Phone Number Formatting

The tool allows you to set up a phone number format mask.

It will be useful if phone numbers come from different sources in different formats. With this tool, numbers are formatted and brought to a single view.

Step 1. Adding the tool: Find the tool in the Automation Builder section in Selzy and add it between the steps.

Step 2.  Configuring the tool: Fill in the fields Original phone number and Phone number mask. Choose the original phone number from the drop-down list from the sending system.

In the example, this is the phone number of the lead from CRM: Convert the number using the mask — select the required one from the list: If you do not enter the country code in {{ countryCode }}, the phone number will be transmitted without a code. Masks work for any country.

If you enter a country code, all # symbols will be replaced with phone number digits with the required code according to the selected mask.

After setting up the Phone Number Formatting step, add the resulting phone number to the next step of the receiving system.

Go to the step settings. Find the required field and put the parameter from the Selzy Formatted number into it.

Done! Now all numbers will be unified by the mask, and the tool can be added to any bundles where it is necessary to bring phone numbers to a single view.

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