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Stickers have long been an integral part of our everyday life. We use stickers when communicating with relatives, discussing work tasks, and we even receive stickers in  responses from bank technical support services. It's time to add stickers to our emails as well.

In the newsletter, stickers help to draw the attention of readers. You can use them to set the tone for the entire email. For example, to create a feeling of comfort.Example of an email with a sticker

Adding stickers in the email

There are two ways to add stickers to your email:

  1. Upload the desired sticker as a picture and insert it into the email using the Image Block.
  2. Use the Stickers block and select  a sticker in the Giphy service.
    Life hack: If you can not find the desired sticker  in Giphy, you can upload your own one to the service..

The second way is more convenient, so we will tell you more about it.

In the email builder, select the Content tab and drag the block with stickers to the email layout.

Adding the Stickers block

Click on "Search for stickers with Giphy" and select the desired sticker from stickers suggested in the service. For a more extensive and more successful search, it is better to enter  the query in Latin characters: "dog", not "собака".Selecting a sticker in Giphy

Setting up stickers

To go to the sticker settings, click on the block. Properties will open in  the left sidebar menu.

Copying and deleting a sticker

Let's look at each setting in more detail.
If you want to copy or delete a sticker, click on the icons at the very top of the menu.Changing the sticker width

To change the width of the block, move the slider, but before do not forget to disable  the adaptation to mobile devices.Changing the sticker width

You can also align the sticker relative to the entire email: place it in the center or move it to the left or right side. In addition to the block alignment , you can set  the margins, which will allow you to place  the sticker in the email more accurately.

Setting the margins for the sticker block

In addition to the sticker, you can add a link and its alternative text: this is the text that the subscriber will see in the email if  the sticker does not load (this might happen  if the subscriber has disabled the display of image files).

Inserting a link to the sticker and adding an alternative text

You can hide the sticker on PC or mobile device if you don't want users of one of the platforms to see it.

Hiding the sticker on a particular platform

All blocks in the email builder are placed inside  rows. Therefore, you can work not only with the block settings, but also with settings of the row in which it is placed.

In the row settings, you can change the background for the entire row or for a sticker in particular, change the size of the blocks or adjust the adaptability.Opening the row settings

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