Counting Contacts and Choosing a Plan

Our plans include not only the contacts you send your emails to, but all unique contacts in all the lists in your account.

What is a unique contact?

A unique contact is one email address in any list.


You have 3 lists: All Clients (900 contacts), Clients B (300 contacts), and VIP Clients (50 contacts). The contacts from the second and the third list duplicate the contacts from the first one. It means, the total number of all unique contacts is 900.

If your contact is in several lists, it will be counted once.

NB! With the Free Plan, you can send emails, if the number of unique contacts in the lists doesn’t exceed 100.

If there are more contacts in the lists than your plan allows

You will be charged for each email to each contact outside your plan limit.


You subscribed to the Lite 500 Plan. So, you upload 900 unique contacts to the list. The first 500 contacts will get your emails within the current plan, and the next 400 will cost you $0.005 each for each email. It means, if every contact from those 400 gets one email, then 1×400×0.005 = $2 will be deducted from your balance.

To avoid extra expenses, we advise you to choose a plan with a larger amount of unique contacts. You can do this in your account in Plans.

You can switch to a plan with a larger amount of unique contacts in your account.


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