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This article describes the old Selzy email builder. You can find information about key features of the new email builder in the overview article available in English.

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This feature allows you to copy an email template with all its content (including pictures, links, and texts) and share it with another Selzy user.


It is good for:

  • Companies that order email design. You won’t have to give them your corporate account’s login and password. So, no need to worry about your contact list and settings.
  • Freelancers. Once your email is configured, there is no need to save it in PDF. You can easily send it directly to your client.
  • Large companies. If you have several teams, they can share the templates with each other.

To share a template, create an email and save it as a template at the last stage of your campaign creation.

Saving an email as a template

Saving a template of an email.

Go to the Campaigns section → My Templates. Choose the option you need and click on the Share Template button.

Sharing your template.

In the new window, you will see an active link to your template. Copy it and send it to the user in an email or a messenger.

The link to your template.

After the user follows the link, the template will open in their account.

To save the received template, click on the Copy Template button.

Saving the received template.

The template will then appear at My Templates. Now you can edit it and use it in your campaigns.

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