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Checking Campaign Status

If you want to see what sending stage your campaign is at, check its status. The campaign status is formed once the campaign is sent, and it changes with time depending on its success.

If a campaign was created but hasn’t been sent or scheduled yet, you can find it in Campaigns Emails. Such campaigns are marked as Not Sent in the campaign status box.

The campaigns without a status that were not sent.

You can find the statuses of sent campaigns as well as of scheduled campaigns on the History page in Campaigns.

The reports page

You can also find the current status of a campaign in its detailed report.

The example of a campaign status on the Campaigns page.

Besides, all campaign statuses are duplicated on the Campaigns page - in Emails.


You will see this status if your campaign is scheduled for a particular time and date and hasn’t been sent yet.

The Planned status is also given to a campaign that has been just sent. It is relevant until the campaign send starts and includes the possible time for moderation.

The example of a campaign with the Planned status.

At this stage, you can still cancel the campaign. To do this, on the Campaigns page find campaign, click on the action menu, and choose Cancel.

Cancelling a campaign with the Planned status.


You have just cancelled the campaign in your account.

The example of a campaign with the Cancelled status.

Is being sent

Your campaign is partly sent. The system gives your campaign this status if it is sending it right now but hasn’t completed the process yet. Or, the system has sent a test of the campaign to check if everything is ok with the delivery.

The status will change once the campaign is completely sent.

The example of a campaign that has the Is Being Sent status.

Analyzing results

Your campaign was successfully sent, now the system is collecting the stats. Two days later, the status will change to Completed. However, the system will continue collecting and analyzing the statistics after the status changes.

The example of a campaign with the Analyzing Results status.

At this stage, you can’t cancel the campaign anymore.


The campaign was successfully sent, the major part of its statistics collected. The campaign receives this status two days after the campaign is sent.

The example of a campaign with the Completed status.


The campaign was rejected by the moderator at the moderation stage. In this case, in your account and in the Selzy chat you will find an email with the reasons why the campaign was rejected and the recommendations on how to improve it.

The example of a campaign with the Rejected status.


This status is irreversible: the campaign won’t be finalized. To resend this campaign, make a copy.

How to copy an email campaign

Reports on campaign statuses

To find a campaign report with a particular status, go to the Campaigns page, find Campaign history, and click on the filter sign.

The filter sign on the Campaigns page - in Campaigns.

In the Campaign Status filter of the dropdown menu, choose the status you need, and click on the Apply button.

Filtering campaigns by status on the Campaigns page - in Campaigns.

Pay attention to your campaign statuses to speed up decision-making if there is something wrong with a campaign sending and to quickly define the stage at which the issue occurred.

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