Best Email Marketing Blogs That Are Worth Your Attention

Best Email Marketing Blogs That Are Worth Your Attention
30 September, 2023 • ... • 2893 views
Eugene Vasilev
by Eugene Vasilev

Here’s the thing: we found a list of ‘top’ 60 email marketing blogs and websites and went over each one of them. What followed was our quality-over-quantity rating of the 11 best email marketing blogs and (bonus!) three resources that aren’t strictly about email marketing you should keep an eye on.

What makes a good email marketing blog

As a Selzy writer, I know that an email marketing blog is good if it’s designed in shades of green, purple, and orange, and it has my name next to articles. No bias!

Selzy Blog main page with an article about Halloween email campaign ideas

Jokes aside, there are just so many email marketing blogs on the internet. A typical Google search shows way too many for anyone to ever have a chance to properly read them.

Google search results, there's an article that highlights 70 email marketing blogs

That’s why we’ve selected just a dozen for you to bookmark applying our criteria. Here’s what makes a blog worth paying attention to.

  • Informative. A marketer can learn something from the blog and put new knowledge to practice.
  • Well-researched. You can trust the information on the blog: links are correctly placed to relevant studies and the blog’s own studies have a solid methodology.
  • Scannable. The blog is arranged in such a way that a reader can easily scan the information and get the main idea.
  • Example-based. Examples help readers understand crucial points better and complement general descriptions.

With all that in mind, we hope you find our rating useful. Let’s begin!

Blogs on email marketing for beginners


  • Expertise. Mailchimp are one of the pioneers of email marketing, they’ve been around since 2001 and possess a lot of knowledge about the industry. Their articles guide you through the process of creating an email campaign: email list building, segregation, automation, analytics and so on. Be warned that they’re self-oriented and you’ll probably find them a big deal if you use their product.
  • Case studies. They speak to people from various businesses to see how various e-commerce platforms work.
Mailchimp blog Success stories main page screenshot
According to the Yuool case study, automated customer journeys led to 34% of sales being attributed to repeat customers.
  • Original content. Mailchimp produces original content that ‘celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit’: podcasts, series, films. They also dive deep into macro trends of digital marketing.

If you’re thinking about which ESP to use or considering switching from Mailchimp, see how they compare to rivals by key features and pricing in our blog post

Campaign Monitor

  • Real-life examples of top email marketing campaigns. They’ve curated some of the most ‘inspiring’ email campaigns ever and happily share their stories.
Campaign Monitor email gallery screenshot
  • Writing tips. A large database contains many articles related to writing: how to perk up your content and write an effective copy, opening lines for every situation and many more.
  • Large studies. They have a history of email marketing reports by industry, regions and days. It’s useful when you want to check global trends or, instead, focus on one region.


  • Expert takes on studies. Whenever they conduct a big research, they don’t just throw numbers onto a sheet of paper. Instead, their experts join in to have their say on the data.
GetResponse email marketing benchmarks screenshots comment on low CTR
  • Really long reads. Some of their best articles go into a lot of details explaining a topic, be it ultimate guides, benchmark reports or ESP comparisons. You may really need to set aside at least half an hour to complete one of their longer texts.
  • Related topics. Although they specialise in email marketing, they write a lot about related topics: lead generation, e-commerce, design, analytics, and so on. A big plus is you can sort their content by type and topics.
GetResponse blog main page screenshot

Want more helpful resources? We’ve compiled a list of 100+ email marketing podcasts, communities, and more — check it out!

Vertical Response Blog

  • B2B. The blog has plenty of information on how email marketing is used between businesses and will help you figure out your business strategy. They write stuff like business campaign types, email marketing for hotels, how to communicate a price increase to clients and so on.
  • Social media marketing section. In addition to email marketing, they have a collection of articles on this related topic.
  • Big database. Although the blog isn’t much updated these days, it amassed a great deal of knowledge over years on email list building, subject lines, newsletters
Vertical Response blog main page screenshot


  • Library-style advanced search. Although it looks very 2000-ish, it’s actually updated on a regular basis. The topics are plentiful.
  • Infographics. Most of the time, they don’t just take someone else’s data but also the packaging with a link. It’s convenient if you like a lot of information to be presented in one jpeg.
  • Not just text. MarketingProfs also has master classes, podcasts, video tutorials and webinars. And, if reading is not convenient for you, you can listen to articles!


  • Unbiased analysis. We prioritize value for our readers and clients. We’re not afraid to write about competitors (the purpose of this article) and compare ourselves to other ESPs.
  • Simple example-based explanations. Our articles on average contain over 20 pictures illustrating what’s in the text. We often start our work from searching for examples and simple ways to explain big topics and only then the text follows. It allows us to be informative and easy to read for you.
  • Fun: We go beyond teaching email marketing best practices — we also keep it fun! Check out our blog for quizzes, monthly digital marketing news digests, and other special projects. For example, this summer, our team went on dopamine detox — check out what our marketers think of the practice.

Want a spooky reading this Halloween? Check out Selzy’s love letter to The SCP Foundation — we described 6 scary email marketing anomalies to keep you awake at night.


  • Focus on e-commerce. Drip is an ESP designed specifically for online stores, and their blog aims at helping young e-commerce business owners grow.
Drip blog main page screenshot
  • Original studies. Drip values data a lot, that’s why their team conducts their own studies. For example, check out this original research on pop-ups.
  • B2B marketing. A lot of email marketing resources are focused on the B2C segment — meanwhile, the Drip blog has a separate category for all the B2B marketers out there to learn growth tips and tricks.
HubSoot case studies blog page screenshot
  • YouTube channel full of short videos. They regularly upload new videos that you can watch before the morning coffee’s even boiling. On their channel, HubSpot team members discuss success stories and marketing strategy tips.
HubSpot YouTube channel videos page screenshot

Email on Acid

  • HTML best practices. The blog heavily focuses on the correct usage of scripts in emails or, as they call it, rules to code by.
  • Dark mode and CSS tips. In addition to HTML, the blog has guides on advanced techniques to craft an email.
  • Acronyms. BIMI, HIPAA, DKIM, DMARC, SPF, CASL, GDPR and many others — this blog explains what this all means and how to apply it.


  • Email optimization. The blog is curated by Jordie van Rijn, an email marketing consultant with 13 years of experience. In his blog, he shares insights on the topic as well as his thoughts on email statistics and reports.
  • The ‘Let’s not test guide’. The blog author wrote a guide citing 99 reasons not to do testing and just as many ways to beat the suggestion.
  • Large studies explained. The author takes a serious approach to email marketing data. A lot of it happens to be bullshit but Jordie van Rijn doesn’t like bullshit. Take his latest report on mobile statistics overview: he searched for ‘all useful’ available statistics’ and made the ultimate review. It’ll take no less than an hour to digest all this info — it’s that thorough.


  • Email of the month. Each month they pick a bunch of emails they’ve loved and break down why.
  • Reports. Litmus’ data is widely referred to as they regularly conduct studies about the state of email marketing.
A page from one of their reports
  • Advanced tips. Litmus gets into finer details of HTML and CSS to explain how your email campaign can benefit.
  • Email news. Every month, the Litmus team compiles a list of the most important and resonant events in the world of emails. For example, check out this digest from August 2023.

If you can’t get enough from text, we have a list of 9 no-bullshit email marketing podcasts for you.

Other email marketing resources to pay attention to

Really Good Emails, Email Love

These are two different services but they function in the same way. Both are large databases of email templates on the internet. On Really Good Emails there are over 9,000 emails, sorted by categories, companies and industries.

You can search by keywords and submit your company’s email for possible admission to the collection.


Really Good Emails add a little extra to each email on their website. They connect with their friends at Litmus to rate emails for accessibility (pros and cons) and show what they look like on mobile devices and various platforms.


Both blogs allow you to watch the code of any email. It’s really helpful if you learn to work with HTML and CSS.


You can use Really Good Emails and Email Love for work (like we often do when we need examples for our articles), learning or inspiration.

Both websites have a newsletter: once a week, they send you select email designs on a given topic.

If these two websites were books about email marketing, they’d be as gripping as dinosaur encyclopedias are for kids!

Nielsen Norman Group

Curated by ‘the guru of web usability’ Jakob Nielsen, the website covers a lot of related to digital marketing topics: UX, testing, design, customer behavior on the web, navigation, ecommerce.

The most popular article on the website was written in 1994 — on 10 usability heuristics for user interface design. And guess what? Its content is correct to this day.

It’s not about email marketing per se but you’ll find it useful if you want to craft well-designed and easy-to-use emails. They also have a YouTube channel with 500 videos, most covering one big topic in a concise way.



The blog focuses more on content, ways to write and package it. They write about entrepreneurship, creativity, productivity, blogging and so on.

However, the blog also has a section for email marketing where Brian Clark, the co-founder of Copyblogger, personally wrote a bunch of articles.

Regularly updated, CopyBlogger is a marketer’s sweet place for all things about writing on the internet.

To sum up

We’ve split the blogs by category so you can access them depending on what you need.

30 September, 2023
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