Christmas Email Templates and Ideas for This Holiday Season

Christmas Email Templates and Ideas for This Holiday Season
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Valeria Shulga
by Valeria Shulga

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner! In a little while, we’ll be absorbed into a whirlwind of festive preparations: crowded markets, gingerbread cookies, beautiful Christmas trees, and all that. This is a fruitful season for marketers, too. In this article, we’ll observe the components of a successful holiday email campaign, and share the most interesting Christmas email templates and ideas for your inspiration. Let the party begin!

The best time to start your holiday campaign

According to Statista’s study, about 60% of respondents start their Christmas shopping in mid-November or at the beginning of December. The earlier you begin sending out your Christmas email campaigns, the higher your chance is to win the customers’ attention.

In the following chapter, we’ll observe all the stages of a successful Christmas email marketing campaign to get you inspired.

Stages of a Christmas email campaign

A successful Christmas campaign doesn’t consist of a single message. We recommend that it includes at least three stages:

  1. Pre-Christmas message
  2. Christmas email
  3. Post-Christmas messages

Use email automation for this. Let’s observe every step we should take.

Pre-Christmas message

If you send a single message on Christmas day, the chance that your email will be lost in a pile of others is really high. To prevent that, be proactive: send pre-Christmas messages to stay on the top in subscribers’ inboxes and their hearts and minds.

Start creating a festive spirit at least a week before the holiday –– for example send season’s greetings, or thank your subscribers for their loyalty.

Christmas Email Template by EmailGeek

This is an example of an email campaign by EmailGeek. It is a part  of a 12-part festive email campaign sent before the date to create anticipation and a festive atmosphere in customers’ minds.

Another example of a pre-Christmas email campaign is this cute postcard by Curate Labs. It conveys just the right feel and tone of the holiday season:

Christmas Email Template by Curate Labs
Source: Really Good Emails

Christmas email

When you come closer to the date, it’s time to send a Christmas message. Your subscribers have probably opened the previous emails, and now they expect you to make attractive holiday offers and gifts. So, don’t disappoint them 😉

You can prepare festive Christmas discounts, email-only deals, or some exclusive offers for the most loyal customers.

Here is an example of an email Christmas offer by Rifle Paper Co. They give their subscribers a generous 30% off everything. Take a look at the CTA button with “Go, go, go” calling that immediately grabs attention:

Christmas Email Template by Rifle Paper Co
Source: Really Good Emails

Next is a nice Christmas treat by Harvard Sweet Boutique. The first thing that strikes the eye is a big “10% off” header –– the benefits are quite obvious. That’s a nice trick to increase the end of the year sales.

Christmas Email Template by Harvard Sweet Boutique
Source: Really Good Emails

Post-Christmas newsletters

Christmas ends on the 26th of December, but it doesn’t mean that your campaign should, too. Otherwise, here comes the best period for email marketers: the inboxes are not overcrowded with countless festive messages, so here we go.

What can you write? Make your email a continuation of a Christmas message: remind about the offer, but make it even spicier and catchier.

Christmas Email Template by Prezi
Simple yet elegant Christmas email design, an engaging header, a generous offer –– a perfect blend for the success of your marketing campaign. Source: Automizy
Christmas Email Template by Prezi
Source: MailCharts

Take advantage of the opportunity! Write a post-Christmas email with a killer subject line, and you’ll definitely stand out from the pile of endless “Merry Christmas” promotional messages. In the following chapter, we’ll observe the key objectives of catchy Christmas subject lines.

Best Christmas email subject lines to use in 2022

An attention-grabbing subject line is almost half of your future campaign’s success. If you don’t get your prospects to open the email, the rest doesn’t matter.

There are four main strategies to use when planning your Christmas email subject lines.

  1. Use a general subject line, appropriate for any holiday email.

Good examples:

  • Add a bit of joy to your holidays with these deals
  • Get on top of your holiday shopping with our gift guide
  • Season’s Greetings From…
  • Get your shopping sorted with these gift ideas
  • It’s time to get festive!
  • We have a gift for everyone on your list
  • Happy Holidays this Festive Season
  • Deck the halls with these savings
  1. Mention your unique holiday offer to entice more people to open your email.

Good examples:

  • 25% Off Storewide –– It’s a Christmas Miracle!
  • Free Shipping Until December 25th!
  • Up to 40% off our Christmas Sale
  • Jingle All The Way With 25% Off
  • We’ve Saying Goodbye To Shipping Fees –– Our Christmas Gift To You
  • 50% Off Flash Sale: Happy Holidays!
  1. Christmas is an appropriate time to chill and have some fun! You can use playful subject lines and add some emoji –– that’s a surefire way to make your emails stand out in subscribers’ inboxes.

Good examples:

  • Mrs. Claus’ Gift Recommendations 🤶
  • 🚚 Free Delivery For Christmas
  • Christmas is coming! 🎁🎄
  • Shop Our Winter Wonderland ⛄️❄️
  • Final Countdown To Christmas Is On! ⏰
  • 🎁Our Christmas Gift-Guide Is Here 🎁
  • 40% Off Christmas Best Sellers ⚡️
  • Escape the winter weather this Christmas ⛄️
  1. Mention “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” to create a festive mood.

Good examples:

  • Merry Christmas from …
  • It’s Our Very Merry Christmas Sale
  • Savings to make this your most Merry Christmas yet!
  • Looking forward to having a Merry Christmas?
  • Happy Holidays and Joyous New Year!
  • Enjoy our Happy Holidays sale!
  • Have a Happy Holiday with our End Of Year Sale

Christmas email template ideas for your campaign (with examples)

Here are the best Christmas email techniques and practices to get inspired by and use in your marketing campaigns to promote your products and services. Find yours!

Themed design

There are lots of traditional Christmas symbols to choose from: a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, snowmen, snowballs, Christmas-tree sets, candy canes, snowflakes…and so on and on. Take any and integrate it into the design of your campaign. Use holiday colors: traditionally, it is green, red, white, and gold –– create different combinations, or just highlight some accents.

ABC Ltd chose a well-known Christmas design: it’s Santa riding a sleigh with reindeers over a winter forest:

Christmas Email Template by ABC Ltd

In case you want to add some creativity to the campaign, there are many ways to play with traditional Christmas symbols. See how the Poppin team neatly connected their products with a holiday theme: for their Christmas email they’ve created a Christmas wreath made of notebooks:

Christmas Email by Poppin
Source: Really Good Emails

TWO UK offers their email subscribers to decorate a digital Christmas tree with blinking and twinkling lights and share the results on Twitter. A tricky way to increase brand awareness!

Christmas Email by Two
Source: Really Good Emails

Personalizing as much as possible

It is always so good to know that the company you’re loyal to takes care of you. So, Christmas is the perfect time to make your customers personalized gifts to show that each of them matters a lot to you and your business.

A great way to show that is to send an email with Christmas discounts on products your prospects have already shown interest in. Or just share some interesting statistics about their experience with your products, as Google Local Guides did in 2017:

Christmas Email by Google
Source: Really Good Emails

Another great and unusual way to show your customers your appreciation is to send them a plain text message with the best wishes. It looks super personal and doesn’t take much effort to create. Such Christmas emails do not contain any images or coding and look exactly like the ones you send to your friends and colleagues.

Sending such a greeting to your customers makes them feel a warm bonding with you and your business:

Christmas Emails
This message looks like you’ve received a Christmas email from your good friend.

Here’s another example of a simple Christmas message:

Christmas plain message
Source: MailCharts

Spreading warm wishes

You can spread a holiday spirit by sending heartwarming Christmas wishes to your customers. It’s a chance to get more personal with your contacts and treat them as if they were a part of your family.

Christmas Email by Ralph Lauren
In this message Ralph Lauren greets the subscribers with a simple picture of him and his dog. It’s not even done in Christmas colors but how cozy and homey it looks! These feelings are always associated with Christmas. Source: Really Good Emails
Christmas email from l'Occitane
Source: MailCharts
Christmas email from Hydrant
Source: MailCharts

Creating urgency

Keep in mind your last-minute shoppers. Christmas is the time when they’re on the hunt, so you as a brand can take a chance and turn the tables. Create an additional sense of urgency that forces customers to buy faster and make quicker decisions.

For example, Clinique launched a time-limited campaign with discounts for all categories of products, but each of the codes was valid for just 24 hours. One day –– one category. Not only can such an email boost conversion but it can also create anticipation for the following offers.

Christmas Email by Clinique
Source: Really Good Emails

It is also a nice idea to add a countdown timer with animation showing how much time has left till the end of your discount offer:

Christmas Email Template with Timer
Source: MailCharts

Gamifying emails

To make your emails more engaging and boost your click rates, add the elements of the game to your campaign. It triggers the curiosity of readers, cheers them up, and creates a festive mood. Moreover, making customers play games to get gifts is a great way to increase sales.

Christmas Email by LevelUp
Look at this example by LevelUp: it is hard to close such a newsletter without clicking on every gift box! Source: Really Good Emails
Christmas Email by Uplers
Uplers made a cute interactive email arranging a video call with none other than Santa Claus himself! When you click the CTA, you see Santa greeting you. It is also possible to tweet this sweet message with your friends and loved ones. Source: Really Good Emails

Thanking your subscribers

Finally, Christmas is a nice occasion to thank the subscribers for their loyalty, and express your love and gratitude to them. Sometimes warm and simple words are enough to win someone’s heart.

Christmas Email by Lands End
Saying thanks helps to build stronger relationships with your customers. It also enhances the brand identity. Source: Really Good Emails
Christmas Email by Ashley
Digital holiday greetings from Ashley Steward, an American plus-size women’s clothing company. Such an email reinforces the bond between the customer and the brand. Source: Really Good Emails
Christmas email with warm thanks
Source: MailCharts

Wrapping up

Let’s sum up everything we’ve covered in this article about successful Christmas email marketing campaigns.

  1. We recommend you to start your campaign early: at least, several days before the date and finish it after Christmas. Such an approach allows to engage more subscribers and stand out from the pile of endless “Merry Christmas” promotional messages. So, a successful campaign contains at least three Christmas emails.
  2. When writing a subject line, be creative: use festive puns, plays-on-word, emojis  –– same as in Thanksgiving emails. All that conveys a proper holiday spirit.
  3. Make an email eye-catching –– create a themed design, add some interactive elements and gamification, and don’t forget about special festive offers. In case you haven’t prepared any discounts, it is also appropriate to simply say thanks to subscribers and spread warm wishes.

We wish a Merry Christmas to you and your families! Ho-ho-ho 🎅

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