Launch Schedule

The launch schedule is a tool in Selzy that allows you to set the frequency of retrieving new data from an external service. This setting can only be applied to automations that operate via API. Automations using the API have a corresponding icon on the main screen of the automation card.

To configure the operating mode, open the automation builder and select Start Schedule at the bottom.

Select the Start Schedule option in the automation builder

In the settings interface, you will find the following parameters:

In the Start Schedule parameters, you can choose the request frequency, star time (from and to), start date, and end date.

Time intervals for launching the automation:

  • Start time (from) and Start time (to) — specify the hours within a single day.
  • Start date (from) and Start date (to) — set a specific date range. If you do not specify anything, the automation will operate every day during the specified hours.
  • Request frequency — the interval between automation launches.

In the advanced settings, you can specify the days of the week or months when the automation launch is allowed.

The advanced settings menu allows you to select the days of the week or month when the automation will function.

Often, the schedule needs to be set up so that the automation is launched once a day, for example, to upload advertising expenses. In this case, the settings should be set as follows:

Allow the automation to run once a day with a 60-minute interval and specify the range for launch from 00:00 to 01:00. Thus, the automation will only be launched once in this interval due to the restriction in the Request frequency field. At other times, the automation launch will be limited by the time intervals set in the Start time (from) and Start time (to) fields.

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