getSenderDomainList method

Getting information about domains.

Principle of use

URL to call the method
api_key * API access key.
username * User login in the system. Must match the API key.
format * Output format. Accepts values: html | json, json by default (html format is intended only for visual viewing of the result, the parser in this format does not work).
domain Domain Name.
limit The number of entries in the response to one request must be an integer in the range of 1 - 100, the default is 50.
offset Shows which position to start sampling from. Values: 0 or more are accepted (the position of the first record starts from 0), the default is 0.
Return value
JSON object with the following fields:
domain URL of the domain for which information is returned.
status Activity status of the domain. Possible values:

  • active
  • inactive
key DKIM key for the specified domain. If Status = inactive, key = null.
    "result": [
    status' : 'success',
    'domains': [

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