Campaign Performance Benchmarking

To understand how efficient your campaigns are, you can compare the performance of each campaign with the average values in the industry.

Selzy analyzes data on client campaigns from different businesses, assesses mean values and uses this data to help you boost your email marketing.

To compare the performance of your campaign with the industry average, go to the campaign report through Campaigns.

Click on the name of your campaign in the Campaigns.

When in the report, select your industry and click on the Compare button.

Select your industry to compare.

You can change your industry at any time in the Account Settings.

Change your industry in the account.

You will see the results of comparison as well as pieces of advice to improve the campaign if there are any issues.

The results of comparison between your campaign and the industry average.


Please note that it takes two days after the campaign is sent for the comparison info to be formed - when your campaign gets the Completed status.

o see the comparison results, please wait till your campaign is completed.


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