Best FSBO Scripts and How To Use Them

Best FSBO Scripts and How To Use Them
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Natalie Voloshchuk
by Natalie Voloshchuk

If you’re a real estate agent looking to expand your client base, working with For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) homeowners can be just the thing. While FSBO sellers initially choose to sell their homes without the assistance of an agent, the majority eventually turn to a real estate agent or a broker for help. 

So how can you get these people to choose you as their agent? Let’s figure it out. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the best FSBO scripts to help you generate more leads and ultimately secure more business from FSBO sellers.

What is an FSBO script exactly?

FSBO (For-Sale-By-Owner) refers to a situation when a house is being sold by the owner of the house themselves, without intermediaries. According to the Zillow Group consumer housing trend report, the biggest reasons homeowners go the FSBO route are:

  • 46% want to save money.
  • 33% are confident they can do it without an agent or a broker.
  • 33% want to have control through the process. 

However, it is still possible to get hired by people who are trying to sell their home by themselves — since only 10% of all sellers never engage an intermediary, while the other 10% try to do it alone but eventually turn to an agent or broker for help. 

This is where FSBO scripts bring value. You can get started quickly using a script on your calls. The advantage of proven scripts is that they let you quickly put together a workable template, and then you can iterate and refine it as you go.

FSBO scripts are pre-written sets of dialogues and responses used by real estate agents to persuade those homeowners to go from for-sale-by-owner to the for-sale by the agent. They provide real estate agents with a structured way to navigate communication with a homeowner in order to secure an appointment.

Effective FSBO scripts (which we will discuss in this article) are focused on building trust and demonstrating value to potential clients. 

Features common to FSBO scripts:

  • Introduction, which explains who you are and why you are calling. 
  • Value proposition, which highlights the value that you can provide as a real estate agent and how you can help the seller achieve their goals. 
  • Questions that help you learn more about the seller’s needs and motivations, and understand their perspective and emotions. This information can help you tailor your pitch and demonstrate how you can provide value. 
  • Objection handling, which anticipates common objections that sellers may have (we listed some of them at the beginning of the article) and suggests compelling answers to persuade the homeowners. 
  • A clear call-to-action at the end, in order to prompt the seller to take the next step (i.e., scheduling a meeting).

Best FSBO scripts that actually work

For-sale-by-owner scripts’ role is to help you get a foot in the door. Since FSBO’s sell their houses by themselves for various reasons, the next 10 scripts approach setting an appointment from different angles. 

”Appointment setter” script by Tom Ferry

If you want to get a foot in the door and secure a listing, then the ”Appointment setter” by Tom Ferry is your go-to script. This script is designed to help you get an appointment with the seller to discuss their property and explain why you are a better choice than an owner selling their house by themselves.

Appointent setter FSBO script by Tom Ferry
Source: Tom Ferry

Why it is effective

The seller is the main focus of every question. The script inquires about the seller’s property, their needs, and their desires. This approach is effective because individuals enjoy discussing themselves. By emphasizing the seller and their unique situation, this FSBO script can generate more engagement and build a better rapport between the seller and the real estate agent.

“We’re trying to save some money” script by David Hill

Many FSBOs are selling by themselves to try and save some money. David Hill’s “We’re trying to save some money” script focuses on this while also highlighting the benefits of working with a real estate agent. The script starts by acknowledging the seller’s goal and then moves on to explain how working with a real estate agent can actually save them money in the long run. 

Below is the script that David Hill used when he played out a hypothetical cold call to a prospective homeowner, during his interview with Pat Hiban.

We're trying to save some money FSBO script by David Hill
Source: David Hill and Pat Hiban

Why it is effective

It’s focused on addressing the seller’s main concern and providing a solution that benefits both parties.

“Reverse selling” by Kyle Handy

If you want to stand out from other agents and get more FSBO listings, you could consider trying the “Reverse selling” by Kyle Handy. This technique involves communicating with FSBOs in a way that aligns with what they believe — that they don’t need a listing agent.

Reverse selling FSBO script by Kyle Handy
Source: Kyle Handy

Why it is effective

The “Reverse selling” script shows you as an ally that is on the phone to understand what’s motivating them. You are not trying to change their mind — and this kind of attitude is more likely to get you hired down the road.

“Describe your perfect agent” FSBO script by Mike Ferry

Mike Ferry has over four decades of experience in sales and management and rose to become one of the top agents in his state during his career. Mike’s “Describe your perfect agent” script goes around the question of whether an FSBO wants to hire an agent, and gets your prospect to think about what they’re looking for in the agent.

Describe your perfect agent FSBO script by Mike Ferry
Source: Mike Ferry

Why it is effective

The script helps you do two things: 

  1. Get a rough roadmap on what it takes to get hired.
  2. Create an opportunity in the mind of a seller. They weren’t considering getting an agent, but after the call, it may become an option.

“I’ve got a buyer” by Agent Mastermind

If you have many buyer contacts but not enough homes, Agent Mastermind’s “I’ve Got a Buyer” should be one of your go-to scripts.

I’ve got a buyer FSBO script by Agent Mastermind
Source: Agent Mastermind

Why it is effective

The script does a great job of sounding professional and serious. At the same time, it communicates with a seller without giving a “salesy” impression.

“Choose your own adventure” by Breakthrough Broker

Breakthrough Broker is one of the most popular realtor resources in North America, and their “Choose your own adventure” FSBO script lives up to their reputation. 

Unlike other scripts here, this one looks like a flowchart — meaning it offers different ways to continue the talk depending on the seller’s answers. If you want to pivot mid-conversation, Breakthrough Broker’s “Choose your own adventure” is a great fit.

Choose your own adventure FSBO script by Breakthrough Broker
Source: Breakthrough Broker

Why is it effective

The flowchart offers a convenient solution, and a clear path to navigate past the seller’s first rejection during the talk.

“No excuses” by Chastin J. Miles

Chastin J. Miles claims that his “No excuses” is a “non-threatening FSBO script that gets sellers to give you a shot”. Use it to look for opportunities even after the homeowner said “No”.  

Below is the full script along with hypothetical answers from a homeowner.

No excuses FSBO script by Chastin J. Miles
Source: Chastin J. Miles

Why it is effective

It takes the tough objections that real estate agents meet with in their talks with FSBOs, and shows the exact words you can use to handle them. Just like its name, no excuse can hold itself when the agent uses this script. 

“Older FSBO” script by Fit Small Business

There are cases when an FSBO house does not sell for a long time. This is a challenge for the owner, but an opportunity for a real estate agent. The “Older FSBO” script by Fit Small Business targets owners of such listings.

Older FSBO script by Fit Small Business
Source: Fit Small Business

Why it is effective

Homeowners often do not know how long it should take to sell a property, when they should do a price adjustment, or when it’s time to consider other options. The script shows your professionalism and knowledge without being pushy or salesy, and lets the owner know there is help available.

The objection sidestepper

This script is similar to the “No excuses” script by Chastin J. Miles, but it tackles the most common objection FSBOs have to hiring a real estate agent: the agent’s commission.

The objection sidestepper FSBO script
Source: AgentFire

Why it is effective

It acknowledges the objection as real and important, instead of trying to downplay it. It then attacks the pain point: you as an agent would try to prove that there is a financial benefit for the seller to work with you rather than selling by themselves. While the homeowner does not lose anything and they do not need to do anything on their side. 

This script is a “killer” if you can actually prove that it is better to hire you. After all, who would keep refusing if they saw the benefits?

The elevator pitch

Unlike other scripts in this article, the elevator pitch is short and its main point is to identify if the seller is willing to work with a buyer’s agent. If yes, it immediately tries to arrange an in-person meeting with the seller.

The elevator pitch FSBO script
Source: AgentFire

Why it is effective

It leaves all the persuasion about hiring the agent out, so you’ll have to do it during the meeting. And because the script is short, it is easy to remember and does not need much practice to sound well on the phone.

Tips for using the scripts effectively

Using FSBO scripts can be a great way to capture more leads and close more deals. Here are some tips to help you use your scripts more effectively.

Practice your scripts

Rehearse your script before making calls. You want to sound confident and knowledgeable when talking to potential clients. Here are a few ways how you could do it:

  • Record yourself. Record yourself practicing the script and listen back to identify areas for improvement. Pay attention to your tone, pacing, and clarity.
  • Role-play with a partner. Find a partner (i.e., another real estate agent, a friend, or a relative) to role-play with and practice your scripts in a simulated conversation. This can help you get more comfortable with the script and improve your delivery.
  • Practice in front of a mirror. Practicing in front of a mirror can help you become more aware of your body language and facial expressions, which can impact how you come across on the phone.
  • Memorize key points. Instead of trying to remember the whole script, focus on the key points and main ideas. This will help you sound more natural and conversational when speaking with a homeowner.
  • Get feedback. Ask for feedback from colleagues or mentors about how you do the script. Constructive criticism can help you improve and refine your technique.

It will take some practice to get the hang of it, but the more experience you have, the easier it is to learn new scripts and improvise in unexpected situations.

Choose the timing wisely

Choosing the right time to call a potential client is crucial. You don’t want to call them during dinner or when they’re busy with other things. 

The 2022 study by Revenue found that the best time to cold call is in the afternoon, during 4-5 p.m. hours. It is followed by the 3-4 p.m. and 5-6 p.m. hours windows. In a 2019 study by the same company, the best time to call showed up to be between 8 a.m. — 11 a.m.

In addition, an analysis by Yesware found that calls lasting over five minutes most often happen between 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you are not sure where to start:

  • Try Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  • Time your calls to be between 8 a.m. — 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. — 6 p.m.
Call pickup rate by time of the day, by Revenue
Source: Revenue

Both 2019 and 2022 studies by Revenue focused on B2B sales, meaning things might be different with homeowners. However, while they are homeowners, many of them are also working professionals, so the studies can serve as a reference. 

The key is to try different times and see what times work best for you and your clients. Look for patterns and then stick to the timing where you see the most success.

Get a dedicated business phone number

A  dedicated business phone number can provide several advantages for a real estate agent:

  • It can make you appear more professional and established to potential clients. 
  • Having a separate phone number for your business can help you keep your personal and business calls separate, making it easier to manage your time and stay organized. 
  • Many business phone services provide call tracking and analytics features that can help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and improve your lead generation strategies. 
  • With a dedicated business phone number, you can set up custom greetings and voicemail messages that reflect your brand and provide a more professional experience for callers. 
  • Many business phone services allow you to forward calls to multiple devices, so you can answer calls on your cell phone, home phone, or office phone, depending on where you are. 

There are several free and paid options for getting a dedicated business phone number. 

Free options include Google Voice and Skype. If you need more functionality, there are paid options like Grasshopper, RingCentral, and

Respect any decision

When talking to potential clients, it’s important to respect their decision. If they’re not interested in working with you, don’t push them. Thank them for their time and move on to the next lead.

Try out communicating via email

Some clients may prefer to communicate via email instead of phone calls. Make sure to ask them how they prefer to communicate and adjust accordingly. 

Alternatively, you could also try cold email outreach instead of calling. Since it’s quite different from a call, here is an example to get you started.

Title: Inquiry about the sale of [address]

Hi [Homeowner’s Name],

I noticed that your listing for [address] expired last week. I’m sorry to see you haven’t been able to sell yet — it’s often a difficult process.

If you are interested, I could offer some advice that may help speed the process up (it will not cost you any money). I am also based in [city/town/postcode] and worked with homeowners and buyers here for [number of years] so I have a good understanding of the market (as well as what sells and how to make the house more attractive for buyers). 

My interest in this is to learn about your home and see if it’s a fit for some of my clients who are looking to buy a house.  

I can also help diagnose any issues that could hurt your chances of a sale. 

Would you be interested in a quick chat to see if I can help?


[Real Estate Agent Name]

[Agency/Brokerage name]

[Contact phone number]


FSBO email scripts to try in your next campaign

Unlike a phone call, a conversation via email is drawn out in time, and it’s easy to dismiss or forget about the message. You need to make sure to grab the homeowner’s attention and keep it throughout the communication.

What to remember when preparing an FSBO email campaign

One thing to keep in mind is that FSBO sellers believe they can sell by themselves. Contradicting people’s beliefs will upset them and make the conversation harder for you. The phone scripts listed earlier in the article all take this fact into account — and the same should be done with email, too: 

  • Do not doubt the seller’s approach. You do not need to agree with it, but what you do need is to understand what their thoughts are and why they decided to go the FSBO route. This way you and the seller will be on the same page and convincing them of your value as their future potential agent will be easier.
  • Remember that early-stage FSBO owners believe they can sell their homes alone. They do not want or need an agent. So you should not jump to the talks of hiring you right away.

There are a lot of things they might need though — examples being professional photography of their home, aerial and drone photography, tips on pricing, and how to handle open house events. 

This is where your opportunity lies: send an email with tips on homes pricing in their area, or partner with a photographer and offer a discount coupon for their work.

It will set you aside from all the other agents who would try to persuade sellers that they can never sell on their own.

  • If you can’t or don’t want to recommend photographers and offer tips, go straight to the case and appeal to the seller’s desire to sell fast or for a higher price.
  • Remember that there are different reasons why homeowners go the FSBO route. You won’t be able to know which one it is right away, unlike with phone calls. So your campaign will have to address multiple reasons to get a chance at catching the seller’s attention.

Because of these reasons, what works best is creating a multi-touch and multi-step FSBO campaign. This means multiple calls and emails, or a combination of them, and perhaps other channels like advertising, too (i.e., the Facebook advertising platform has an option where you can upload a list of contacts and show your ads exclusively to them. You could use this to retarget your leads as part of your overall client acquisition campaign).

With that in mind, here are some of the FSBO-targeted real estate email ideas you may want to consider for your next campaign.

Initial outreach email script example that targets new FSBO owners

Title: Discover how to price your home and sell it for top dollar yourself

Dear [Homeowner Name],

I hope this email finds you well. My name is [your name], I’m with [your brokerage]. I noticed that your property is currently listed as “For-Sale-By-Owner” and I wanted to reach out to introduce myself as a local real estate agent who specializes in selling homes in [your area].

Selling a home involves a lot of things, like doing the photography, figuring out the best pricing, the paperwork, and so on. As a licensed real estate agent, I have access to valuable resources, industry knowledge, and marketing tools. 

I wanted to offer a bit of information on the house prices in [your area], as well as some tips on how you could price your home to get the best out of it. I’ve attached all this as a .pdf file to this email.

If you are interested in learning more about how I can help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free market analysis of your property.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

[Real Estate Agent Name]

[Agency/Brokerage name]

[Contact phone number]


Initial outreach email that targets old FSBO listings

Title: Sell your house fast with these 3 simple tips

Dear [Homeowner Name],

My name is [your name], I’m with [your brokerage]. I noticed that your property has been listed as “For-Sale-By-Owner” for a while. I wanted to reach out and offer a few tips on what you could do to sell your house faster.

  1. Clean and declutter as much as possible. Rearrange the furniture so that it does not look cramped. 
  2. Do minor repairs that are quick to make but which improve the house’s appeal: fix the door handles and leaking faucets, and add fresh paint where necessary.
  3. Clean and arrange the yard. 

While these might be obvious, there are a lot of sellers who do not take care of their house’s look. So if you did, you would have an advantage. 

No buyer wants to buy a house just to be forced to repair it here or there. The less work awaits for them, the more attractive the property is in the buyer’s eyes — especially if the other options they are looking at are in worse condition. 

Doing the three things listed above might even help you sell for more. 

Hope this helps. If you are interested in learning more about what I can do to help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free market analysis of your property.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

[Real Estate Agent Name]

[Agency/Brokerage name]

[Contact phone number]


Follow-up emails after a call

Sending a follow-up email after a call can also be a good way to keep in touch with potential clients. Here are a few real estate follow-up email examples of how such an email could look like.

The “Appointment setter” script follow-up email

Dear [Homeowner Name],

I just wanted to send a quick follow-up email to confirm our appointment for [date and time]. I am looking forward to meeting with you and discussing your property in more detail.

As a reminder, during our phone conversation, we discussed the current market conditions and how they may affect the sale of your home. I will bring a comparative market analysis to our meeting to help you understand the current market value of your property.

Additionally, I will come prepared to answer any questions you may have about the selling process and to provide you with a marketing plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

If you have any questions or concerns before our meeting, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to help you every step of the way.

Thank you for taking the time to meet me. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Best regards,

[Real Estate Agent Name]

[Agency/Brokerage name]

[Contact phone number]


A follow-up email example after the “We’re trying to save some money” script call: 

Dear [Homeowner Name],

I wanted to follow up with you after our phone call earlier today. I hope that you found our conversation informative and helpful in your decision-making process.

As we discussed, selling your home with the help of a real estate agent can actually save you money in the long run. While it may seem counterintuitive, working with an agent can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your home is priced correctly from the start.

Additionally, as a licensed real estate agent, I have access to a wide range of marketing tools and resources that can help you sell your home quickly and for the best possible price. From professional photography and staging to targeted online advertising and open houses, I have the expertise and resources to ensure that your home is seen by the right buyers at the right time.

If you are still considering selling your home, I would be happy to provide you with a free market analysis of your property and discuss your real estate goals in more detail. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to schedule a time to meet in person.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

[Real Estate Agent Name]

[Agency/Brokerage name]

[Contact phone number]



FSBO scripts are an essential tool for real estate agents looking to work with For-Sale-By-Owner homeowners. These scripts provide a structured way to navigate communication with potential clients and help agents build trust, demonstrate value, and secure appointments. 

By using proven, tried-and-tested scripts like “Appointment setter” by Tom Ferry or “I’ve got a buyer” by Agent Mastermind, agents can overcome objections and get their foot in the door with FSBO sellers.

With the right approach and the right scripts, real estate agents can successfully convert FSBO sellers into clients and grow their businesses.

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