Meme September: This Month’s Most Meme-Worthy Digital Marketing News

Meme September: This Month’s Most Meme-Worthy Digital Marketing News
29 September, 2023 • ... • 204 views
Daria Zhuravleva
by Daria Zhuravleva

The first month of fall is coming to an end — and, while you’re preparing email campaigns for Halloween, we’re staying in the loop for the most meme-worthy digital marketing news. Keep reading to learn what’s new in the world of all things digital — including emails.

1. X ranked the worst in climate change misinformation

This month, Climate Action Against Misinformation released a report where the organization compared the content moderation policies of several social media platforms. The independent research team studied Pinterest, TikTok, Meta’s Facebook and Instagram, YouTube, and X (formerly Twitter). Turns out, X has no clear policies that combat climate misinformation, lacks public transparency, and allows advertisers to promote climate denialism.

X is also shutting down Circles, by the way.

Titanic band meme: “The whole world during the climate crisis”/The drowning ship, “X planning to remove the Circles feature”/The ship’s orchestra playing

2. Act-On released an ML-powered lead scoring tool

AI-fueled marketing automation platform Act-On released AI Predictive Lead Score. It’s a tool that uses machine learning to fish out the leads that are most likely to convert to closed sales. This data-driven lead scoring method will allow you to focus on more promising prospects and boost conversion rates.

Meanwhile marketers before AI…

Fortune teller meme where the teller says: “I see a CRM system, I see a customer database that has a lot of cold leads… Jesus, that’s a lot of cold leads”

3. Mailchimp launched their own AI assistant

Speaking of AI, in the beginning of September Mailchimp announced the launch of Intuit Assistant, which is a GenAI-powered tool for strategy optimization, generating content, and deep personalization. According to Mailchimp’s CEO Rania Succar, the company is “building AI into the platform, not adding it on”. This implies that Intuit Assistant is not a separate option in the menu — it’s deeply integrated into the product.

Avengers Endgame meme: Black Widow saying “You took everything from me”, signed as “email marketers who lost their jobs because of AI” vs. Thanos saying “I don’t even know who you are” signed as “Intuit Assistant”

4. Litmus introduced two new solutions for email marketing

This month, Litmus presented Email Guardian and Litmus Personalize

Email Guardian is a tool for automated email testing — it continuously scans sent emails and email templates for unforeseen changes, and notifies Litmus users about them. 

Litmus Personalize is an update for email personalization that includes countdown timers and progress bars, personalized images, real-time sentiment trackers, and early access to AI-powered copy optimization tools.

A WikiHow illustration that shows how to do a litmus test: “Broken image”/The paper is blue, “No broken image”/The paper is the same color as it was before

5. Pinterest is testing a collage app and ad products targeting Gen Z

Pinterest is launching a new feature inspired by their spin-off app Shuffles. Like the latter, the feature will allow users to make digital collages both out of pictures published on Pinterest and their own photos — but the items on these collages will also be shoppable.

Aside from this feature, the company also presented two ad products, namely branded images to swipe through and quizzes. Keep an eye on the updates if your brand is targeting core aesthetic-obsessed Gen Z audience!

The WikiHow illustration meme: the guy with a knife signed as #tomatogirlsummer vs the victim signed as “me still figuring out what dark academia is”

6. Google sued over deceptive location tracking

Google must pay $93 million in settlement for tracking users’ location after they opted out. According to California attorney general Rob Bonta cited by The Guardian, the investigation showed that the platform was misleading customers, making them believe they had more control over their personal data — when, in fact, they didn’t.

Anime “Is this pigeon?” meme, the guy is signed as Google, the butterfly is signed as User data, the caption below “Is this money?”
Source: Internxt Blog

7. Fyre festival is back

Remember the biggest dumpster “fyre” of a music festival that didn’t happen in 2017? The Fyre festival co-creator Billy McFarland went back from prison and is preparing another event — the first drop of tickets was sold out in August. This month, the entrepreneur also gave a pretty interesting interview to Marketing Brew about the controversy-based approach to promotion:

We don’t want things to look too good, but we don’t want things to look too bad either. We want 60% of people wanting to come to Fyre to essentially see me get knocked out and to see Fyre fail, then 40% wanting to be there when it’s really, really good. I think my job is to create controversy, where we have some good things come through, a lot of negative things come through, and no one really knows what’s going on inside the storm.

Web comic meme: The person is looking at a Venus flytrap plant, a mouse trap, and a bear trap, questioning how animals fall for these traps, the last frame is the same person saying “This must be fun” standing near a white board that is signed “Fyre festival II”

8. The former director of product innovation at Netflix announced a social media platform for children

Dr. Carla Engelbrecht, the content producer who spent her career developing kids’ educational and entertainment content for Netflix, PBS Kids, and other brands, introduced Betweened. The short video social media platform similar to TikTok is designed for six to nine-year-old users and, like the “real deal”, will have a discovery feed. 

The main goal of Betweened is introducing children to social media, teaching them to use it safely, and encouraging parents to open discussions about the internet with their kids instead of silencing the issues. Yes, there will be ads since the ad-free model is not sustainable — but they will be curated and clearly labeled as sponsored content.

”Unsupervised children: *exist*, Social media platforms:” and a picture of three attractive anime women with Reddit, Discord, and Twitter logos instead of faces, the caption below “Allow us to introduce ourselves”
Source: Memedroid, author: Datakrys

9. Meta’s Horizon Worlds goes beyond the headset

Meta’s VR-based social media app is rolling out web and mobile versions of the platform for some users in early access. This will make Horizon Worlds more accessible for a much larger user base, not just people who own VR headsets. According to the paywalled report from The WSJ cited by CNBC, Meta failed to achieve the 500,000 usership, barely reaching 200,000 users by 2022.

Well, maybe the problem is not the cross-platform accessibility

Mom ignoring the drowning kid in the pool meme: Horizon worlds developers // Web and mobile versions // Legless avatars (the drowning kid) // Non-intuitive UX, persistent bugs, user complaints, cutting-edge technology from 2006 (the skeleton on the bottom of the ocean)

10. Google rolled out Limited Ads Serving

This month, Google changed its policy towards new advertisers. Limited Ads Serving is a probationary period for companies that have never advertised on Google before. During this time, users will have limited ad impressions, and the platform will evaluate user feedback, the new advertisers’ identities, and more. This measure is aimed at combating misleading ads. 

The new policy won’t affect all new users so far — if you’re the lucky one, Google will notify you.

Meme with a poorly drawn evil Goofy, signed as “Google: We’ll try not to show that ad again. Also Google:”, the subtitles under the drawing “I’ll do it again”
Source: Imgflip
29 September, 2023
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