Mother’s Day Promotion Ideas to Celebrate Motherhood and Drive Sales

Mother’s Day Promotion Ideas to Celebrate Motherhood and Drive Sales
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Maria Bidogaeva
by Maria Bidogaeva

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to think about your Mother’s Day marketing ideas. We know how important it is to come up with a creative campaign, since holidays are a great opportunity to promote your business. In this article, you’ll find the collection of best campaign ideas and examples plus tips and best practices to celebrate the holiday with your subscribers and drive sales.

Why use Mother’s Day marketing in your strategy?

Mother’s Day is an annual holiday commemorating motherhood that originated in 1908. In the US, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, which is May 12th this year. And just like any other holiday, Mother’s Day is a great chance to remind your customers about your brand, promote your products or services, and drive sales. Considering that consumers in the US alone are expected to spend $33.5 billion on the holiday this year, this is definitely an opportunity not to miss. 

A good Mother’s Day marketing campaign can also attract new customers and increase customer loyalty. Coming up with an outstanding campaign is not that simple, but don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover best practices, ideas, and examples for your Mother’s day campaigns.

Mother’s Day marketing campaigns best practices

Let’s start with some of the best Mother’s Day marketing practices to help you plan and create your campaign.

Get to know your target audience

Before launching a marketing campaign, identify and research your target audience. To do so, you can analyze your existing customer base. Define your customers’ income level, age, gender, location, and other essential details. Also, think about the ways your products or services might be useful for your customers. This will help you analyze customer demand.

Keep your message simple

Simpler campaigns are easier to understand and engage with. So, try not to make your message too complex but rather straightforward. Simple messages are also more likely to bring more conversions since they don’t overwhelm or confuse your customers. Ways to make your messages simple but effective include adding clear calls to action, writing an attention-grabbing introduction, and avoiding vague sentences with unclear meaning. 

Leverage content marketing

Holidays make a great opportunity to leverage content marketing. For example, you can create a themed blog post or article to commemorate Mother’s Day and increase engagement rates. And don’t forget about the social media posts and email marketing campaigns too. Later in the article, we’re going to look closer at this particular strategy and show some examples.

Pre-announce your campaign

It is also important to announce your Mother’s Day campaign beforehand. Since pre-announcing provides you with more time for promotion, it may lead to higher anticipation and wider reach. For example, you can start sending emails as a teaser for your campaign in the course of a week preceding the event. 

Trigger FOMO

FOMO, or fear of missing out, is a worrying feeling that you’re missing something important. This phenomenon is a powerful psychological trigger that you can utilize in your Mother’s Day campaigns, as well as any other marketing campaigns. Some popular examples of leveraging FOMO in marketing are time-limited deals, exclusive offers, and more. 

How to prepare your Mother’s Day marketing campaign step-by-step

It is best to start thinking about your marketing campaign a few months prior to the event because proper campaign preparation and planning is a lengthy process that includes several steps. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Begin with brainstorming the potential ideas with your team, creating a step-by-step plan, and setting the deadlines.
  2. After setting the dates and deciding on the plan, you can start working on the content of your Mother’s Day campaign. Think about the offers you can provide or how your customers can benefit from your products or services. Also, remember to come up with attractive Mother’s Day email subject lines to ensure high open rates. 
  3. Launch your Mother’s Day campaign and don’t forget to update all your channels. You can also build anticipation for your campaign before launching it by creating teasers — for example, you can send emails or announce your campaign on social media several days before the holiday.
  4. After the end of your campaign period, make sure to analyze the results. You may also ask your customers for their feedback to understand what you should work on next time.

Mother’s day marketing ideas and examples to help you drive sales

Here, we’ve gathered some of the best marketing ideas for your Mother’s Day campaigns. Keep reading to learn more, see some examples, and gain inspiration for your business.

Create a Mother’s Day-themed email campaign

Mother’s Day email marketing is a great way to increase engagement rates, drive sales, and promote your business. Many brands use this opportunity to launch a holiday email campaign, and we recommend that you don’t miss this chance as well.

Here’s a great example of a Mother’s Day email campaign done right. In this email by Postable, the brand suggests the audience send their postcard as a holiday greeting. Similarly, you can also think about how your customers could use your product or service for Mother’s Day. 

A Mother’s Day promotion email from Postable featuring an image of a postcard with a children’s photo printed on it
Source: Really Good Emails

Offer personalized products

Personalized offers are another great way to motivate your subscribers to make a purchase. To do so, analyze your customers, their preferences, and purchase history.

In this email campaign by Burberry, the brand suggests its customers personalize gifts to their moms by ordering customized embroidery to turn a regular, though luxury, product into “an unforgettable treat”.

A holiday-themed email from Burberry showcasing the brand’s products
Source: MailCharts

Highlight free shipping

Another good marketing idea for the holiday is to offer free shipping to your customers. Make sure to highlight this offer in your Mother’s Day campaign to make it stand out.

In the example below, Everlane doesn’t provide too many details in the email. Instead, it makes it short and straight to the point by highlighting the time-limited 2-day free shipping offer first and foremost.

An email by Everlane offering free 2-day shipping. The email features a photo collage with pictures of different women, and the caption reads “In celebration of moms everywhere”.
Source: Really Good Emails

Collaborate with influencers

Also, consider teaming up with influencers from your industry. Influencer marketing can help you increase brand awareness, attract new audiences, drive sales, create unique content, and more. Influencers can even suggest some fresh ideas that you haven’t thought of yet.

In this Instagram post by @irinahp, the influencer is advertising Designer Outlet Parndorf. Since the brand specializes in retail fashion, they made a smart decision to collaborate with a content creator known for her fashion-themed videos.

An Instagram post by @irinahp advertising Designer Outlet Parndorf

Run a Mother’s Day giveaway

Giveaways are a quick and efficient way to increase engagement and attract new potential customers. To make your giveaway campaign successful, think about the goal you want to achieve and set specific rules for participants to follow. Also, remember that the prizes should match the Mother’s Day vibe and be relevant.

Here’s how Express Kitchens, a company that specializes in kitchen cabinets, designs, and the like, handles the task. For the Mother’s Day marketing campaign, the brand chose to launch a giveaway campaign on their website, offering a kitchen as a prize. Since they chose the winner by voting, this was a great way to increase engagement rates and boost their traffic.

An image of a mother, daughter and grandmother wearing aprons and taking selfies in the kitchen
Source: Express Kitchens

Provide exclusive Mother’s Day discounts

As holidays are often associated with spending a lot of money, you can offer your customers an exclusive holiday discount to encourage them to make a purchase.

In this email, FirstCry offers their audience a wealth of very tempting discount coupons for shopping, giving customers a lot of options to choose from.

A holiday-themed email from FirstCry featuring a wealth of discount deals
Source: MailCharts

Curate a Mother’s Day gift guide

To make the gift selection process easier for your customers and save their time, you can provide them with a Mother’s Day gift guide. Besides being useful for customers, such a guide will also be beneficial to your business, increasing the probability of the purchase. 

In this email, Bezar provides their customers with a list of potential gifts for Mother’s Day. Since the brand includes product images and pricings, it makes it easier for the audience to pick something that fits their budget and preferences.

A holiday-themed email by Bezar. The email features a list of potential gifts with images and pricings.
Source: Really Good Emails

Publish an interactive quiz

Publishing an interactive quiz on your platform can increase engagement rates and create a personalized experience for your audience. It is also a great opportunity to gather data on your audience’s preferences and interests.

Thirty-One Gifts is a brand specializing in bags, totes, and purses. For their Mother’s Day marketing campaign, they created an interactive quiz on selecting the perfect gift on their website. After completing the quiz, the audience received personalized gift recommendations from the brand based on their answers. This strategy can increase engagement rates and drive sales at the same time.

A preview of Thirty-One Gifts quiz for Mother’s Day
Source: Thirty-One Gifts

Publish a “Things to Do” list

Another way to engage your audience is by publishing a Mother’s Day “Things to Do” list. Activities on the list may include a special brunch, picnic, bike ride, self-care day, and more. 

In this email by Allset, the brand suggests the ideas for spending Mother’s Day, such as going on a brunch or dinner. They also provide a discount offer for their audience, making the email not only informative but also useful.

An email from Allset providing a list of potential activities to celebrate Mother’s Day
Source: Really Good Emails

Give your subscribers an opt-out option

Counterintuitive as it may seem, Mother’s Day is a good opportunity to offer an opt-out to those who are not interested in promotional materials for this particular holiday anymore for whatever reason. Asking for a reason is not a good idea in this case, of course, so just keep this message as simple as possible. 

This is exactly what OpenTable does in the example below. The brand’s message is short but cordial, and the email also provides clear instructions on how to unsubscribe from Mother’s Day emails while remaining on the list for other occasions.

An email from OpenTable containing instructions on how to opt-out of the company’s Mother’s Day emails
Source: Really Good Emails

More Mother’s Day promotion ideas from popular brands

Need more inspiration? Take a look at these prime examples from top international brands. 

Dunkin Donuts

An email from Dunkin Donuts promoting a Mother’s Day gift card
Source: Really Good Emails

Dunkin Donuts suggested its customers give a Dunkin’ e-gift card to moms for Mother’s Day. To add festivity, they also included some greeting cards templates that customers can print out, color, and send along with their gift cards to add a personal touch.

IKEA Indonesia

A screenshot of IKEA Indonesia’s website page with gift recommendations for Mother’s Day
Source: IKEA Indonesia official website

IKEA Indonesia published a gift guide on its website. While recommending gifts or activities, the brand made sure to include the names and prices of the items displayed, which is a good tactic to nudge the audience toward making a purchase decision.


A holiday-themed email by Nike displaying some of the brand’s items
Source: Really Good Emails

Nike launched a Mother’s Day sale to celebrate the holiday. In its email, the brand reminded its customers about the sale and showcased some of its products. Although the email is quite simple, it is informative and straight to the point.


Apple’s email showcasing some of the brand’s items
Source: Really Good Emails

In this email from Apple, the brand offered fast delivery for those who haven’t got a gift yet. The email creates a sense of urgency, motivating customers to make the purchase quickly.

Final thoughts

Mother’s Day is a great occasion to express love and gratitude to mothers and celebrate motherhood. But it is also a great chance to promote your business, connect with your audience, and drive more sales. Use ideas, best practices and examples from this article to create an effective marketing strategy and launch a campaign that will truly stand out.

02 May, 2024
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