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View Detailed Campaign Report

To see a detailed report on your campaign, in your account choose Campaigns.

Choose Campaigns in your account.

Then click on the name of the campaign needed.

Click on the name of the campaign.

You will see a page with the data on your campaign (Dashboard), as well as the statistics on the clicks, and recipient behavior.

Your campaign details.


On the dashboard page, you will find 6 key campaign details, including sent, delivered, opens, clicks, unsubscribed, spam complaints. The info is given in quantitative and percent values.

6 key campaign details.


The performance of your campaign can be compared to the mean values in the field. For some users, the industry is defined automatically. If it’s not your case, you can choose the industry from the drop-down menu manually and click on the Compare button.

Choose the industry to compare your performance with the mean values in the field.

After you have done this, the service compares your campaign performance with the average performance in the given industry to show you the final results.

If the performance is low, and your campaign is not that successful, we advise you to switch to the Standard Plan. In this case, you will be able to get our advice on improving each new email to get better results.

You can copy the campaign, or find its ID to refer to the support team by clicking on three dots next to the name of the campaign.
Click on the dots next to the name of the campaign to copy it or its ID.

If you failed to deliver a campaign to some of the recipients, you will find a detailed report on why it has happened.

Unique opens/ Total opens.

In the report, the number of people that opened your email as well as the clicks are represented by two values - unique opens and total opens (some recipients can open your email and click on the links several times).

Unique contacts that opened the email.

After clicking on the data, you will see the list of contacts that have performed any of the actions mentioned.

Click on the Information button to learn more about the sender’s address, time, and date.

Similar information is available for the contacts that unsubscribed or stated spam complaints. Such subscribers are assigned the respective status and are not sent emails anymore.

To see the detailed information on the sender’s address, the sending time, and date, click on the Information button.

Click on the Clicks Section to learn more.

Clicks on the links

In this section you will find the data on the clicks on particular links, the number of clicks coming from your email, as well as which subscribers did so.

Clicks on the links

Recipient behavior

Go to the following section to see:

  • the information on the devices from which the email was opened;
  • the campaign dynamics over time (shows the number of opens and clicks on a particular day within a month, 7 days, 14 days);
  • the geography of clicks.

Campaign dynamics over time.

The geography of clicks.

You can download any report you need from any page you are watching.

Download the delivery report.


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