Best Free Responsive Email Templates & Sites With Them

Best Free Responsive Email Templates & Sites With Them
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Maria Bidogaeva
by Maria Bidogaeva

An essential step of launching an email marketing campaign is to ensure the email layout displays correctly on every device. To do so, you can use free responsive email templates. In this article, you will learn more about the templates, their benefits, types, and some of the best free responsive email template services.

What is a responsive email template?

A responsive email template is an email layout that is designed to fit and adapt to every device. It usually features readable text, optimized images, and touch-friendly elements. The word “responsive” means that in “response” to a screen or window size, email template size changes as well. Using professional responsive email templates, you can save time and create an effective email marketing campaign for your business.

Professional responsive email templates can be used for various types of email marketing campaigns, including commercial offers, welcome emails, prospecting emails, and more. Make sure to also check out our article on sales prospecting email templates!

What are the benefits of using it?

Responsive email templates are a great choice for marketers who want to launch effective email campaigns. Here are some of the benefits of using the templates:

  • Responsive email templates can help reach a broader audience. It doesn’t matter if your subscriber uses a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or other devices your email will be accessible to all.
  • A fully responsive email can increase the engagement rate. By making your email optimized for every device, you can improve user experience and increase click-through rates. If you have wholesale customers, you can also use a wholesale email template to make your content more accessible to smartphone users.
  • Responsive email templates can improve user experience. Since the templates make your email design more appealing and easy to read, it can leave a good impression on your audience.
  • Using templates can drive conversions. Professional responsive email templates make sure to include calls to action and make them visible and accessible. These elements let your subscribers complete a necessary action.

11 best free responsive email templates

Here, we’ve gathered some of the best free responsive email template design ideas. Keep reading to get some inspo for your next email marketing campaign!


A responsive welcome email template showcasing an image of people.
Source: Selzy

Welcome emails are the ones you send after a customer subscribes to your newsletter. The purpose of this type of email is to express your gratitude and briefly introduce your brand. This responsive template gets straight to the point: it greets the subscribers, lists the available services, and has a call to action. You can customize and design it to match your brand’s aesthetics.


A transactional responsive email by Selzy with a vector drawing of a shoe.
Source: Selzy

Businesses send transactional emails to confirm the order, share the order status updates, or similar operations. This template is short and simple. Although it doesn’t have too much going on, it is quite informative. Like the previous welcome email template, we took this one from the Selzy email builder. In the builder itself, you can also check out what the template will look like on mobile screens.


A promotional email template showcasing a countdown of a time-limited sale.
Source: Selzy

Promotional emails serve as advertisements for deals, new products, and other things your business can offer. This responsive template includes a countdown timer GIF that creates a sense of urgency and motivates your customers to claim the offer. You can also edit this template in Selzy and add more cool elements to boost the efficiency of your email marketing campaign.


An announcement email template demonstrating a new product.
Source: Selzy

Announcement emails are used to let the subscribers know about a new product or a recent update. In this responsive template, you can also add a preview of your product or a call-to-action button.


A responsive email template with an informative article on AI.
Source: Selzy

Businesses may start sending newsletters when they want to share some news about the company, let the subscribers know about new services, or notify them about updates. You can design this responsive template the way you want — the empty spaces let you be as creative as possible. For example, you can change the graphics or background colors.

By the way, the Selzy team used a similar template for our email marketing newsletter.


A responsive email asking subscribers to take part in the survey.
Source: Selzy

Surveys are a great way to gather feedback from your customers. Survey emails are usually short and simple. In this template, the most important element is a CTA button encouraging the audience to participate.

Commercial offers

A responsive email template with a discount offer demonstrating an item.
Source: Selzy

Emails with commercial offers are meant to attract customers by sharing a discount code or letting the audience know about other offers. In this template, you can add a picture of your products or introduce your service.

Abandoned cart

An email template demonstrating an item in a cart.
Source: Selzy

Abandoned cart emails serve as a reminder to the customers who haven’t finished checking out on your website. Using this template, you can also add an image of your product to remind the customers about their purchase.


A responsive email template asking for feedback.
Source: Selzy

To ask your customers to leave a review, you can try sending feedback emails. This type of email shouldn’t be too long but rather straight to the point. You can customize it to match your brand’s style.


An email template introducing a webinar
Source: Selzy

If you want to let your audience know about your event, you can use a simple template. Make sure to include the date and other important details. This email includes separate blocks for all the necessary intel like webinar hosts, time, and a sign-up button.


A responsive email template wishing a Merry Christmas with a picture of Santa Claus.
Source: Selzy

Holiday emails are a great way to remind your subscribers about yourself and express your gratitude. This type of email is usually short and simple. Although this is a Christmas email template, you can customize the visuals and use it for other holidays. 

9 websites with free responsive email templates

Are you ready to design your customized responsive email? Then check out some of the best sites with free responsive email templates that we’ve gathered below!


A collection of Selzy’s responsive email templates
Source: Selzy

Selzy is a service that provides marketing automation tools. In its new email builder, you can find over 40 responsive email templates for different types of email campaigns. The templates are organized by themes and the collection is regularly updated. There’s no need to download any additional software. You can customize and design your emails and make them match your brand’s aesthetics.

Key features: Responsive templates with and without content, AI assistant, code mode, block editor

Templates: Over 40

Free plan: 1500 emails/month and 100 contacts 

Pricing: Starts from $7/month

Rating: 4.7 out of 5


A selection of free responsive email templates from Brevo
Source: Brevo

Brevo is a platform that helps businesses with email automation and other parts of customer relations. In their responsive email templates collection, you can find templates for sending various types of emails, such as e-commerce, SaaS, non-profit, holiday, content, and blog.

Key features: Pre-designed templates, drag-and-drop editor, custom templates as a service

Templates: Over 40

Free plan: 300 email sends per day

Pricing: Starts from $25 per month

Rating: 4.6 out of 5


Stripo’s web page showcasing some of its email templates
Source: Stripo

Unlike Brevo and Selzy, Stripo doesn’t include the whole email marketing software functionality — it’s a standalone no-code email builder. It provides a lot of beautiful responsive templates for many occasions you can use as a starting point. You can choose from the pre-made template collection or request a custom template in your brand’s aesthetics.

Key features: Drag-and-drop editor, HTML & CSS code editor

Templates: More than 1500

Free plan: 4 exports, 5 test emails per day, 10 stored emails

Pricing: Starts from $15 per month

Rating: 4.8 out of 5


MailBakery’s web page demonstrating some of its free email templates
Source: MailBakery

MailBakery is an agency that provides HTML email template design and coding services. However, you can find many premium and free pre-made email templates good for various use cases and business niches, such as ecommerce, real estate, and others. Or, like in the case of Stripo, order a custom one.

Key features: HTML templates

Templates: 57 free templates

Free plan: Free templates only, paid templates are bought separately

Pricing: Premium templates start from $48 per template

Rating: 5 out of 5 on Clutch


Litmus’ web page showcasing some of the free email templates
Source: Litmus

Litmus is another email marketing service that provides email testing, personalization, design, and other features. The templates are divided by category and suggested use, so everyone can find something that works for their business.

Key features: Templates available to download + no-code builder for registered users

Templates: 21 free downloadable templates

Free plan: Free 7-day trial 

Pricing: Starts from $99/month billed annually

Rating: 4.6 out of 5


A preview of MJML’s free email templates
Source: MJML

MJML is a responsive email framework by Mailjet. It involves semantic HTML syntax, which allows users to create responsive templates with fewer lines of code. You can read the docs and start designing and coding templates yourself. But if you’re in a pinch, get one of the various free email templates that are categorized by tags, such as welcome, newsletter, transactional, and others.

Key features: HTML templates

Templates: 20

Free plan: All templates are available for free

Pricing: Open-source

Rating: 5.0 out of 5


Dyspatch’s drag-and-drop email builder
Source: Dyspatch

Dyspatch is an interactive email builder. It supports AMP — Accelerated Mobile Pages. This framework created by Google allows users to build app-like emails with complex interactive mechanics from quizzes to full-on games.

Aside from AMP blocks, Dyspatch also offers responsive templates, although not too many. The service is free, so you can use it as many times as you want.

Key features: HTML templates, drag-and-drop email builder, AMP support


Free plan: All templates are available for free

Pricing: Open-source

Rating: 4.1 out of 5


A preview of one of the Antwort’s responsive templates
Source: GitHub

Antwort is a collection of 3 responsive email templates available for download on GitHub for free. The templates include a Single Column Fluid Layout, Two Columns, and Three Columns. The columns become rows when viewed on mobile devices.

Key features: Responsive email layouts

Templates: 3

Free plan: All templates are available for free

Pricing: Open-source

Rating: N/A


Mosaico’s email builder
Source: Mosaico

Mosaico is another free email template builder. It is a great solution if you want to create a unique email template for your brand from scratch. The service allows you to make custom responsive templates and provides template blocks. It is an open-source product and you can download its complete codebase from GitHub.

Key features: Two blank templates, one greyscale, one colored

Templates: 2

Free plan: Available for free

Pricing: Open-source

Rating: N/A

Tips for choosing mobile-friendly responsive email templates

So, how do you choose a professional responsive email template that meets your needs? Here are some of the tips you can follow to choose the best templates for your marketing campaign.

  • Identify your requirements. Think about the type of content you are going to send. Your email might feature visual or interactive elements, transactional info, or a long copy. Depending on the content of your email, your choice of templates may vary. Remember to consider other aspects, such as the industry you are in to attract a relevant audience too.
  • Check if there’s a test option. It is recommended to try out the template and its features before launching a campaign. By doing that, you can put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes and check what your emails look like on different screen sizes and in different email clients.
  • Read the reviews. Just like any other service or product, reviews and feedback are the best way to learn about its strengths and weaknesses. So, check out websites like G2 while choosing your email builder.


Responsive email templates are a great solution for businesses of any size. They can drastically decrease your email production time, and their responsive nature makes your email campaigns accessible to all users. We shared a selection of Selzy’s responsive email templates and a list of other tools, from simple template collections to full-on ESPs with many sophisticated email marketing features.

Want to get a taste of responsive email design now? Get a free Selzy account and fool around with our cool new builder and the collection of templates.

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