Fall Email Newsletter Ideas for Your Campaigns

Fall Email Newsletter Ideas for Your Campaigns
22 September, 2023 • ... • 365 views
Varvara Potekhina
by Varvara Potekhina

Most businesses find summer a relatively slow season. When autumn comes, people shift back from having fun outdoors and spending time with family to the working routine and show more interest in shopping. Why don’t you use this moment to talk to your audience and show them what you got? 

Kids go back to school, businesses get ready for a new season to come, it becomes slightly colder – so many things you can write about. Use these fall email newsletter ideas to boost your sales.

8 great fall email newsletter ideas for your campaigns

September is one of the slowest months for business. The Labor day may bring lots of sales, but after that most businesses experience a general slow down. Sales usually start to pick up with the fall holidays coming. 

Remember: the reader is the king. Keep it in mind while building your marketing strategy and crafting a single email. Take care of your customers, follow their needs, walk a mile in their shoes to understand what exactly they need right now. That’s the best way to build relationships with your clients and increase sales. 

Make your autumn marketing campaign warm and cheerful. Use these fall email ideas to make the season work for you. 

1. Labor Day

It is one of the best days of the year to organize your daylong sales event. It is the unofficial end of summer. There usually is a long weekend around Labor Day when people try to grab summer items for the best prices. Start boosting your fall sales by giving special discounts on those.

Remember that people are still enjoying the summer and spread the word about your Labor Day sale beforehand, in the middle of August.

Your products don’t necessarily need to be “summer items” actually. Labor Day sales are not only about swimming suits and sunshades. You can announce discounts on the products you promoted the most during summer. Or any other items.

The Labor Day newsletter shows a man and a woman. They both are smiling and hold a packaging of tests and a smartphone with the webpage of the lab opened.
Source: Everlywell

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2. Back to school

If you are in children’s apparel, your day has come. Shoes, clothes, school bags, pens and stuff for school are about to be sold out. Don’t waste the moment and show the best service possible. The whole year’s marketing strategy should lead to this moment.

Parents are busy people. Value their time and help them get their kids ready for the season – they’ll appreciate that. Make a check-list of things they need to buy for school, from waterproof shoes and sports uniforms to pens and lunch boxes. And enjoy your sales rise!

The newsletter shows different models of sneakers. Each model is followed by a link to the online shop
Source: atoms

There are less obvious businesses that can benefit from September 1st. Imagine you are a busy mom and really need to chill after getting your kid ready for school. Offer your audience bath cosmetics, books, warm pajamas and foot massages. Use your imagination to make this moment work for you. Link your products to the idea of relaxation.

3. Start of sports season

The National Football League regular season starts after Labor Day. No matter what you’re selling, just let your customers know you are on the same page. Add the games schedule to your email to make your clients feel you are their fellow, even if you sell lawn mowers and have nothing to do with sports.

The newsletter shows a football player catching the ball. It contains a special offer and the schedule for Week 1 games.
Source: Sling

4. Columbus Day

Columbus Day is right in the middle between Labor Day and the Black Friday. Make it a full-dress rehearsal before the biggest sale of the year. In 2023, Columbus Day falls on Monday, October 9. Make your sale last for a full three days weekend.

The newsletter announces discounts on rugs on Columbus Day. The picture shows a light room with a soft beige rug on the floor.
Source: Rugs.com

5. Halloween

According to a recent study by NTF Americans spent $10.6 billion in total for Halloween 2022. This is a holiday you definitely should not ignore in your fall marketing campaign.

Halloween is all about the decoration. So make your Halloween emails look devilishly good. The event gives you a wide range of images. Don’t limit yourself to zombies and ghosts. Give your subscribers some fresh air: more new characters and ideas for costumes! Suggest some new activities and games for parties and try to link your products to it. Keep it fun!

The newsletter shows a big bottle of wine. There is a full moon and sketchy ghosts in the background.
Source: Fitvine Wines

6. Veterans Day

Some things can not be sold or bought. It would be nice to let your customers know you simply care. 

Make your Veterans Day email campaign totally non-commercial. It would be awesome to offer free gifts to veterans and their families. Find out if you have veterans among your clients, interview them and put the quotes into your emails to honor them. Start your email with the greetings and congratulations from your CEO. Make it as respectful as possible.

The newsletter contains a special offer for veterans in Chipotle restaurants on Veterans day. The picture shows a piece of meat covered with foil with a small USA flag on a toothpick.
Source: Chipotle

7. Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to build relationships with your customers. At least they are the ones you should thank for having sales and keeping business alive! This is a good opportunity to send some emails to those who already bought your products, thank them and wish well to their families. 

Thanksgiving email campaigns can be quite simple, warm and hearty. Stay true and don’t sugarcoat things. Use this opportunity to strengthen your connection with clients. You can also mention the upcoming Black Friday in your Thanksgiving newsletter.

The Newsletter starts with a large picture of a girl listening to the music in headphones with her eyes closed. She sits near the lake at sunset. Three ways to give thanks follow: donate, volunteer, show someone you care.
Source: Aftershokz

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8. Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are perfect for shopping, but can be really loud. Some businesses use this time to make their clients fear they are missing out. “Buy right now”, “Don’t miss your chance”, “Use your only opportunity”. Why don’t you stand out and try to make it a bit more calm and quiet?

People do shop a lot during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, discounts and special offers on these days are great. Just choose a nice and creative way to promote those. Read further to find some great examples of Black Friday and Cyber Monday email campaigns.

The newsletter starts with a large picture of two simple beige planners and two beige stones. Black Friday special offer follows.
Source: Flodesk

Plenty of ideas for your fall emails, right? Do you want more? Check all the holidays through the year, month by month, in our article on holiday email marketing.

Best fall email examples

Kraft Heinz: Keep it appetizing

What if you are a food company and you don’t want your Halloween emails to smell like a zombie? Stay spooky and thoughtful! Kraft Heinz Food Company provides their subscribers with a list of fun dishes for a Halloween week.

The Halloween newsletter from Kraft Heinz contains recipes of food appropriate for Halloween week. On the top there’s a big fork with spaghetti on the black background with some sketchy ghosts. The recipe of Crescent Mummy Dogs follows.
Source: Kraft Heinz Food Company

The email is crafted in a minimalistic sketchy style. No spiderweb or gravestones. That’s a great example of how you can make a fun Halloween email campaign and keep your products looking delicious.

It also is a good example of taking care of your customer and promoting your product. No need to say that every recipe includes Kraft Heinz products. How can it get any better than that?

Salomon: So simple. And so damn comfortable

Quibbles are great for the headers. And the word “fall” gives you high chances to make a witty wordplay.

The fall newsletter from Salmons contains large pictures of people hiking in mountains in Salomon clothes and footwear. The title says: “Fresh gear to fall for”. The links to men and women collections follow.
Source: Salomon

Salamon simply shows his subscribers new gear for fall. Large high quality images of people feeling absolutely comfortable and confident in the mountains in October. Close-ups show us some important details and create a strong sense of reliability. What else can you say?

The design is simple and matches the fall mood. Orange is classic for autumn and gray blue just looks great with it. The email contains a minimum of text. Just a short intro and lots of links to check the new collection.

Use the traditional fall colors for your newsletter. All shades of orange, brown, dark blue, dark green, burgundy and gray will match the audience’s fall mood. Make your fall email look warm and cozy. Celebrate the season!

Peloton: Practice and enjoy

Peloton understands that autumn is a challenge for those who want to keep in shape. You move less, eat more and stay inside a lot. That’s why they offer their subscribers ways to keep practicing as it becomes colder.

The email from Peloton is titled “Three ways to fall into a new fitness routine”. Each way is illustrated with a photo.
Source: Peloton

The email contains three simple ways to boost your practice. The first one is just killing: they suggest that you bring the bike home for 30 days and see what happens to your workouts. You get a full refund if you don’t like it.

Peloton provides lovely pictures of their bikes in use to let you imagine how nice your indoors workouts may become. It’s nice and cozy, even when it’s chilly outside. You got your yoga mat and dumbbells around. You can chat to your friends right on the bike monitor, check your speed and the calories you burn and get motivated by some nice guy in a Peloton shirt. Who even needs normal cycling anymore?

Noone likes to read anymore. Visualize everything you can. One photo can be more informative than a long list of the advantages.

Booking.com: Buy some freedom and happiness. Now

Booking.com puts a huge picture of a surfer having fun with his friends in the ocean during sunset on the top of the Black Friday newsletter. Even if you have nothing to do with surfing you get the value: freedom, youth, unlimited possibilities and easiness. That is exactly what spontaneous unplanned journeys make you feel like.

The email from booking.com is titled: “Black Friday. Save at least 30% with Black Friday Deals”. There is a large picture of two men surfing in the ocean during sunset. They both smile. Special offers for trips to London and Rotterdam follow.
Source: Booking.com

Then goes a short description of the special offer and the list of locations available. That is a good example of how you can briefly manifest the value of your product and get down to business.

The subject line says: “Happy Black Friday! Time to save big”. Keep in mind that your newsletter should begin briefly. Make sure the subject line is short and attracts attention. Writing a catchy subject line is 70% of success. 

Astro West: Thank you for owning a piece of the stars

Astro West sells fine mineral specimens and mesmerizing meteorites. These are the gifts for the true romantics. Here’s the simple and fascinating newsletter they crafted for Thanksgiving Day.

The Thanksgiving email from Astro West contains large pictures of beautiful minerals. The newsletter contains words of gratitude to the clients.
Source: Astro West

Huge pictures of the products, simple words of sincere gratitude to the clients and mentioning of the upcoming Black Friday. This is a perfect template of a Thanksgiving email. 

Use your Thanksgiving newsletter to thank your clients and give them a good discount. You can also underline that your product is a perfect gift for their beloved ones. Don’t forget to explain why, if it is not a piece of the stars.

Huckberry: Enjoy the silence

Cyber Monday is full of discounts and special offers. How do you stand out? Easy-peasy – stay quiet! Not literally, but keep in mind that the idea of simplicity and silence is extremely valued right now.

The Cyber Monday newsletter from Huckberry contains a picture of trousers, a shirt, sunglasses and one shoe floating in the air. The special offers follow
Source: Huckberry

Huckberry used the concept of complete silence in cyberspace and made their products float in the air. The subject line is “ZEROGRAVITY”. The fact that it doesn’t contain the words “Cyber Monday”, “Discount” and “Buy now” is absolutely beautiful.


To sum up, autumn gives you many occasions to remind your clients about you. Don’t miss them and try to follow your customers’ needs. The best way to understand them is to put yourself in their place and realize what would make your life easier and happier right now.

Keep in mind that fall is a great opportunity to practice your email marketing skills before winter, the most profitable season of all. Building a strong connection to your subscribers now can bring you much success when the sales reach their maximum on Christmass. 

Use the examples from this article to inspire yourself and have fun!

22 September, 2023
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