checkSms method

It returns a string — the SMS sending status.

Principle of use

Syntax and URL to call the method
checkSms (int | string sms_id)
api_key * API access key.
sms_id * The field code returned by the sendSms.Example:

Return value
JSON object with a single string field status, which obtains one of the values described below. In the future, there may be new values, but the following principle will be respected: if the status starts with err_, it means that the delivery failed. If it starts with ok_, the delivery is still in progress or has been successfully completed. The only exception is the 'not_sent' status.
not_sent The message has not been sent yet, and is waiting to be sent. The status will be changed after sending.
ok_sent The message has been sent, but the delivery status is still unknown. The status is temporary and may change.
ok_delivered The message has been delivered. The status is final.
err_src_invalid The delivery is not possible, the sender is set incorrectly. The status is final.
err_dest_invalid The delivery is not possible, a wrong number is indicated. The status is final.
err_skip_letter The delivery is impossible because the status of the phone number was changed in the process of sending, or the phone number has been removed from the list, or the letter has been deleted. The status is final.
err_not_allowed The delivery is not possible, this communications service provider is not serviced. The status is final.
err_delivery_failed The delivery failed — usually because of indication of a formally correct, but non-existent number, or because the phone is turned off. The status is final.
err_lost The message has been lost, and the sender needs to re-send the message on his own, since the original has not been saved. The status is final.
err_internal Internal failure. The message needs to be re-sent. The status is final.
Examples of the return value:

{"error":"AK100313-05 [invalid sms id]","code":"unspecified","result":""}

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