International Women’s Day Email Inspiration & Best Examples To Follow

International Women’s Day Email Inspiration & Best Examples To Follow
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Valeria Shulga
by Valeria Shulga

International Women’s Day is a perfect occasion to celebrate women’s achievements in politics, economics, and culture, and show your customers that you care about women’s rights. That’s an important point — many people want to see that a company’s values correspond to their own. So, why not join this global celebration to honor and recognize women?

There are lots of ways to congratulate your customers on the 8th of March: product promotions, charity events, or simply wishing them a happy holiday. In this article, you’ll find the International Women’s Day email inspiration and tips for your festive campaigns.

Best practices for International Women’s Day email campaigns

We’ve compiled a list of ideas for your Women’s Day campaigns that will resonate with your readers. You can take any of them and adjust to your business.

Wish your customers a Happy International Women’s Day

That’s the simplest yet most elegant way to celebrate this holiday and show subscribers that you really care about them. Look at the example below created by J.Crew: It starts with a headline wishing the subscribers a happy holiday and continues with a warm message going right to the customers’ hearts. A festive discount is the icing on the cake, making it even more attractive.

International Women’s Day Email by JCrew with the banner text “Happy International Women’s Day!”
Source: Beefree

Cherish female power

International Women’s Day is all about celebrating women and uniting them. It’s a cause for celebration and also a great occasion to promote important values.

Highlight the idea of women supporting women and praise the amazing women in your community or among your customers. Here is a great example by BAM. The brand compiled three inspiring stories from its audience in an uplifting email campaign. Moreover, this email concept shows the brand cares about its customers and ambassadors. This, in turn, creates an emotional connection with the readers.

An email that starts with this message: “Happy International Women’s Day. Today we’re showcasing some of the amazing women in our BAM community. Thank you for inspiring us.”
Source: Milled

Tell the stories of your female colleagues

The 8th of March is a perfect occasion to honor your female employees and show how much you appreciate and love them. Every one of them has a unique story, so why not tell these stories to your subscribers? It will help to give your company a human face and a personality. Knowing who is behind the scenes will make your customers more trusting and loyal.

Look at how the Endource team collected the things that inspire their female employees and encourage them to become smarter, braver, and stronger:

International Women’s Day Email by Endource with the banner text “We’re into this”
Source: Chamaileon

In 2024, Selzy celebrated its women employees and asked them about the significance of the holiday, inclusion, and inspiration. Read encouraging Women’s Day messages from talented women.

Organize donations to a nonprofit organization

Take a chance to make a positive impact on society and show that your brand is concerned about the women’s agenda. Supporting a nonprofit organization that helps women around the world will position your brand as socially responsible.

Sterling Forever donated 100% of the proceeds from a charm bracelet purchase to a nonprofit organization that aims to advance gender equity and justice in various areas. This is an impressive claim: When other companies donate only part of the proceeds, this brand commits to donate the whole sum. Moreover, this effort coincides with a 35% discount on one of the collections motivating customers to make a purchase and add the special bracelet to their cart.

An email with the banner text “35% off empowered collection”
Source: Milled

Offer a discount code or a coupon

On International Women’s Day, treat your customers and offer them festive discounts. Take advantage of this day and start a holiday sale! Read our articles about Thanksgiving emails and Labor Day campaigns to see examples of festive promotions.

You can make discounts on particular items or on a range of products like Mint did in this campaign. This is a well-designed email and also a smart Women’s Day marketing idea. The sale only lasts for one day, so the customers are extra motivated to make a purchase — a FOMO effect in action.

An email with the banner text “Where there is a woman, there is magic”
Source: Milled

International Women’s Day messaging tips

Apply the practices below to provide the readers with a strong and convincing message.

Make the topic clear from the get-go with holiday subject lines

When creating an International Women’s Day campaign, make sure that the overall theme of your email is obvious. You can include “International Women’s Day” or “The 8th of March” in your email subject line so that the interested audience can immediately notice it. Add emojis to your subject line to make the email stand out in subscribers’ inboxes.

Here are the examples of catchy subject lines to get inspired by:

  • Join us in celebrating International Women’s Day!
  • Behind every great woman is another great woman (35 Thousand)
  • Who runs the world? (LoveRaw)
  • Celebrate International Women’s Day
  • Who’s your superwoman? 👑
  • Be a Queen today & everyday
  • International Women’s Day | 30% off all
  • Celebrate International Women’s Day with free shipping 💕
  • Who runs the world, 👧 !
  • Celebrate International Women’s Day in style 👭🏽
  • Happy International Women’s Day!

Read Selzy’s article on International Women’s Day subject lines to see more examples and ideas.

Use unique images

A picture’s worth a thousand words, so powerful imagery is an effective way to grab your audience’s attention. Create images that reflect your brand’s vision and use them in your email campaign. It can be a colorful illustration, a photo, or text-based graphics.

This Women’s Day campaign by Rare Beauty has a distinct color scheme and motif — flowers. Flowers on the background image are echoed in the changed brand logo that literally flourished. Consistent and beautiful imagery makes this campaign memorable and unique.

An email with the banner text “Happy International Women’s Day”

Add some fun

Women’s Day is a great occasion to be a bit playful — like in Halloween emails and Valentine’s Day campaigns. As Cyndi Lauper said, “Girls just wanna have fun”, so include some fun elements to your festive email, if it’s appropriate for your brand. Use a different font, or add bright accents to your design — whatever you choose, make sure that it brings a celebratory feel to your subscribers.

Paper Source created free funny festive stickers and also made out a Women Empowerment collection with the symbols of the holiday. Such a great marketing tool!

An email with the banner text “In stores only! Free sticker from little feminist”
Source: Email Design Blog

Use the official hashtag

Every year International Women’s Day has an official theme and hashtag. In 2024, it is Inspire Inclusion. Using the theme, you can make a more impactful and notable campaign. Plus, this way you have an idea ready for content.

Here is an example of a storytelling campaign made with the 2024 theme in mind. The jewelry brand highlighted its female founder and explained how it supports inclusion. Plus, to support women even more, the brand announced donating part of the proceeds from sales of one of the items.

An email with the slogan “Empowered women, empower women”
Source: Milled

Best examples of International Women’s Day email campaigns

Let’s look at the examples of the most outstanding 8th of March email marketing campaigns and see what we can learn from them.


International Women’s Day Email by Aerie with the banner text “You have the power to change the world”
Source: Mail Designer 365

This simple design conveys a compelling message: the idea of women’s power that can change everything in the world. The illustration perfectly complements an overall message, showing different women holding each other’s hands. An option of free shipping and returns makes the email not only well-designed but also useful for the customer.


This email sequence by MIMCO is a great example of email storytelling. For a one-dy event, the brand partnered with a nonprofit organization that fights to prevent violence against women and children. On March 8th, all of the company’s profits were to be donated to the cause.

The first email in the sequence was sent a day before the event. It announced the partnership and highlighted the brand’s values.

An email announcing the brand’s collaboration with Our Watch that includes quotes from the company’s managing director and the nonprofit’s CEO
Source: Milled

The next email was sent on March 8th, the day of the special partnership. This email reminded subscribers about the partnership and encouraged them to shop. Unlike the previous email, this one included product recommendations.

An email with the banner text “Shop today to show your support.”
Source: Milled

But what makes this email sequence truly remarkable is the last email. Most brands running similar nonprofit-supporting initiatives surely sent campaigns like the first and the second one, but not many of them sent anything similar to the third email.

In the last email in the sequence, sent two days after the event, the brand shared how much money it was donating and reminded its customers of the overall donations the company made over the years. This email shows accountability and transparency and strengthens the trust in the brand.

An email with the banner text “We’re donating $179,293 to Our Watch”
Source: Milled


International Women’s Day Email by UNTUCKit with a holiday greeting and quotes from the company’s team
Source: Chamaileon

As we’ve already mentioned,     showing that your brand has a human face by telling the stories of female employees is always a great idea. In their International Women’s Day campaign, UNTUCKit highlights that the core values of their brand are growth, leadership, and equality, and mentions that more than half of the employees are female. It helps to create an image of a powerful modern company supporting the values of its audience.


International Women’s Day Email by Lululemon with an empowering message that starts with the words “Gender equality doesn’t live in one day”
Source: Beefree

Lululemon encourages its readers to fight for equality every day. They draw attention to an important issue of gender inequality saying that it’s crucial not just one day a year. We’d like to mention the way this email is designed: clear and concise, with several catchy accents. A pure feast for the eyes!

Bliss Lau

International Women’s Day Email by BlissLau with the banner text “Honring my grandmother, Popo”
Source: Email uplers

Bliss Lau chose to an unconventional marketing approach: they’ve decided to tell the story of a founder’s grandmother, Popo. That’s a profound email that deeply touches the readers’ souls, encouraging them to visit the brand’s website to see the earrings dedicated to this outstanding woman.

Key takeaways

International Women’s Day is one more occasion to celebrate the power and leadership skills of women and highlight the problems they are currently struggling with, such as gender inequality. You can use the following ideas for your holiday email marketing campaign:

  • Simply wish your customers a Happy International Women’s Day and remind them how much you appreciate them.
  • Cherish female power and convey the idea of women supporting women.
  • Celebrate your female colleagues and employees and show that your brand has a human face.
  • Organize donations to a nonprofit organization related to women’s agenda.
  • Offer festive promotions: a discount code or a coupon for your loyal customers.

To make your brand’s message resonate with your readers, apply the practices below when creating your International Women’s Day email campaign:

  • Make the topic clear from the get-go with holiday subject lines.
  • Use unique images to grab your audience’s attention.
  • Add some fun: be a bit playful in your marketing campaign, if it’s appropriate for your audience.
  • Use the official hashtag to guide your campaign’s content.

Get inspired by the examples we’ve collected in our article and create your unique festive campaign that reflects the vision of your brand and appeals to your audience. Register in Selzy and start sending emails for free. Happy International Women’s Day! You rock 💪⚡️

This article was originally published in February 2022 and was updated in March 2024 to make it more relevant and comprehensive.

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