Valentine’s Day Email Campaign Ideas To Fall in Love With

Valentine’s Day Email Campaign Ideas To Fall in Love With
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Valeria Shulga
by Valeria Shulga

CedCommerce’s investigation says that in 2022 Valentine’s day spending is expected to be $21.8 billion. So, why not participate in overall festive madness? Catch customers’ attention using the following techniques in your Valentine’s day email marketing campaign.

Best practices for Valentine’s Day emails

We’ve put Christmas decorations in the drawer, and here comes the time for flowers, giant teddy bears, and red hearts! One of the most romantic holidays is just around the corner –– are your marketing campaigns ready?

Valentine’s Day is one of the most fruitful periods for e-commerce. Your customers are obsessed with the idea of finding a perfect gift for their beloved ones, and where to celebrate the holiday –– and it’s your turn to make them the most attractive offer. Moreover, it’s a great occasion to show your love to the most loyal customers and strengthen your relationships.

In this article, we’ve prepared some quick-win strategies to level up your holiday email marketing strategy, avoid email mistakes and transform your newsletter into a Valentine’s Day conversion machine!

Send the first campaign before Valentine’s Day

Send your subscribers a sneak peek of your upcoming sales before February 14th –– same as we did with Christmas emails. It’ll make them realize that the holiday is just around the corner –– it’s time to start shopping! They’ll be grateful for this reminder.

Make your email simple and let the readers anticipate the excitement of Valentine’s day. If the first message is memorable, the subscribers might remember it and show more interest in your sales campaign as the day approaches.

Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign by Philosophy
A nice example of Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign that reminds of the upcoming holiday and the need to start looking for gifts

Usually, e-commerce companies send about 3-4 emails between February 1st and February 12th. These days your subscribers’ inboxes will be overloaded with commercial emails, so to stand out from the crowd, you can send your campaign before these dates – then your emails are more likely to be noticed.

Segment your list

Last year men were expected to spend $6.2 billion more than women on Valentine’s day –– that’s what Finder stats say. Why not use that fact and many others when planning your holiday email campaign?

You can write separate emails for men and women, according to their needs, or group subscribers by age or interests. Another way is to segment the customers by their behavior. Choose the way that helps you target your audience in the smartest way possible.

Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign by Swank
This campaign by Swank was sent to the male half of the audience, promoting their gift card as “a gift she really wants”

Create irresistible Valentine’s Day email subject lines

Sure, there are no magic words that’ll make your readers open an email and make the desired action. But following these 5 simple recommendations will definitely improve your chances:

  1. Make your subject lines personal.
  2. Check if they’re relevant.
  3. Make sure they solve customers’ problems.
  4. Create a sense of urgency.
  5. Try to awaken the readers’ interest.

Good examples:

For couples:

  • One for you, one for your Valentine
  • Not just roses. Valentine’s Sale is coming ❤️
  • Our not-so-secret CRUSH and Valentine’s dinner 💞
  • Chocolates for Valentine’s Day? 👀 You can do better…
  • Did You Forget It’s Valentine’s Day 😬

For singles:

  • This year be your own Valentine
  • Treat yourself to these Valentine’s Day favorites
  • All about (Self) Love
  • Hey, did you know Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples?
  • Valentine’s Day – Make your own Gift this Year!

For everyone: 

  • Share the love. Gift inside.
  • Not your Typical Valentine’s Day Letter
  • ❤️ Valentines Day Promo – 10% Off Everything ❤️
  • Coffee for Valentine’s day? ❤️ ☕
  • Do You Celebrate Valentine’s Day???

Make your emails interactive

Give your readers an exciting experience, making your emails more vivid and interactive. Add some elements like a love quiz, a small game, or a video –– anything that makes subscribers interact with the email.

Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign by WWF
WWF offers to vote for your favorite couple in the animal kingdom! So lovely and so Valentine’s style

Cherish your relationship with the customers

Valentine’s Day is not just a holiday for couples –– it’s a perfect occasion to spread your love to your loyal customers. Add a little personalization to your campaign and show every one of your subscribers and customers they mean a lot to you.

It’s also a nice idea to send your most loyal customers a small discount just for them which can be used on Valentine’s Day only. Or send them a coupon for your products or services to remind them how much you appreciate them and their loyalty.

Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign by RitualsCo

A great example of a personalized email by RitualsCo with unique statistics on each subscriber’s activity. It will definitely make your customers feel unique and special!

Use wish lists and gift guides

Save your customers’ time and give them ready-made lists with ideal gifts for their partners. This email will remove the shopping obstacles and prevent visitors from wandering around on your website looking for suitable variants.

Promote the idea of a wish-list in your pre-Valentine’s campaign –– it will help your readers to make the right choice and give you the reputation of a trusted shopping advisor.

Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign by MVMT
An example of the Valentine’s day gift guide by MVMT

Ideas to design your Valentine’s Day email campaign

Get inspired with our ideas on the minimalist email design (and not only that) of your holiday email marketing campaign!

Use festive colors

Every holiday has its own colors –– for example, when we write Halloween emails, we use orange and black. Red is considered to be the color of love and passion, so it is traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day. You can use it as a dominating one, or just make several bright accents in your design.

Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign by Square
Square designed their campaign with different shades of red to match the special occasion
Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign by Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins just added some highlights to its overall simple and clear design

Send love letters

Love letters are so V-Day style! Send one to your subscribers, or follow Frank Body’s example and let the customers write the letters for their beloved ones.

Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign by Frank Body’s

Display products in a romantic way

There is no need to cover the email with hearts and roses to make the customers feel your love and support. Look at the BOSE’s email –– it has no traditional festive attributes, but still looks romantic and represents the occasion.

Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign by BOSE’s

Use GIFs

Valentine’s Day GIFs capture attention and excite curiosity –– that’s exactly what we need when creating a holiday email marketing campaign.

Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign example
This email gets two cracks at-bat: it shows your love and affection for the customers and excites their curiosity

Offer special V-Day discounts

On Valentine’s Day, lots of e-commerce sites offer their products to customers. Your subscribers need some motivation to pick your store over competitors. An incredible way to encourage them is to offer time-limited discounts, like in Cyber Monday email campaigns.

Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign by KLM

Think of different ways to celebrate

As we already said, single people shouldn’t feel excluded from this feast of life. Not everyone should be in romantic relationships just because it’s February 14th. Many people celebrate Valentine’s day without looking for a perfect gift for their partners.

Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign by Mouth
Look at this great example of an email campaign by Mouth. They take care of those who had their heart broken right before Valentine’s Day trying to make this bitter moment a bit sweeter (like, literally)
Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign by Max&Co
Max&Co included a message for singles to their overall festive campaign. You can follow this example or send a separate message

Express gratitude

Sometimes it’s enough to simply say “thank you” without trying to sell anything, and your customers are likely to appreciate that. V-Day is a nice occasion to demonstrate gratitude to your loyal subscribers and customers –– as the GAME did below.

Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign by GAME

Design a valentines email in the style of your online store

Represent your product or service in a lovely and romantic way. Look how neatly Tiffany&Co implemented it in their email marketing campaign. Love is literally in the air!

Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign by Tiffany&Co

Wrapping things up

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to start a festive email campaign. According to numerous investigations, people prefer to shop online these days, so e-commerce sites can use the chance to make customers pick their store over competitors. When planning your email marketing campaign, use the following techniques to stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes:

  • Send the first campaign before Valentine’s Day. Remind the readers that time to buy  presents is coming very soon.
  • Segment your list to make the offer more personalized.
  • Create irresistible V-Day subject lines to inspire subscribers to open your email and see what you offer.
  • Make your emails interactive –– add elements like a quiz, a small game, or a video. It will make your emails more catchy and vivid.
  • Cherish your relationship with the customers, and show how much they mean to you.
  • Create wish lists and guides to make the process of choosing Valentine’s day gifts easier.

When designing your Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign, consider these tips:

  • Use festive colors: traditionally, it’s red and all its shades.
  • Design your email as a love letter.
  • Display your products in a special, romantic way.
  • Use GIFs to capture attention and excite curiosity.
  • Offer special time-limited discounts.
  • Think of different ways to celebrate: for example, create a campaign for those who just broke up.
  • Express gratitude – sometimes, it’s enough just to say “thank you” without trying to sell anything.
  • Design a valentines email in the style of your online store.

Follow these rules to create outstanding V-Day email campaigns. Happy Valentine’s day! ❤️

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