createSmsMessage method

It is a method to create SMS messages without sending them. The message is sent using another method createCampaign.

Principle of use

Syntax and URL to call the method
createSmsMessage (string sender, string body, int list_id, string tag,string categories) &body=BODY &list_id=X&tag=
api_key * API access key.
sender * Sender's name consisting of 3 to 11 Latin letters and numbers. The name must be registered in the support service.
body * Text of the message with the possibility to add substitution fields.
list_id * Code of the list on which SMS messages will be sent. Codes of all lists can be obtained by calling getLists. The message may be sent only on a single list. You need to create a new message to send on another list.
tag Tag. If it is set, the message will not be sent on the entire list, but only to those recipients to whom the tag is assigned.
categories Message categories listed in the text form separated by commas.
Return value
JSON object with the single message_id field, which contains a unique message code – a positive 31-bit integer. It is used to send a message using the createCampaign method. Example of the return value:

{"error":"invalid sender","code":"invalid_arg","result":""}
{"error":"invalid list_id","code":"invalid_arg","result":""}

Examples of forming the URL request
&list_id=778899&categories=letter list, test, with attachment, selzy

— prepare a new SMS-message Test SMS-message to all numbers on the list 778899 with indication of the return number in Selzy.

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