Tutorial №1. Signing up

To create your account, please navigate to Selzy signup page.

Type in the email that you check up often. You may choose your corporate email or a personal email.

You can provide an email address to be associated with your campaigns later when it is convenient.

 Sign Up


You can also register for Selzy by using your account at Facebook or Google.

Register with your Facebook or Google account.

In case you need a password, for example, to get an API key, you will always be able to restore it using your email given during the registration. Don’t forget to leave your Selzy account before restoring the password.

Then, make up and type in a password that you will use to log in, as well as to get access to Selzy important instruments (such as API key, which is accessible on a password basis only). Remember and save the password.

Make up a login password.

Click on Sign Up. To complete your account setup, you will need to confirm your email address.

You have successfully signed up. We have sent you an account activation email to complete your account setup.

Check the inbox given during the registration for the Selzy account activation email and click on the Confirm Email button.

After a successful signup with Selzy, we will ask for required information, such as your name, your phone number, and other information about your business.

Customer Service uses this information to provide higher-quality support or help that is relevant to you.

Type in your name, your phone number, and some info about your company.

It is advisable to give your personal mobile phone number on which you are always available.

If you decide to skip this step for now, you will always be able to give your information later at the Account Setup Section.

Congratulations, you have signed up for Selzy. Now you can create your first campaign!

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