Top 9 No-Bullshit Email Marketing Podcasts To Follow in 2021

Email marketing podcasts

Need to improve your email campaigns by boosting your marketing skills with the latest trends in business? Check out this list of the 9 best email marketing podcasts.

How can one understand which email marketing podcast is worth your precious time? Many of them go far beyond this topic, offering insight into the entire world of marketing, PR, sales, and social media. Many are just dead, with no new episodes coming out for a while. Fishing out the podcasts that you need may take hours browsing, listening, and evaluating.

We went fishing for you and extracted the best of the best. Here is a list of Top 9 email marketing podcasts that focus only on emails.


Delivering | A Podcast by Litmus

Being on the market since 2005, Litmus possesses tremendous experience in the area. Its Delivering offers an insight into the entire world of email marketing: strategy, design, copywriting, etc. In as many as 40 chapters already released, you will find valuable advice on the cornerstones of successful campaigns.

Every episode offers new tools to help make your business thrive while not forcing anything upon you and letting you form your judgment. Calm, steady, and highly professional…well, just check it out and size it up yourself. In the meantime, here’s what people say about them:

A review about Litmus

Podcast highlights: Unbiased
Episodes frequency: 1–3 per month
Average duration: 3–60 minutes

Where to listen: Website | Apple | Spotify | Google 
🌟 The chapters we totally loved:
Episode 14: How Does an Average Subscriber Think About Email?
Episode 3: Asking the Right Questions with Chad S. White

The Email Marketing Show

The Email Marketing Show

Email marketing made into a show already sounds quite out of the box. The Email Marketing Show is run by two enthusiasts from the UK with a background in human psychology and hypnosis. Rob and Kennedy decided to apply those skills to make people react and respond positively to emails that you send them.

Pulling from their magic hats tricks from personal experience and inviting gurus of the business to the show, they give free practical advice on how to make your emails spicy, juicy, and attractive to your customers. You will not only laugh your guts out, but also learn how to strengthen client relationships, and make each customer look forward to receiving just one more “envelope” from you.

The Email Marketing Show has raving reviews about them being fun, engaging, not boring, and yet professional and respectful.

The Email Marketing Show Review

Podcast highlights: Fun
Episodes frequency: weekly (every Wednesday)
Average duration: 20–30 minutes

Feedback Friday

Feedback Friday by Really Good Emails

Emails, emails, and only emails. The Feedback Friday by Really Good Emails is a series of podcasts dedicated to this edge of marketing only. Learn how to create designs that actually work, how to avoid common mistakes, use humor, and not to overdo it.

Stay in the loop with the latest developments and trends in the email marketing world, and listen to gripping case studies from the sharks of the digital industry.

Podcast highlights: case studies from Disney+, BBC, Fitbit, and other global giants
Episodes frequency: weekly
Average duration: 30–56 min

Where to listen: Apple | YouTube | Google 
🌟 Episodes we totally loved:
Episode 106: BBC | Feedback Friday
Webinar: Keep Customers and Build Brand Love with Email

Inbox Besties

Kate Doster Email Marketing Strategist | Inbox Besties Podcast

Want to know how to turn your mailing campaigns into a revenue-generating process? In her Inbox Besties Podcast Kate gives practical advice on how to grow your audience and managing your lists, engaging people into getting what you are selling, and not throwing annoying emails in their faces.

In addition to the podcast, Kate offers trainings, courses, and books to enhance all the possible skills you might need to be an email marketing rock star and blogger. With a free masterclass, you can learn why sending tons of free value emails might be a bummer, and how to stop being afraid of your email list.

Podcast highlights: good for both beginners and spiced experts, blog info included
Episodes frequency: 1–2 weeks
Average duration: 5–53 min

The FWD: Thinking Show

The FWD: Thinking Show by AWeber

Relationships with customers like all other relationships these days tend to go online, but do we really have the necessary skills to make them flourish and not lose the loved ones in your email list? The FWD: Thinking Show by AWeber knows email marketing how-tos and regularly shares big portions of this amazing cake with all those who are hungry. So not only will you not lose those on your list but will actually win the affection of new subscribers.

Innovative, helpful, and entertaining, this podcast brings to you the most powerful experts out there who share simple yet powerful tools to help you be more successful.

Kelly Forst is an email marketing expert herself and hosts top people from the business. Kelly knows how to make the most out of an interview and digs out the best of list growth, content planning, copywriting, design, or conversion rate optimization practices.

Review The FWD Thinking Show by AWeber

Podcast highlights: Up and running from 2015, perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs
Episodes frequency: monthly (first Monday of every month)
Average duration: 3–62 min

Email Einstein

Email Einstein Ingenious eCommerce Email Marketing by Flowium

Ever felt like your campaigns seem out of hand and ad hoc? Here is a chance to change it.

Flowium’s focus is bringing eCommerce marketing closer to businesses and making it work for your business. Email Einstein shares the expertise from Flowium’s vast knowledge base, bringing in conversion specialists, founders of successful companies, and other masterminds of the business.

Learn why customers don’t really care about your business, why nailing a perfect headline is more vital than you think, and how to optimize abandoned carts to get customers to change their minds.

Review Email Einstein Ingenious eCommerce Email Marketing by Flowium

Podcast highlights: easy to digest
Episodes frequency: weekly (every Tuesday)
Average duration:  36–56 min

The Cuppa Copy

The Cuppa Copy Podcast

Stop wasting time postponing the refinement of your emailing strategy. With The Cuppa Copy Podcast by Brianna Sexton, you will finally get a call to action and start getting the tips that will help you master the email copywriting, make your readers believe you really value them, and help you increase your ROI.

Brianna is an email marketing strategist and copywriter who gives alarmingly practical advice.

Podcast highlights: female-oriented
Episodes frequency: random
Average duration: 6–41 min


Inboxing with Hillel Berg

Although this podcast is the child of 2021, Inboxing already shot to our attention as fresh and in the know. The author, Hillel Berg, invites top marketers over to discuss the hottest topics on the market and their biggest mistakes for you not to fall into the same trap.

The way Hillel interviews his guests helps get straight to the point. Sometimes they even have a whole episode for themselves to tell you their story with no interruption.

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Podcast highlights: fresh and hot
Episodes frequency: every 1–2 weeks
Average duration: 6–41 min

Where to listen: Website | Apple | Google 
🌟 The episodes we totally loved:
Episode 10: Yanna Torry Aspraki – Demystifying Deliverability
Episode 12: Dan Oshinsky Puts on a Clinc

Newsletter Crew

Newsletter Crew

Want to master the craft of making those newsletters of yours impeccable but don’t know where to start? Newsletter Crew is a team of the best writers in the industry: from Ghost, Twitter, Fintech today, and others, they specialize in creating not just emails. Their focus is newsletters and everything about them.

Get new ideas on creating newsletters to find good leads, maximize your profit, and build a stronger bond between you and your subscribers.

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Podcast highlights: straight from the mouths of the best minds in the industry
Episodes frequency: weekly
Average duration: 12–60 min