updateOptInEmail method

Each campaign list has the attached text of the invitation to subscribe and confirm the email that is sent to the contact to confirm the campaign. If the contact subscribes to several lists at once, a letter with the text of the first list will be sent. The text of the letter can be changed using the updateOptInEmail method. The text must include at least one link with the attribute

Principle of use

Syntax and URL to call the method
updateOptInEmail (string sender_name, string sender_email, string subject,
string body, int list_id)
FROMMAIL&subject=SUBJECT&body=HTMLBODY &list_id=X
api_key * API access key.
sender_name * Sender's name. It is an optional string that does not match the email address (the sender_email argument).
sender_email * Sender's email address. This email must be checked (to do this, you need to manually create at least one email with this return address via the web interface, then click on the "send the confirmation request" link and follow the link from the email).
subject * String with the letter subject. It may include substitution fields.
body * Text of the letter in the HTML format with the possibility to add substitution fields. The text must include at least one link with the attribute href="{{ConfirmUrl}}".
The text may also include relative links to images stored in the user's folder on our server, and such images will be included in the letter itself. Links to images on the server should be as follows: "/en/user_file?resource=images&name=IMAGE", where instead of IMAGE must be the file name from your server folder, for example image.jpg or folder/image.jpg.The possibility to add attached files has not been implemented.It is assumed that the HTML text contains only the content of the body tag. If you transfer the entire HTML text, test such letters additionally as headings outside the body may be modified. In addition, in order to reduce a difference in the display in various mail applications, we automatically add additional markup to each letter (a table with invisible borders, which also sets a default font and left alignment of the text). You may request to turn it off for your letters contacting our technical support service.
list_id * Code of the list, in case of subscription to which, this letter will be sent. Codes of all lists can be obtained by calling getLists.
Return value
Empty JSON object.

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