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This article describes the old Selzy email builder. You can find information about key features of the new email builder in the overview article available in English.

If you need help with the functionality described in this article but in the new builder and can’t find it in the overview article, please contact our Support Team.

Selzy Support Team is available for all users 24/7.

You can not  add a video to the email, because browsers are not able  to play it. In addition, video leads to a significant increase in the email size.

Therefore, emails usually contain screenshots from the video with a link to the original video and a play button. You click on such a screenshot, and the desired video opens in a new browser tab.

The Selzy builder can insert the screenshot automatically. To do this, select the Content tab and drag the Video content block into the email layout.

Adding the Video block

To go to the video settings, click on the block. In the left sidebar menu,  that opens, add a link to the  video from YouTube or Vimeo.

Adding a link to the video

Let's look at the remaining  block settings in more detail.

If you want to copy or delete a video, click on the icons at the very top of the menu.

Copying and deleting a video

You can also change the appearance, color and size of the play button.

Changing the appearance of the play button

To change the size of the video or to center it in the email, use indentation settings. When you click on "More properties", additional settings for indentation will be available.

Indentation in the Video block

Additionally, the video block can be hidden for PC or mobile devices, which allows you to create more convenient customized email templates for different types of devices.

All blocks in the email builder are placed inside  rows. Therefore, you can work not only with the block settings, but also with settings of the row in which it is placed.. In the row settings you can change the background, indentation and size of the block.

Customizing the Video block using the row settings

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