Best AI Email Assistants for Marketers and Entrepreneurs

Best AI Email Assistants for Marketers and Entrepreneurs
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Ana Balashova
by Ana Balashova

Your latest email campaign just went live. Hours of work, yet the open rates barely nudge. Frustrating, isn’t it? What if the missing link is smarter, not harder work? 

Meet AI email assistants, the unsung heroes in the world of digital marketing. 

In this deep dive, we explore 12 cutting-edge AI email writing tools of 2023, each designed to turn your emails from overlooked to unmissable. This isn’t about replacing your creativity; it’s about amplifying it. Stick around to learn how these tools can refine your email strategy, ensuring your message resonates and converts.

What are AI email assistants and why are they important?

AI email assistants are innovative tools at the intersection between email marketing and artificial intelligence. They are designed to optimize how we create, send, and manage emails. 

Let’s reflect on two numbers: ​​the value of the AI market is expected to reach nearly $2 trillion by 2030, potentially contributing $15.7 trillion to the global economy. This exponential growth underscores the increasing relevance of AI in various sectors, particularly in marketing.

Email remains a vital communication tool in the digital age. In fact, according to the State of Email Survey 2023 by Mailmodo, 78.29% of marketers named email their top-performing channel in 2022. More importantly, 50.8% of them observed a 2x improvement in their email marketing ROI in the same year. These statistics highlight the importance of effective email strategies, for which AI email assistants are becoming increasingly indispensable.

For email marketers and business owners, AI email assistants are more than just time-savers; they are strategic partners that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of email campaigns, while bringing the overall team’s productivity to the next level. They employ sophisticated algorithms to analyze your email data, learning from previous campaigns to suggest improvements for future communications. This process leads to emails that are more personalized, relevant, and impactful.

How do they work?

AI email assistants work by leveraging machine learning and deep learning. They analyze your email content, and audience engagement and response patterns to provide actionable insights and recommendations. Here are only a few applications of AI email tools:

  1. Writing and optimizing content: AI tools can suggest optimal subject lines, content tweaks, and even entire email drafts based on your audience’s preferences and past engagement data. This ensures your emails are always on point and engaging.
  2. Scheduling and sending emails: These tools can determine the best times to send emails, maximizing open and click-through rates. 39.4% of businesses sent only 1-4 emails per month on average to each subscriber in 2022, making each email’s timing crucial.
  3. Predictive analytics: AI email assistants can forecast the success of your campaigns, allowing you to make data-driven decisions. They can predict trends and customer behaviors, helping you to stay ahead of the curve.
  4. Personalization at scale: These tools facilitate personalized communication with large audiences. They analyze individual user data to tailor messages, leading to improved engagement and customer loyalty.
  5. Futuristic scenarios: Looking into the future, AI email assistants could evolve to predict customer needs even before they arise, automate cross-channel marketing efforts, and offer real-time personalization based on evolving user data.

Picture this: it’s a busy Monday morning, and as you brainstorm  your next email campaign, your AI assistant alerts you: 

“Based on recent social media trends and user behavior, your customers are starting to show a strong interest in eco-friendly products. I’ve drafted an email campaign focused on your eco-friendly lines and scheduled to launch it just as this trend peaks. I’m also distributing the same message across all the platforms, tailoring it to each audience’s unique preferences.” 

This might be the direction AI assistants are taking.

4 benefits of using AI email tools

Enhanced personalization: AI-driven personalization goes beyond just addressing recipients by their names. It involves tailoring content based on individual behaviors and preferences. For instance, an AI email assistant can analyze past interactions to suggest content that resonates with each subscriber, significantly improving engagement.

Saving time on writing content: AI email assistants can generate entire email drafts, bringing your team’s productivity to the whole new level. For example, when using ChatGPT for email marketing, you can draft newsletters, promotional content, or follow-up messages in minutes while keeping your communication consistent and engaging.

Better analytics and data-driven insights: AI email assistants can track open rate and click-through rate, offering actionable suggestions to improve future campaigns.

They can also automate the segmentation of your audience based on various criteria meaning you can effortlessly send targeted campaigns to different customer groups without manually sorting through your contact list.

Improved email deliverability: AI email assistants significantly enhance email deliverability, which sets them apart from traditional email marketing software. AI tools identify and remove invalid or unresponsive email addresses, thereby reducing bounce rates

They can also suggest adjustments in your sending times, email content, format, and sending patterns to avoid being marked as spam or ignored.

12 best AI email assistants

While sifting through about 70 various tools to select the best AI email assistants, we took an approach similar to the one detailed in our comprehensive guide to the best AI tools and meticulously picked out the 12 best AI email assistants. Here’s a short overview of our selection criteria:

  1. Popularity and user traffic: We analyzed the traffic of various AI email assistant websites using Similarweb, focusing on average monthly visitors from August to October 2023. A consistently high number of visitors generally indicates a large and satisfied user base.
  2. Community engagement: We looked at products tagged “artificial intelligence” on platforms like Product Hunt, Futurepedia, and Future Tools, noting the most popular, followed, upvoted, and liked ones.
  3. Specific focus on email: Lastly, we focused on tools that specifically cater to email, unlike broader AI platforms like or Rytr, often mentioned on “AI email assistants” lists. Our selected tools prominently feature “email” as a core functionality on their websites, meaning they specialize in AI-driven email assistance.

And now, let’s get to the list.


The screenshot features Flowrate's slogan “Flow through your inbox” that emphasizes their focus on writing emails.

Flowrite stands out in the AI email assistant market with 1.007 million monthly visits. It’s recognized for making email writing both efficient and creative.

Unique selling proposition: Flowrite shines with its variety of templates. Users have access to a range of ready-to-use templates, including unique ones like “Apply for Prime Minister.” Additionally, Flowrite offers the capability to create custom templates, providing users the flexibility to craft emails that perfectly match their specific communication needs and style.

Selected pricing:

  • 14-day trial: Try it out for free, no credit card needed.
  • Light plan: $5/month for 15 generations.
  • Unlimited plan: $30/month for unlimited generations.

Features and functionality: Alongside its web app and browser extension, Flowrite’s template versatility enables users to quickly draft emails that are not only relevant and professional but also carry a personal touch.


Lemlist's homepage, showcasing the number of their AI campaigns i.e. 437 million, and listing email personalization capabilities of their product.

Lemlist, with 536,899 monthly visits, allows finding potential buyers and engaging them across multiple channels, including email. Their brand promise is pretty bold: to turn strangers into customers.

Unique selling proposition: Standout for its AI campaign generator, Lemlist boosts engagement by personalizing outreach. The platform simplifies crafting high-quality, effective email campaigns, even for those new to email marketing.

Selected pricing:

  • 14-day free trial: Test Lemlist’s features, including 100 free leads, without any commitment.
  • Standard plan: At $59/month, enjoy unlimited email sending, AI assistance, email warm-up, custom personalization options, and 250 free monthly tokens for various uses.
  • Pro: $99/month gives you priority support, access to LinkedIn Chrome extension, inbox rotation for improving your email deliverability, and 500 free monthly tokens.

Features and functionality: Lemlist excels at email personalization, offering custom images and text tweaks to make each email uniquely engaging. It streamlines automated campaigns across multiple channels, including email and LinkedIn. Deliverability optimization ensures your messages hit the inbox, while integrated lead generation tools aid in efficient prospecting. The platform also integrates smoothly with popular CRMs and includes features like inbox rotation (available on Pro plan) that will improve your sending reputation.


Missive’s front page features a video overview, putting their team inbox and chat app front and center.

Missive, a platform attracting 445,576 monthly visitors, is a perfect tool for teams looking to enhance their email management with the power of AI and ensure effective and efficient collaboration.

Unique selling proposition: Missive stands out for its team-focused design, transforming the traditional inbox into a collaborative workspace. It enables teams to manage shared inboxes efficiently, ensuring better clarity in communications and increased productivity in group projects.

Selected pricing:

  • Free plan: Up to 3 users and a 15-day history.
  • Starter plan: $14/month per user for up to 5 users, packed with  a 6-month history and basic analytics.
  • Business plan: $26/month per user with unlimited users and history, and advanced analytics.

Features and functionality: Missive’s strengths include collaborative team inboxes, customizable canned responses, workload balancing, and rules for automated workflows. The OpenAI integration elevates its capabilities, allowing for quick generation of emails and one-click draft translations, streamlining your team’s email communication process and amplifying its productivity.


Mailmodo's front page slogan invites visitors to “turn emails into experiences” by employing AI to create engaging emails

Mailmodo, having 317,880 monthly visitors, is transitioning from a classic email marketing platform to the one doubling down on AI, securing its spot on this list.

Unique selling proposition: Mailmodo’s AI journey enables them to expand their email marketing offerings by providing users with a blend of interactive content, smart automation, and impactful analytics, resulting in improved marketing outcomes.

Selected pricing

  • 21-day free trial: Available without a credit card.
  • Light plan: $49/month for 2,500 contacts, 20,000 sending credits, including AI content creation capabilities.
  • Pro plan: $99/month for the same number of contacts, 25,000 sending credits, and more advanced features.

Features and functionality: Mailmodo is not just about email creation; it’s about optimizing every aspect of email marketing. Its integrations bring data from over 1,000 tools, enhancing your CRM and analytics. The platform is designed for higher ROI, with features like interactive AMP forms and A/B testing of various templates. Known for its interactive email capabilities, Mailmodo currently offers the AI Subject Line Generator, and is actively working to introduce the AI Content Generator and AI Template Creator. These upcoming features will further enhance the ability to create engaging, personalized email content effortlessly.


SaneBox's AI-driven email filtering motto reads “Get rid of Inbox clutter and focus on the email that matters”

SaneBox focuses on decluttering inboxes, ensuring users give their time and attention only to important emails.

Unique selling proposition: SaneBox filters and prioritizes your inbox with the power of AI. It’s not just about sorting emails; it’s about ensuring you read what matters most.

Selected pricing:

  • 14-day free trial: Get started without a credit card.
  • Appetizer: $0.07/day for one feature of choice and one email account.
  • Snack: $7/month for two features of choice and one email account.
  • Lunch: $12/month for two email accounts and six features of choice per each.
  • Dinner: $36/month for four email accounts and all available features without limitation.

Features and functionality: SaneBox excels in intelligently organizing your inbox. Its AI picks out important emails, while tools like Email Deep Clean handle the rest, ensuring your inbox stays manageable. The Snooze feature delays non-urgent emails, and One-Click Unsubscribe makes it easy to opt-out of unwanted newsletters. It also reminds you of emails requiring a follow-up and seamlessly integrates with cloud storage for attachments. With custom filtering rules, SaneBox offers a personalized approach to email management, transforming your inbox into an efficient workspace.


Lavender's website showcases short GIFs demonstrating interactive emails created with their tool and offers glimpses of coaching sessions with experts.

Lavender, with 148,025 monthly visits, is revolutionizing the way sales emails are crafted with its AI-driven approach.

Unique selling proposition: Lavender is designed to significantly enhance sales email effectiveness. By providing real-time assistance and data-driven insights, it helps users craft compelling sales emails quickly, effectively doubling positive reply rates. Lavender stands out for its accessibility, offering free access to students and jobseekers, and no-contract, straightforward pricing for everybody else.

Selected pricing:

  • 7-day free trial: Available without a contract for Individual Pro plan.
  • Basic plan: Free, analyze and personalize up to five emails monthly, no AI capabilities included.
  • Starter plan: $29/month for unlimited email analysis and personalization, including AI recommendations and additional features.
  • Individual Pro plan: $49/month for unlimited everything, priority support, a free trial available. 

Features and functionality: Lavender offers an AI email coach and personalization assistant with real-time suggestions powered by OpenAI, equips managers with data-backed insights for effective coaching, and allows seamless integrations with popular sales platforms. It provides unlimited AI-driven personalization and analytics, both for individuals and teams, ensuring sales emails are optimized for higher engagement and response rates.


Mailbutler's website, highlighting the smarter inbox assistant.

Mailbutler, attracting 103,007 monthly visitors, is a robust email management tool, offering a range of features to optimize your email experience.

Unique selling proposition: Mailbutler’s AI-powered Smart Assistant, included into the Smart Plan can write, respond, and summarize emails, improving spelling and grammar and providing support for popular email services like Gmail, Apple Mail, and Outlook. Prioritizing privacy, Mailbutler is GDPR-compliant and continuously evolves taking into account user feedback.

Selected pricing:

  • 14-day free trial: no credit card details required.
  • Smart plan: At $14.95/month, this plan includes AI capabilities, advanced analytics, premium support, and more. Note that Mailbutler has more affordable plans too, but AI features are exclusive to the Smart Plan and above.

Features and functionality: Beyond AI features, Mailbutler offers email tracking, Smart Send Later features, customizable email signatures and templates, and contact insights. It has task automation, note-taking capabilities, collaborative tools, and a snooze function for better email management.

Rasa's homepage boasts creating “the world’s only truly personalized email newsletters” and features a promotional video about an e-marketer named Kelly, who sends unique email to each of her subscribers, drawing in 72,587 monthly visits, specializes in creating highly personalized email newsletters using advanced AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Unique selling proposition: stands out for its ability to deliver personalized email content at scale. It uses AI and NLP to tailor newsletters to individual recipients, analyzing demographics and previous interactions to suggest relevant content. This approach mirrors the curated experience of social media feeds, making email interactions more engaging.

Selected pricing: Starting at $564/month for up to 10,000 contacts on the monthly plan. 

This also includes 50 sources of audience, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, six newsletter campaigns, HTML template support, source customizations, onboarding add-on options, and an option to rebrand and customize your analytics dashboards.

While the price might seem steep, offers a demo to demonstrate the provided value. The investment might be potentially worthwhile for those looking to significantly boost customer engagement and sustainably increase productivity of the marketing team.

Features and functionality:’s platform boosts engagement by automating the curation of email newsletters. It combines personalized email newsletters with automated relationship nurturing, seamlessly integrating with various technologies. It ensures each newsletter resonates with the recipient, leading to higher open and click-through rates.


SmartWriter's website promises 8x more replies to personalized emails generated with the help of their AI. They also claim their solution is 40x faster and 6x cheaper than humans.

SmartWriter is one more tool for businesses looking to automate and enhance their email outreach process with AI-driven personalization. And 61,743 monthly visitors seem to be happy with it.

Unique selling proposition: SmartWriter enhances B2B sales by using data from diverse sources to create tailored messages, streamlines product feedback flows, and boosts network effects. It’s rich text editing and email content generation capabilities ensure your messages stand out.

Selected pricing:

  • 7-day free trial: No credit card is required for initial access.
  • Basic plan: $59/month for full access to AI tools and 400 leads.
  • Popular plan: $149/month, includes all Basic Plan features, but offers 1,200 leads instead.

Features and functionality: SmartWriter stands out for its ability to create personalized sales messages and cold emails by tapping into a variety of data sources. It enhances B2B sales strategies with social personalization and deep-researched content, making every outreach unique. The platform also simplifies the product feedback flows and enhances customer relationships without overcomplicating the existing processes. With tools like the CallToValue button, it facilitates repeat purchases, while its lead generation tool builds verified lists for effective outreach.

Hoppy Copy

Hoppy Copy's front page slogan reads “Write better email campaigns, 10x faster”

Hoppy Copy is yet another go-to solution for 57,016 email marketers monthly visiting the tool’s website and seeking AI-driven email content creation.

Unique selling proposition: Hoppy Copy sets itself apart with an AI specifically trained for email marketing.

Selected pricing:

  • 7-day free trial: No credit card required.
  • Starter plan: $29/month, perfect for solopreneurs — 1 user, 20,000 generated words/month and monitoring of 10 competitors.
  • Pro plan: $49/month, perfect for small teams up to 3 users, 100,000 generated words/month and monitoring of 25 competitors.

Features and functionality: Hoppy Copy integrates advanced AI tools for various email marketing needs. Its AI copywriter and editor enhance content creation and editing, while the AI newsletter creator and sequence planner are invaluable for putting together engaging newsletters and email sequences. The AI chat feature provides immediate content creation assistance. Hoppy Copy also includes unique features like Content Converter for repurposing content across formats, Spam Checker for optimizing email deliverability, and competitor monitoring to stay ahead of the market.


Salesforge's website highlights the power of personalized email outreach at scale with their tool.

Salesforge, with 35,359 monthly visits, is worth considering by businesses seeking to improve their email outreach with AI-driven personalization, ensuring high engagement and deliverability rates.

Unique selling proposition: Salesforge’s strength lies in its AI model, enabling the sending of personalized emails at scale in any language while ensuring optimal deliverability and engagement.

Selected pricing:

  • 7-day free trial: Includes 10 contacts, 25 emails, no credit card required.
  • Pro plan: $48/month, perfect for smaller-scale operations with 1,000 active contacts.
  • Growth plan: $96/month for the access to extended features, including 10,000 active contacts and 50,000 emails/month.

Features and functionality: Salesforge excels in creating unique, AI-generated emails for each recipient, making it a game-changer in personalized outreach. The tool’s ability to manage various mailboxes within a single browser tab simplifies user experience. Key features like creating personalized emails, AI warmup, and email validation ensure low bounce rates and high email engagement. Additionally, the Primebox™ View for centralized response management and unlimited mailbox integration demonstrate Salesforge’s commitment to scalability and productivity.


Warmy’s front page offers “auto all-in-one tool for email deliverability to make your email channel reliable”.

Warmy, attracting 33,881 monthly visits, offers innovative solutions to improve email deliverability using AI.

Unique selling proposition: Warmy’s AI engine, Adeline, specializes in optimizing mailbox warming and analyzing numerous parameters during the interactions with real people, thus ensuring emails reliably reach inboxes.

Selected pricing:

  • 7-day free trial: No credit card required, full access to all features.
  • Starter plan: $49 per mailbox/month for key warming features, including 100 warm-up emails daily.
  • Business plan: $129 per mailbox/month for extended capabilities, including 300 warm-up emails daily.

Features and functionality: Warmy stands out for its full automation in warming up mailboxes. Users benefit from features like Progress Monitoring for a transparent overview of email health, ROI Calculator to assess the potential gains, Placement Tests for deliverability insights, and a Dedicated Dashboard for centralized management. Together, they enhance the process of maintaining and improving email sender reputation, making Warmy a valuable asset for any email-focused marketing strategy.

Tips for choosing the right tool

Have you gone through our list and are still unsure which one to pick? Or maybe you’re the kind who likes to dive in and choose for yourself? We get it. Selecting the perfect AI email assistant for your marketing needs is more than just picking a popular tool. It’s about finding a solution that aligns with your business goals, fits into your workflow, and matches your communication style. Here are some actionable tips to guide you in making an informed choice:

  1. Assess your specific needs: Start by clearly defining what you expect from an AI email assistant. Do you need it primarily for crafting engaging emails? Do integrations and the diversity of analytics tools matter to you? Or do you want to bring your team’s productivity to a new level?
  2. Prioritize user-friendliness: Opt for a tool that’s easy to navigate, especially if you’re new to AI-powered email marketing. This will make the transition smoother and more effective.
  3. Ensure seamless integration: Check if the AI tool can easily integrate with your existing marketing software and CRM systems, without disrupting the existing workflow.
  4. Focus on personalization capabilities: Select a tool that excels in personalizing emails. The best AI tools should offer features that adapt content to your audience’s unique preferences.
  5. Check what kind of support you can get: Choose a tool that provides strong customer support and high-quality educational resources — both will be invaluable for navigating new features or troubleshooting.
  6. Evaluate cost vs. benefits: Consider the tool’s cost against the potential returns on investment, ensuring it fits within your budget.
  7. Test content for brand alignment: Ensure the tool’s output aligns with your brand voice and messaging. A trial run or a demo will be enough to assess such things.

By following these steps, you can choose an AI email assistant that not only meets your current needs but also scales as your business grows, effectively supporting your email marketing strategies.

Potential challenges of using AI email writers

While AI email writers and assistants offer numerous advantages, like any technology, they come with their own set of challenges. Understanding not only helps deal with them effectively, but also ensures that your use of AI enhances rather than hinders your email marketing efforts. Here are some common challenges you might encounter:

  1. Over-reliance on automation: There’s a risk of over-relying on AI, leading to less human touch in your emails. Striking a balance between automation and personalization is essential.
  2. Data privacy concerns: Using AI tools involves handling customer data, which raises privacy concerns. Ensure the tool complies with data protection regulations like GDPR.
  3. Initial setup time: Setting up AI email assistants can be time-consuming, as they require initial data input and time to learn your brand voice and audience preferences.
  4. Keeping content authentic: AI-generated content might sometimes miss the mark in sounding authentic or matching your brand’s tone. Regular monitoring and tweaking are necessary to maintain the quality and authenticity of your emails.
  5. Cost considerations: While AI email tools can be efficient, they can also be costly.That’s why it’s so important to take another good look both at the tool that caught your eye and your goals before burning your entire marketing budget.

It’s also important to remember that each business might encounter a unique set of challenges so do not skip that part where you carefully evaluate your very particular business circumstances.

Final thoughts

As we wrap up our exploration of AI email assistants, it’s clear these tools are more than just a passing trend. They’re becoming essential for marketers aiming to make their email campaigns more effective, personalized, and impactful. From enhancing personalization to improving deliverability and increasing the overall teams’ productivity, AI email assistants offer a suite of benefits that can significantly upgrade your email marketing efforts.

Still, the key to success lies in choosing the right tool and using it wisely. Remember, the art of how to write a friendly email is still at the core of successful communication, and AI is here to enhance this skill, not to replace it. The human touch remains invaluable. Use AI not just to send emails, but to send the right emails, to the right people, at the right time, fostering stronger connections and driving tangible results for your business.

And as with any technology, being prepared for potential challenges, like data privacy concerns or the initial setup time, will ensure you harness the full potential of AI in your email strategy.

04 December, 2023
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