with product recommendations or deals. 

Here’s an example of an Easter hunt promotion and some product recommendations:

An Easter email with a tagline Easter hunt weekender
Source: MailCharts

Another marketing strategy is to send not one but several email campaigns. The first one in a sequence can announce the upcoming sale, the next one can be about the sale itself, and on Easter, you can send a holiday card, and after that — an email reminding customers of the last days of the sale.

Segment your list

A good Easter campaign is personal, relevant, and timely. To make your emails more reader-oriented, use segmentation based on the customer’s preferences, and recommend the products they’ve viewed or the ones similar to the goods they’ve purchased. Make sure each segment of your list gets an email designed to appeal to their interests and buying capacities. 

When the campaign is sent, monitor opens, clicks, and conversions to see how well your Easter email performed. Do not limit yourself to these basic metrics, though: pay attention to the order size, the number of new and regular buyers, website visits, etc. All metrics that measure the kinds of actions your email drove on your website matter.

Clever Easter email subject lines to try out this year

If you need some Easter subject line inspiration, here it goes:

  • Don’t miss your easter weekend treat – 40% off all full price
  • Easter spectacular with up to 70% off
  • Every bunny loves Easter – schedule your Easter gift delivery today!
  • Get HOPPY! Your ONE-STOP shop for all things Easter
  • You won’t find these goodies in an Easter egg
  • Easter Bunny approved
  • Easier than an egg hunt
  • Fill your Easter basket
  • Easter is over but you can save a little longer!
  • The Easter Bunny left—but not the savings.
  • Feeling the Easter bloat? Get back on track with the Cent Sale…

You can also try adding emojis in your subject line. You can also use A/B testing and send two variations of an email with different subject lines and compare the impact of a subject line with an emoji and without it.

Here are examples of clever subject lines with emojis:

  • Reveal your deal 💰 Easter offer inside
  • Ready for Easter Feasting? 🐣 (Ooh & Aah) 
  • Celebrate Easter 🐣 with extra savings!
  • 🧺 Load up those Easter baskets….
  • 🐰 The Easter bunny has one more surprise…
  • ☀️ More sun = More savings
  • 🐇 Your very last chance. Easter sales END TONIGHT!
  • 🛍 Easter sale extended | From £339 
  • Don’t miss our Easter SALE 🐰
  • Too many Easter treats? We got you, girl 🍬
  • 50% off? How egg-citing!? 🥚
  • We 💗 every bunny’s Easter style… (Janie and Jack)
  • Crack into these savings. 🐣 15% off Easter & Happy Spring gifts. (Fairytale Brownies)
  • Easter Essentials 🐰🐣 (Shrimps)
  •  📣 Spoil yourself this Easter weekend with our 15% discount 📣

Best practices for your email design

To make your Easter email more attention-grabbing and turn it into a conversion machine for your business, apply these simple practices.

Use spring colors and patterns

Easter is celebrated in spring when the flowers start to bloom and the sun is shining bright. Try to convey a sense of the beginning of new life in your email newsletter using light spring tones and patterns — flowers, leaves, sun. Predominating green, white, light blue, pink, or yellow colors will perfectly complement your Easter email template.

This Easter email from dusk has a warm yellow color palette. The banner images convey a celebratory and warm atmosphere. The yellow checkered background is an especially interesting detail since it reminds us of a picnic blanket.

An Easter email with a tagline 25% off Easter collection
Source: Milled

Add puns and clever copy

When it comes to the message you convey, think outside the box! Let your creativity shine and avoid cliches in your text. It will help your email stand out in cluttered subscribers’ inboxes.

Remember — Easter is fun! Use puns and plays-on-word in the email body, or in a subject line. You can even take inspiration from April Fools’ email ideas. Interesting copy entertains the readers and wins their attention. And, surely, try to make these puns Easter-themed.

Crate & Barrel used a funny Easter pun in a headline, combining it with a cute holiday GIF. The email looks fresh and entices you to go to the website to see what else the company has to offer.

An Easter email with the tagline Everybunny’s here
Source: Saluton

Make use of GIFs

We’ve already shown a great example with a GIF above, so let’s expand on it. Animated GIFs are a simple way to add some fun to different types of email campaigns — they catch the attention and make the readers look at your newsletter a bit longer. The best way to apply it to your holiday email is to make it Easter-themed: use an Easter egg, Easter bunny ears, and even the actual word “Easter”.

In this example, marketers used the funny phrase “hop to it”, which is traditionally associated with Easter bunnies. It adds a little fun to the message, transforming it from a boring email that has nothing to do with Easter to a holiday email.

An email with a GIF of words Hop to it that hop on to the email banner
Source: Chamaileon

Use the Easter aesthetic

You can’t say Easter without an egg! 32% of Americans were planning an egg hunt on Easter in 2022. So, this is probably the most known Easter symbol, but there are also other ones, like Easter bunnies, carrots, and flowers. Add them to your email design to make it more festive.

Oeuf used a clever marketing trick, displaying their products to imitate an Easter bunny. Combined with mimosa flowers, it looks cute and spring-like.

An email with the tagline It’s Bunny week
Source: MailCharts

Try out gamification

Using gamification in your emails is not only a cool and creative way to entertain your subscribers and redirect them to your website. It also perfectly captures the Easter spirit! You can start a full-fledged egg hunt, or simply add some gamification elements to your email — it depends on your goals and resources.

The tricky part is that game mechanics can be tricky to pull off. The brand We Might Be Tiny first decided to have an egg hunt promo on the website but the game wasn’t properly programmed. In the next email, the company made sure customers could make use of the deals. The game here is simple: subscribers need to find the code that grants 70% off. It’s still a fun guessing game and a great example of how to correct email mistakes.

An Easter email with the tagline Last night our first ever online Easter Egg Hunt bombed
Source: Milled

Add a countdown timer

Countdown timers are a proven technique to increase click-through rates: they create a sense of urgency and fear of missing out on discounts and other useful deals. That’s why it is worth including one in your Easter email, especially when it comes to a time-limited promotion. See how the urgency is highlighted in the example below: not only did the company use a timer, but also added the phrase “hurry, only 3 days to go”.

An Easter email with the tagline Last chance to treat yourself with our Easter extravaganza
Source: Chamaileon

Best examples of Easter email messages

Now that you know how to create an effective Easter email campaign and what techniques to use, let’s look at some noteworthy Easter email examples for your marketing inspiration. Use these as your email templates or just enjoy the designs.

On Running

An Easter email campaign with the tagline #RunOnEaster
Source: MailCharts

What we liked about it: A creative approach to applying an Easter theme to the brand’s products is definitely worth your attention. The first thing that catches an eye is running accessories, laid out in the shape of an Easter bunny. Then we see that On Running launches a themed challenge: make an Easter image with your running route and share it using the hashtag #RunOnEaster. That’s a great way to create more UGC.


An Easter email with the tagline Check out our new Easter sweets
Source: Milled

What we liked about it: This email campaign has a simple structure and layout but it’s the images that make it breathtaking. Since the product is sweets, the photographs aim to make them appetizing. The saturated colors and light effects entice the customers and also convey a feeling of celebration.


An Easter email with the tagline Happy Easter
Source: MailCharts

What we liked about it: The design is absolutely stunning and looks like a gravure from an old book. It combines both amusing illustrations and some useful promotional info: 15% discount on selected items in the shop. This email perfectly displays the spring vibe and clearly conveys the key message.


An email with a GIF of a cracking Easter egg that reveals a promo code
Source: Milled

What we liked about it: This email almost entirely consists of a GIF. The cracking egg makes the campaign feel interactive and excites the subscribers with the promo code reveal. Plus, the email uses classic Easter imagery and pastel for a holiday feel.

Wrapping up

If you haven’t sent Easter campaigns before, the time has come! The holiday is loved and celebrated by millions of people all over the globe — why not take advantage of it and start some marketing activities? To make your Easter campaign work, follow these simple steps:

  • Set your goal — decide why you need to send this campaign and what results you want to achieve.
  • Don’t focus only on promotions — sometimes it’s enough just to send a warm greeting to win the customers’ hearts.
  • Try to use multiple messages in your campaign to see which one performs best.
  • Use segmentation — make your emails more reader-oriented, based on their preferences and buying capacities.
  • Create an attention-grabbing subject line to stand out in cluttered inboxes.

The best practices for your Easter email design are:

  • Using spring colors and patterns — convey a sense of new life in your newsletter by applying light spring tones.
  • Adding puns and clever copy — think outside the box when it comes to the message you convey. Use puns, play on words, and let your creativity shine.
  • Making use of GIFs — they catch the attention and make the readers look at your newsletter a bit longer.
  • Using the Easter aesthetic like bunnies, carrots, eggs, flowers in your email.
  • Trying out gamification — entertain your subscribers and redirect them to your website with game mechanics.
  • Adding a countdown timer — create a sense of urgency and fear of missing out on discounts and other useful deals.

This article was originally published in March 2022 and was updated in March 2024 to make it more relevant and comprehensive.

14 March, 2024
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