Create a Timer for a Promotional Offer


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It’s a good idea to add a timer to your campaign to show your audience how much time is left till the end of your promotional offer and to stimulate them to place an order. To do this, choose a ready-to-use Countdown Timer block in the Selzy Block Editor.

To add a timer, create a block with the necessary number of columns and drag the Countdown Timer block there.

Adding the Countdown Timer block to your email.

Таймер можно расположить по всей ширине письма или по ширине одной из колонок.

The Selzy timer is centrally aligned on a desktop.

The example of a centrally aligned timer.

The Selzy timer in the right column on a desktop

The example of a timer located in the right column (to the left - on a desktop, to the right - on a mobile device)

The Selzy timer in the right column on a mobile device

How to configure your timer

To configure your timer, click on the button in the Configure Timer block.

Adding the timer block.

The timer settings will open in a new window. They include:

  • time, date, time zone for the event;
  • timer size;
  • text and background colors;
  • language.

Configuring the countdown timer.

Starting time. To set starting time for your timer, choose the time and date indicating when your promotional offer will finish, as well as a time zone to correspond to.

Setting the starting time for your timer.

Colors. You can choose colors for your text and/or your background by doing one of the following things:

  • by manually selecting a color from the palette;
  • by giving a HEX color code;
  • by giving an RGB color code;
  • by giving values for HSL coordinates.

Setting colors for your timer.

We advise you to give the HEX color code that is used on your website or in your templates so that your timer goes well with them.

Size. Choose between the small, the medium, or the large size. The large one is suitable for a timer taking up the whole width of your email, and the small and medium ones go well with a timer that is located in one column out of two or three columns.

Setting the size for your timer.

Language. For your Selzy timer, you can choose between three languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian.

Setting the language.

After you have configured your Countdown Timer block, you will be able to edit it in the Content Properties menu. To do this, just click on the block, and you will find the settings on the left-hand side of the page.

Editing the timer.

Besides, the Content Properties menu boasts some other handy features:

  1. Width of the timer. You can set it up using the slider, in percent. Auto Width makes the timer take up the whole width of your email, whereas the check-mark next to “Full width on mobile” disables the adaptability of the picture for mobile devices.
  2. Align. The timer can be aligned along the left or the right margin, or centrally.
  3. Alt Text. As long as the timer is a picture, it should have some alternative text. The text will help users failing to download the pictures understand what was depicted on them.
  4. Image link. The recipient will be able to follow the link to the page with the offer.
  5. Padding. The location of your timer within a block can be adjusted with the help of padding.
  6. Display settings. You can hide the timer on a particular type of devices - desktop or mobile - if you prefer it to be displayed in the email on one type of devices only.
Configuring the timer in Selzy.

The settings for display and location of the timer are similar to the ones of a picture

Where to find ready-to-use timer templates and how to apply them

There also are ready-to-use timer templates that make it easier to create a timer. To open them, click on the Campaigns drop-down and choose Email in the Create Campaign section lower in the list (or click on the Create a Campaign button right on the Dashboard). When on the Create an Email page, choose E-Commerce from the list of templates.

Where to find timer templates in Selzy.

Choose one of 5 ready-to-use templates and click on the Choose button.

How to choose a template to edit it.

Your template will open in the Selzy email builder. To configure the timer, click on its block and then on the Configure Timer button in the block’s properties.

Configuring the timer from the template.

To set the date of the upcoming event, as well as the timer design, click on Save.

Setting the time in the template.

Then, you can also add your own text, pictures, and links. Your Countdown Timer is now configured, and you can send the email.


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