Stopping Automations

If an automation consistently produces only erroneous requests without any successful ones, it will be halted after a certain period. To restart it, you must manually correct the errors beforehand.

In this context, the type of error doesn't matter; any errors within the automation are taken into account.

All checks are conducted precisely at noon, according to the time zone selected in the profile.

There are two types of checks.

Every 24 hours

If an automation has more than 50 executions in total, and all of them contain an error, and there isn't a single successful cycle (where all steps are completed successfully), such an automation will be stopped. 

If the automation has fewer than 50 executions or even once all steps are executed successfully, the automation will not be halted.

Every 7 days

If only erroneous requests are present in the automation over 7 days and not a single successful one, the automation is halted. In this case, the number of requests and errors is not considered. That is, if the automation was executed only once in a week and encountered an error, it will be halted. However, if there's even one successful request (even one that didn't retrieve data), the automation will not be stopped.

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