sendTestEmail method

It is a method to send a test email message. You can only send an email that has already been created (e.g., using the createEmailMessage method). You can send it to several addresses separated by commas.

Principle of use

Syntax and URL to call the method
sendTestEmail (string api_key, int id, string email),EMAIL_RECIPIENT2


api_key * API access key.
email * Message recipient's address. You can send message to several addresses separated by commas.
id * Identifier for the previously created email. (E.g., using the createEmailMessage method).
Return value
Example of the return value if request is successful:

   'message': 'Test letter id:'10' was sent, to '[email protected]''

Example of the returned value in the event of an error:

    "error": "ZS140529-01 [E-mail '[email protected]' has not been verified yet]",
    "code": "unspecified"

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