How To Create Father’s Day Email Campaigns That Boost Sales

Father’s day email marketing

Father’s Day is not only the time to honor your dads but also your clients. Read this article to learn about what makes Father’s Day email marketing campaigns effective for sales and brand loyalty.

Why Father’s Day email marketing is so important

But firstly, why should you bother about Father’s Day emails? According to YouGovAmerica’s 2021 survey, 55% of U.S. citizens plan to celebrate this holiday and see it as a “real” special occasion. More people celebrating means more people spending money — take a look at this graph by the National Retail Federation.

Father’s Day spending statistics from 2009 to 2021
Source: National Retail Federation

This graph was published in May 2021 and the sum for last year is a prediction. But, as you can see, Americans have been steadily increasing their spending on Father’s Day since 2014. It means that you can use this opportunity to increase sales. It will be especially effective if you work in e-commerce — Father’s Day is a holiday, and people buy gifts. According to the NRF, 59% of the U. S. citizens planned to buy greeting cards for Father’s Day in 2021. But their data also shows that you have a higher chance to increase your holiday revenue if you sell:

  • Clothing — 49% last year
  • Gift cards — 45% last year
  • Personal care products — 28% last year
  • Books and CDs — 26% last year

Another successful category in the NRF survey was special outings — 46%. It implies that Father’s Day is also a good opportunity for restaurants and the entertainment industry to suggest special holiday offers to their clients. But although increasing sales is an obvious reason to send Father’s Day emails, it’s not the only one.

If you consider offering your clients something holiday-related like discounts for certain goods, gift cards or special events, emails will help you draw attention to your offer. But holiday campaigns are not just about money.

Father’s Day is a warm family holiday — use it to show your brand from a more human side. Holidays may come and go but empathetic communication in email marketing emails is always relevant. Just like in Mother’s Day emails, you can show empathy by sharing heartwarming stories about, let’s say, awesome dads in your marketing department to increase brand loyalty and improve or maintain your company’s image.

Father’s Day email content ideas to use in your campaign

We picked 6 email content ideas for your future Father’s Day campaign. You don’t have to strictly follow our list but you can use it as a reference.

Bringing emotions

Father’s Day is all about family values and precious moments — use this opportunity to appeal to make your campaign more emotional. For example, take a look at this email from Google. It’s still a sales email that promotes certain goods and discounts — but it has a human side and appeals to the emotional value of each product.

Father’s Day email from Google
Source: Really Good Emails

Adding humor

Email marketing campaigns don’t have to be serious. Use Father’s Day as an opportunity to fool around — add some dad jokes. For example, take a look at this email from Tuft & Needle:

Father’s Day email from Tuft & Needle
Source: Really Good Emails

They not only built the campaign around dad jokes — they added a little irony and self-awareness. This is one of the ways to humanize your brand. But dad jokes are not the only way to go — check out this email by Fitbit:

Father’s Day email from Fitbit
Source: Mailcharts

It’s just a greeting card — this email doesn’t have any sales CTAs. But the concept of dad workout exercises with comic book-like illustrations is both funny and touching — and an email like this, despite not selling anything, can help you improve relationships with your customers.

Sharing ideas

One of the pain points you can work on during any holiday campaign is choosing gifts. Help your clients make a choice — tell them about bundles or give them a helpful gift guide. Take a look at this email from Kmart — they used a pretty basic and straightforward strategy but it’s foolproof.

Father’s Day email from Kmart
Source: Email Competitors

You can also take a twist on this concept like Yelp:

Father’s Day email from Yelp
Source: Really Good Emails

You can help clients brainstorm any holiday-related ideas — for example, Yelp suggested celebration plans.

Telling stories

Since Father’s Day is an emotionally intense holiday for many people, you can use storytelling to empathize with clients and become more relatable. And these stories sell — take a look at this email by Prima:

Father’s Day email from Prima
Source: Really Good Emails

Prima shows client success stories — and suggests a gift card for your dad as a hint that he might become the next hero.

Being useful

This one is not about email content but your selling point. Why are you sending an email for Father’s Day? Why should your clients read it — is there any benefit for them?

Your Father’s Day email marketing campaign should start with an offer. Think of what could ease your clients’ holiday worries. Here are some things that will be useful not only for your brand but also for your customers:

  • Discounts
  • Gift suggestions and bundles
  • Promocodes
  • Holiday celebration ideas

Get creative — like Hawthorne:

Father’s Day email from Hawthorne
Source: Really Good Emails

They emphasized the idea that dads are more than dads — they’re men, they have their own character, and they want to smell good as well. That’s why they suggested perfumes for several dad personality types. Men’s Wearhouse took a similar approach and suggested a bunch of gift ideas in their Father’s Day email:

Father’s Day email from Men’s Wearhouse
Source: Mailcharts

We especially love the “For the guy who has everything” line — it’s harder for younger people who earn less than their dads to choose something special. And the link to gifts under $25 appeals to this group of customers as well.

Boosting sales

The goal of content marketing, including emails, is persuading people to buy from your business. This persuasion can be straightforward — but if you want a level up in your email marketing game, get a little more creative with your CTAs.

Father’s Day email from Baboon To The Moon
Source: Mailcharts

We liked this sales email from Baboon To The Moon not only because of the “apparent” dad joke. Take a look at the button. Most Father’s Day emails have the basic “Shop Now” button — but this one has “Shop good gifts”, which is still straightforward but a little more interesting.

Another creative example is this email from James Avery:

Father’s Day email from James Avery
Source: Mailcharts

This email encourages you to shop offline — and suggests finding stores near you. But it also provides you with the link to the catalog so you could choose a gift in advance and make sure it’s available for purchasing.

How to start your Father’s Day email marketing campaign

Start your Father’s Day mass mailing like any other email marketing campaign — choose a mailing list, think of your target audience and objectives, design emails, and perform A/B testing. But we highlighted three important nuances you should consider while working on Father’s Day mass emails for your business.

Set your goals

We already mentioned that Father’s Day emails increase sales and improve your brand image. And while you can do both at the same time, you still have to prioritize one of these goals when you decide on the email content.

If you focus on sales, a simple gift suggestion is enough. But if you want to communicate with clients and humanize your brand instead of straightforward sales, get more creative. In this case, use emails for topical content distribution — or just wish a happy Father’s Day.

Think of a subject line

Catchy subject lines are important for any email campaign including Father’s Day emails. Here are some strategies you can use to stand out in the inbox:

Being emotional. Make your clients feel closer to their dads and husbands — appeal to their family values. Some of the examples:

  • Don’t forget about your father
  • To all the rad dads
  • Thanks Dad
  • Make your dad happy

Being funny. Although it’s appropriate for Father’s Day, you don’t have to come up specifically with a dad joke for your subject line. Add a little irony:

  • You know it’s almost Father’s Day, right?
  • Uh-oh, forgot about Father’s Day?
  • How do werewolves sign off their emails? Beast wishes!

Straight to the point. If you offer a holiday discount or a gift card, you can put this information in your subject line. Some of the examples:

  • Save up to 30% on Father’s Day gifts
  • Father’s Day sale is coming

Segment your mailing list

Again, segmentation is important for any email marketing campaign. But in the case of Father’s Day campaigns, you have to be especially careful. Here are some criteria you can consider:

  • Age — young and old men would be interested in different gifts and would respond to different tones of congratulation emails.
  • Gender — for example, emails for women can encourage them to buy gifts for their loved ones and emails for men can encourage them to buy something nice for themselves.
  • Purchase history — if you take that into account, gift suggestions will be more appealing to clients. For example, if you’re launching a campaign for a record store, make a gift guide with vinyl releases similar to what your client bought earlier and non-fiction books about their favorite artists.
  • Engagement — for example, if some clients don’t visit your website often, remind them about your store and suggest some last-minute gifts for Father’s Day. But sending such emails to clients with more frequent purchases would be inappropriate.

These are the basic criteria — but you can include more, it depends on your end goal.

Father’s Day email marketing campaign examples that actually worked

We’ve already looked through email content ideas for Father’s Day, the importance of holiday emails, and nuances you need to consider before launching your campaign. Now let’s dig into heartwarming Father’s Day email campaign examples that worked both for sales and brand reputation. We picked (number) examples for your inspiration.

Jack Daniel’s: As our fathers made it

Jack Daniel’s is an old whiskey brand — their hard drinks have been produced at the Jack Daniel Distillery since 1875. But they’re not strangers to digital marketing. This is what their Father’s Day email looks like:

Father’s Day email from Jack Daniel’s
Source: Enchant Agency

Aside from vintage fonts and earthy colors, this Father’s Day email emphasizes family values and tradition. They portray fathers as people of wisdom who share their knowledge and practices with younger generations. It’s a great decision for Jack Daniel’s because this company is 147 years old. And we like the personalized gift suggestion — a unique bottle of whiskey distilled just for you.

Letterfest: The best gift ever

Letterfest is a gift shop that is all about personalization. They sell hand-drawn illustrations, customized books, handmade plant pots, and other souvenirs. This is what Letterfest made for the 2022 Father’s Day campaign:

Father’s Day email from Letterfest
Source: Milled

Letterfest suggested a selection of kids’ books about dads with hand-drawn illustrations and highlighted their gifts’ longevity as their key selling point. They came up with a funny promo code as well and they also used email emojis to draw attention to their offer and make the header more outstanding.

Withings: Curing the Father’s Day gift blues

Withings is a health tech company that offers an ecosystem of interconnected devices like fitness trackers and lifestyle apps. Since Nokia sold their digital health business pack to Withings, their logo is seen on top of the email.

Father’s Day email from Withings
Source: Really Good Emails

We loved this campaign for three reasons. Firstly, they both added irony, honored dads, and empathized with their gift blues. Secondly, Withings suggested alternatives — better gifts so fathers could take better care of not only their family but also themselves. Finally, like Hawthorne, they suggested gift bundles for different dad personality types based on their favorite activities.

Wrapping up

Father’s Day is a warm family holiday and a good opportunity to promote your business. Email campaigns will help you increase sales, draw attention to your holiday offers, and humanize your brand. Here’s what you can do to improve your Father’s Day emails:

  • Bring emotions like love, admiration, and respect.
  • Add humor, irony, and self-awareness.
  • Share gift and pastime ideas.
  • Use storytelling to show respect and empathize with your clients.
  • Provide useful offers to ease your clients’ holiday worries.
  • Write subtle CTAs to boost your sales.

Start your Father’s Day email campaign like any other holiday campaign but consider these nuances:

  • Set your goals — do you want to increase sales or just communicate with clients and improve brand loyalty?
  • Think of a good subject line that can be emotional, funny, or just informative enough to open your email.
  • Segment your mailing list by age, gender, engagement, purchase history, or any other characteristics depending on your goals.