Copying contacts from one list to another

In your account, go to Contacts — Lists.

Where to find lists of contacts.

Open the list you need. Tick the contacts you would like to move or copy.

You can select all contacts on the page or in the list by ticking the box on top next to Email, or particular contacts by ticking the corresponding addresses.

Selecting all contacts.

When the contacts are selected, you will see the Acions button. Click on the button and choose the Add to Lists option (if you prefer to move them, choose Move to a List).

Copying contacts to a different list.

Then, in the new window choose the lists you would like to add the contacts to (2) (if you need to find the list, enter its name in the search box (1)).

Choosing the lists you would like to copy your contacts to.

To confirm the action, click on the Add button in the bottom of the page.

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