Pricing and Plans

In Selzy, we have 5 plans: 4 main plans and 1 additional plan.

The main plans are based on the size of your contact list:

  • Free. Send 1,500 emails to 100 unique contacts within a month free of charge.
  • Lite. Pay for the number of unique contacts in your lists. The number of emails is unlimited. You will be able to enjoy all the features of the service.
  • Standard. This plan includes all the features of Light, as well as embedded recommendations on email campaigns and a free contacts checkup.
  • Premium. This plan includes the overall management of your campaigns by a team of Selzy experts.

The additional plan is based on the number of emails sent:

  • Pre-paid Credits. Buy email packages for a month or a year.

How to choose your plan and pay for it


The plans based on the size of the contact list count each unique contact that you sent your emails to within a month. If you send an email to the contacts that you later delete to download some new ones, the system will automatically perceive them as new unique contacts.

You can download the list of contacts used within the current month in Manage Account by clicking on the Download link.

Manage Account menu with the Download button.

Pricing for overages

If you exceed your email send within the Pre-paid Credits, each email sent over the limit will be charged $0.005

If you send your email to additional contacts (that exceed the plan’s limit) within the Light, the Standard, and the Premium Plans, you will be charged the same $0.005 per email over the limit. Before your emails are sent, you will get a notification with the due sum.

Embedded recommendations within the Standard Plan

Recommendations are a special function available to users within the Standard Plan. At the last stage of the campaign creation, the system evaluates your email and advises you on how to improve it.

When spam filters analyze your email, they take into account all its elements, including the text, the links, the images, the size, and the inserts. Selzy analyzes all these features and gives you tips on how to correct the mistakes that can influence the performance of your campaign.

Improving your email with service recommendations

Overall campaign management within the Premium Plan

With the Premium Plan, you get Selzy expert team support. They take charge of all email marketing for you: from configuring and launching your campaigns from scratch to implementing the most advanced mechanics.

The price for this service depends on the amount of work. It is calculated individually on the basis of your request.

You can learn more about the overall management of campaigns in Services.

The Premium Plan includes all the features of the Standard Plan. So, you can use all the functions offered by Selzy, including embedded recommendations.

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