Tutorial №2. Choosing a plan and paying for it

To optimize expenses for your campaigns, it is important to choose an appropriate pricing plan that suits your goals and objectives.

When you choose your pricing plan, take into account 2 main things:

  • The size of your contact list
  • The frequency of your campaigns

In Selzy we have pricing plans based either on the number of emails or the number of contacts.

The Free plan is automatically activated for every user after registration. With this plan, you get to know the service and its capabilities. It is suitable for mailings to a contact base of up to 100 addresses.

The Lite, Standard, and Premium plans are only limited by the number of contacts to which any amount of emails can be sent. These plans are suitable for sending a large number of mailings to a stable contact base.

The Pre-paid Credits plan includes a specific package of emails that must be used up by the end of a billing period. This plan is suitable for sending a large number of mailings to an irregular contact base.

Check out the pricing plans options in Selzy. More on the pricing and plans in Selzy’s Knowledge Base.

Let’s have a detailed look at the features of each plan.

Free plan

The Free plan includes all the basic tools of the service, however, the number of emails you send cannot exceed 1,500 per month. Besides, the total number of contacts in all the lists is limited to 100.


If the total number of contacts in all lists of your account exceeds 100, the Free plan will not work, and you will not be able to send emails.

On the Free plan, there will be a Powered by Selzy logo at the bottom of each email you send. On any of the paid plans the logo will not be added to the emails.

Powered by Selzy logo at the bottom of an email

This plan is activated for 1 month and is prolonged unless you choose another plan or upload more than 100 contacts to Selzy.

The Free plan is given as the next pricing plan for the upcoming period.

The Free Plan is given as the pricing plan for the upcoming period and will be automatically activated by the system after the current one expires

Lite plan

The Lite plan includes a limited number of contacts only, whereas the number of emails during the billing period (a month or a year) is unlimited.

This plan is the best choice if you create frequent and regular campaigns to the same contact list (more than four campaigns to the same contacts per month).

After you subscribe to the plan on the Manage account page, your plan limit counter with the number of contacts will be enabled.The contacts limit for the Light plan.

It’s important to note that on the Lite plan, you can not substitute contacts that have already been counted toward the plan limit. If you create campaigns for different contact lists, we advise you to choose the Pre-paid Credits plan since it has no contact limits.


The Lite plan contact lists limit includes all the contacts that got at least one email during the current rate period. Once you have added contacts and sent them emails, they will be included in your rate limit until the end of the billing period even if you delete them from all contacts lists. You will not be able to substitute the contacts counted toward the limit.

For instance, if you upload 1,000 contacts on the Lite plan and send a campaign to them, they will be included in your plan limit, and you will be able to send a limitless number of emails to them. If you delete them to substitute with other contacts, the system will notify you that your plan limit is exceeded and you will be offered either to upgrade your plan or to pay an additional charge of $0.005 for each email.

If there are not enough funds on your balance to pay extra charges for the exceeded Lite plan, your campaign will be put on hold. The system will advise you to activate a different plan or to top up your balance to be able to send emails.

Here is an example of the notification to pay $0.01 for two extra emails:

An example of a notification to pay for two extra emails within the Light plan.

The starting price with the Lite plan includes 500 contacts, whereas the maximum contact count is 50,000 contacts. If you would like to add more contacts, you can always turn to our support team and we will offer you a custom plan.

Standard plan

The Standard plan includes everything from the Lite plan, as well as the built-in recommendations feature (anti-spam email check, email size check, and authentication check) and a free inactive contacts check-up.

This plan is ideal if you are just starting email marketing and like to avoid the most common mistakes when creating a campaign and minimize the risk of your emails getting to the spam folder.

An example of recommendations on the Standard plan.

For more details about the features of the Standard plan, read the Pricing and Plans article.

Premium plan

The Premium plan comes with campaign management by the Selzy team. Our experts will take care of everything from setting up your account and launching your campaigns to using the most effective marketing mechanics.

This plan is the best choice if you would like to entrust professionals with email marketing or lack time to manage your campaigns.

The Premium plan includes all the features of the Standard plan. The difference is that it is Selzy experts who set up and manage your campaigns.

To learn more about the overall campaign management, go to the Services page.

The price for this plan depends on the amount of work to be done. After we receive your request, we will tailor the offer according to your needs and calculate the price.

How to subscribe to the Premium plan?

In your account find the Plans page and click on the Get a quote button.

Click on the Get a quote button to request the pricing for the Premium plan.

Please fill in the form and send it. After you’ve done this, our expert will reach you to talk through all the features you need with the plan and calculate its price.

Pre-paid Credits plan

This plan includes a particular number of emails that you can send within a given period of time (a month or a year) to any number of contacts.

This plan is best if you know the number of emails you intend to send. With this plan, there is no contact limit in the lists, that’s why it can also suit you if you send campaigns to a large number of contacts infrequently.

After you subscribe to the plan, you will see the maximum number of emails available to you (as well as the number of emails you have already sent on the plan) on the Manage account page.

The limit of emails available on the Pre-paid Credits plan.


With the Pre-paid Credits plan, you can choose between 5,000 and 5,000,000 emails per month and between 500,000 and 10,000,000 emails per year. If you would like to get more, contact our support team.

You can subscribe to the Pre-paid Credits plan for a month or a year. When you choose this plan for a month, the given limit for emails is available to you for 30 days from the subscription date. If you opt for the year-long plan, it expires on the subscription date next year.

Each email exceeding the limit should be paid for separately and costs $0.005. The payment is deducted from your balance when the email is sent. The information on payment deduction can be found on the Manage account page.

An example of payment deduction for 1 email sent over the limit within the Pre-paid Credits plan.

When you send your campaign, the system always warns you about the plan overdraft and the sum charged for extra emails.

An example of a system notification that there will be a payment for an email exceeding the limit of the Pre-paid Credits plan.

If there is not enough money on your balance for the extra charge, your campaign is put on hold and you are notified to buy extra credit to top up your account.

An example of a notification to top up your account.

How to pay for the plan you chose

To make a payment for the plan, click on your account in the top right corner and click on the Upgrade button in the drop-down menu.

Click Upgrade to top up balance in Selzy

On the next page, choose the appropriate plan and billing period, the number of emails if you opt for the Pre-paid Credits plan, or the number of contacts if you opt for the Lite or the Standard plan. Click on the Continue button.

Choose the plan conditions before topping up the balance.

The system will offer you several methods of topping up the balance: we accept bank card, PayPal, and Bitcoin payments.

Available payment methods

Choose your preferred payment method, click on the Pay button, and follow the instructions on the screen.

How to make a payment in Selzy 

After your balance is topped up, the chosen plan will be automatically activated.


Before you start creating campaigns, make sure that the plan has been successfully activated and is working.

If you have successfully activated the plan, you will see a respective transaction description on the Manage account page in the Account statement section.
An example of a system notification of successful plan activation.

If you already have a paid plan activated when you decide to add funds to the account to switch to a different one, you can easily do that under the regulations for switching plans.

Switching Pricing Plans

Common questions

Why if you pay through the Top up Balance form, the plan and its billing period are not stated?

Topping up your balance doesn't mean the same as paying for a plan. You're free to use the money in your balance as you wish — whether it's for sending emails beyond your current plan's limit, activating other plans, running SMS or Viber campaigns, or accessing other Selzy add-on features. 

As the funds in your account can stay untouched, be refunded to you, or be used for extra features and services, the Top-up Balance form doesn't specify any billing period.

Why do I have problems sending a campaign on the Free plan, even though there are less than 100 recipients?

To send a campaign on the Free plan, the total contact count in all the lists of the account should not exceed 100 contacts. Delete the odd contacts or lists that you don’t use and the campaign will be sent.

Can I replace contacts on the Free plan, the Lite plan, and the Standard plan?

In the mentioned plans, there are limits on the contact count. You can find the details on the Manage account page.

All contacts that you sent at least one email to in the current billing period are counted towards the plan contact limit and can’t be replaced until the end of the current billing period.

You can check which contacts have been counted toward the plan limit by downloading the list of user email addresses. To do this, in your account go to the Manage account section and click on Download the list of used contacts.

The option to download the list of used contacts for the Standard plan.

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