Insert and Configure a Block With Icons


This article describes the old Selzy email builder. You can find information about key features of the new email builder in the overview article available in English.

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Icons are used to direct the newsletter reader to the most important pages of the website. For example, to the page displaying  reviews or to the contacts. A picture with a caption informs   the subscriber where  it leads to.

Additionally, it is easy to make a call or send a message directly from the email, using appropriate icons.

Let's learn  how to add and configure icons in the Selzy builder.

Add a block with icons to the email

To add icons to the email, drag the Icons block to the desired location of the newsletter. Then, in the block properties, add the required number of icons using the Add new icon button. Dragging the Icons block to the email template

By default, the icon has the shape of a star, but you can replace it with any other using the Change image option.Adding a pre-loaded icon.

Add a link to each icon

Here we explain how to set an   external link. To open the advanced settings, use the More options (1).

Setting up the Icon block.

In the Icon Url row, you can insert a link to your icon on the external source, if you do not want to upload it to Selzy (2).

Be sure to add the alternative text (3). If images are disabled in the recipient's mailbox, the alternative text will help them  understand which section of the website the icon leads to.

To label your icon, use the Icon text row (4). Note that short names work better, e.g. "Reviews" or "Call us".

Use different types of links to configure the action when you click on the icon: open the link, send an email, call, send an SMS (5).

Selecting the link type.

Select the action when you click on the icon

Let's look at  actions you can choose in the Link type row.

Open the link. When clicking on the icon, the user will be taken to the page you specified. You must add links with the "http://" or "https://" protocol.

Adding a link that will open when clicked.

Next, in the Target drop-down list, select how the link will open — in a new tab or in the current tab.

Selecting how the link will open.

Send an email. The reader will be able to send an email to the specified email address directly from the newsletter. Specify the address the email will be sent to. You can also set the subject line and write the text for the email. But the sender will be able to edit this data.

Setting up sending an email with a Mailto Link.

Call. When clicking on the icon, the reader will be able to call you directly from the email, if his/her  browser or email client can handle the tel protocol.

Send an SMS. It works on the same principle as the Call link, that is, when clicking on the icon, the user will be able to send an SMS to the specified number.

Set up a block with icons

Alignment. This option allows the user to change the location of icons in the block closer to the left edge, or in the middle, or on the right edge.Setting up alignment of icons in the block.

Font, color, and font size. Select the icon label font. It is preferable to use the same font as in the email. You can choose the text color from the suggested palette, or insert it as a hexadecimal code.Customizinge the font of icon labels.

Size of icons. By default, icons are loaded as 32 pixel icons. If desired, they can be reduced to 16 pixel size or enlarged to 64 or 128 pixel size. Select the desired size from the drop-down list.Configuringe size of the icons

Interval between icons. This option enables you to set the interval from 0 to 20 pixels between icons.Setting the interval between icons.

Icon indentation. Configure the indentation from the internal sides  of the block: both from particular sides and along the entire perimeter.Configuringe the indentation.

The Hide option. This option enables you to hide the Icons block when viewing on your mobile device or PC. To reset this setting, click on the cross icon.

The icon will not be displayed on mobile devices.

With these settings, the icon will not be displayed on mobile devices


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