Irene Dmitrieva

As a marketing copywriter, I have experience creating compelling content for websites and social media posts. My background in market research helps me ensure that my copy is both on-brand and data-driven. I am excited to bring my skills and experience to Selzy team and help drive success for this company.

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Valeria Shulga

A writer by nature, study, and trade with more than 7 years of experience. Contributor at Selzy wearing many hats: I create special content projects, write articles, and own Facebook and Reddit communities. My expertise lies in email and content marketing, but I also have experience with the topics of real estate and immigration. Outside of work, I like spending my free time learning foreign languages, seeing plays at our local theaters, and doing yoga.
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Kate Shokurova

Out and about, exploring the world and its marvels.

A writer and editor with 10+ years of experience, I also dabbled in all kinds of marketing and am happy to use this experience to make quality content, useful for the readers and effective for brands. I feel really passionate about helping people understand about marketing and design through easily digestible materials. Outside of working hours, I enjoy hiking, dancing, watching movies and reading books.

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Eugene Vasilev

Content writer on all things email marketing at Selzy. Writing, editing and illustrating over the last 5 or so years. I create simple texts with examples to inform or entertain readers. In love with the semicolon.
Boring language merchant. Egg came first. My favorite bands will never come to my city. Let’s play beach volleyball.
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Daria Zhuravleva

Fundamental linguistics major, failed scientist, bilingual freelance writer for living, music journalist for life. Writing for Selzy since May 2022. Hobbies include songwriting, DJing, film photography, poetry, hiding in the woods, and wearing all black.

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Eunice Laguesma

I am a Medical Scientist, by day. But before all that, I fell in love with writing. Like many others reading our blogs, I also managed my own small but successful online businesses. So, I married my passion for the written word and my experience in building online businesses and partnered with Selzy to help small businesses build the most out of their marketing campaigns.
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Evgenia Budrina

Selzy blog editor. Email marketing aficionado.

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Julia Zakharova

Editor, digital & printed media contributor

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Natalie Voloshchuk

Natalie is a content writer and blog writer that specializes in SEO and on-page optimization. Her specialty is marketing and sustainability niches, with years of actual hands-on experience in the roles like digital marketer generalist, webmaster and Facebook advertiser.
Outside and in the course of work, Natalie remains an animal lover and a human-nature coexistence enthusiast.
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Aida Kubatova

Aida Kubatova is a content writer and digital marketing manager. She’s experienced in writing marketing articles for B2B SaaS blogs, newsletters, landing pages, case studies, and interviews. Every day, she creates useful content to help marketers around the world learn more about the latest news and trends. Aida also helps small startups to grow their audience using the power of community marketing and influencers.
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Tamara Liparteliani

Content Marketing Specialist in IT company

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Anastasia Igumnova

Digital nerd and bookworm.

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Alexey Baguzin

Alex has an master’s in Journalism, a keen interest in eCommerce & email marketing and a background of writing articles dating back to 2015. He reads about copywriting in his spare time, watches Netflix and supports Arsenal. He’s into rock of all sorts – most recently Muse.

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Sofia Grigoreva
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Sara Kurczyńska

Sara Kurczyńska is an experienced content writer from Poznań, Poland. She enjoys writing about digital marketing, as well as playing video games and petting her fancy rats. In her spare time, you can find her birdwatching and taking long walks around the local parks and forests.
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Victoria Golovtseva
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Natasha Zack

I’m a professional journalist with 10+ years of experience. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with various kinds of media — print, online, broadcast. Currently, I write copy for brand media and teach English part-time. I also have my own edtech passion project dedicated to teaching English via Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Tatiana Khavronskaya

University professor, copywriter and email marketing addict. Keen on learning new things and exploring the world.

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Janis Narvas

Janis is a copywriter/ editor with over nine years of experience in content marketing. In her free time, you’ll find her either touring the city on her bike or struggling to sketch buildings. She believes that every business has a story to tell, and it deserves to be told well. It’s her mission to help business owners find the best words to inspire, excite, and entertain their customers.
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Yanna-Torry Aspraki

Yanna-Torry is an email & deliverability specialist, consultant & speaker. Her mission is to democratize and simplify deliverability for senders, marketers and #emailGeeks alike. Yanna-Torry loves coaching and educating all kinds of senders in order to help them with email and deliverability. She is always available to geek out about email & deliverability and keeps no secret to herself.
Feel free to connect her via LinkedIn.

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Mirlan Kubatov

Mirlan is a content writer and marketing manager from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. He has a huge experience in sales, business development and management. He’s also a cryptocurrency and NFT geek. Mirlan likes to spend his free time playing tennis or watching movies, and prefers outside activities. He believes in all the good things and wants to change the world one day.

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Nicol Quilang

I’m a teacher by profession and a writer in practice. Teaching through writing is my philosophy. I share Selzy’s goal of making professional email marketing as easy as breathing, even for beginners. This translates to easily digestible blogs I write — comprehensive yet simple. When I’m not learning, breaking down concepts, and writing, you can find me playing with my pets and romanticizing my life through Taylor Swift’s music.
Let’s make learning less complicated and connect with me on LinkedIn

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Maria Bidogaeva

A literature and economics degree holder with a background in writing newspaper articles and educational blog posts. I first encountered digital marketing when I was launching my online language learning project. I believe digital marketing can be challenging and fun at the same time, so I hope to help others make the best of their experience with it. My hobbies include online education, learning foreign languages, and American literature.

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Selzy Team
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Boris Ageev
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Amanda Winstead

Amanda Winstead is a writer with a background in communications and a passion for telling stories. Along with writing she enjoys traveling, reading, working out, and going to concerts. If you want to follow her writing journey, or even just say hi you can find her on Twitter

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Roman Andreev

Meaning is more important than words

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Lily Khisamutdinova

Selzy’s author, editor in SaaS

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Diana Kussainova

Writer, editor, and a nomad. Creating structured, approachable texts and helping others make their copies clearer. Learning and growing along the way. Interested in digital communications, UX writing, design. Can be spotted either in a bookshop, a local coffee place, or at Sephora. Otherwise probably traveling. Or moving yet again.
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Anastasia Ushakova

Mathematics major, former breaking news editor, digital content creator, freelance English teacher, bilingual writer. Novice contributor at Selzy. Keen on learning everything about the world and on sharing it with everyone. Hobbies include art, travel, thrifting, photography, playing the Sims, fashion, eating Marmite and generally having a good time.

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