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View Your Subscriber’s Devices, Location, and Opens Over Time

All the above-mentioned data on the recipient behavior is available in the detailed campaign report.

You can find this report in the Campaigns Section.

Go to the Campaigns Section.

Click on the name of the campaign you need and choose the Recipient Behavior tab.

Go to the Recipient Behavior tab.

On the page you will see the following:

  • the information about the devices used to open the emails;
  • the campaign dynamics over time (shows the number of opens and clicks within 24 hours, 7 days, 14 days, 1 month);
  • the geographical map of opens and clicks.

Here you will also be able to download the click report in a convenient format. It will take several minutes to get compiled and sent to your email and the support chat.

Downloading the click report.

Information about the devices used to open your emails

The information about the devices used by the recipients can help analyze the frequency of opens on different platforms. This information is used to adapt the email content and editing for the most frequently used devices: desktops, tablets, or mobile phones.

According to the Litmus report, 42% of users read emails on their phones. The device report shows you if this is applicable to your campaigns either. If at least 20% of the recipients open your emails on smartphones, it’s important to adapt your emails to mobile devices.

Adapt an Email for Mobile Devices


Checking which devices were used to open the email.

Some devices don’t communicate data about themselves or do this incorrectly, that’s why a part of the devices in the report are marked as Not Specified.

Campaign dynamics over time

The chart allows you to define the most popular email open time as well as to count the days within which the majority of the recipients open the campaign.

You can analyse the dynamics of opens and clicks over a day, a week, 14 days, a month.

The dynamics of opens and clicks on the links.

The black column shows the number of opens, the purple one - the number of clicks on the links. The precise number of opens/clicks is seen when you point the mouse cursor at the columns.

The diagram over a day can help you choose the best time to send your emails.

Geographical map of opens and clicks on the links in your email

The geographical map allows you to analyze which countries and cities open your campaigns, the engagement of your subscribers from different regions, to find the best time to send your emails considering the time zone of the majority of your subscribers.

The geographical map of opens.

The geographical map can be used to analyze the information on cities and countries, on opens and clicks separately. You can change the analysis criterion in the top right-hand side of the map

The recipient region is traced by the IP address. This information can be hidden, so on the map you will see a certain number of subscribers with non-specified countries.


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