Best Welcome Emails for New Customers

Best Welcome Emails for New Customers
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Maria Bidogaeva
by Maria Bidogaeva

Implementing welcome emails is a great marketing strategy that allows you to introduce your business to your customers and let them know what they can expect from your newsletter. 

In this article, we’ve gathered some of the most prominent welcome email marketing campaigns to gain inspiration from. Keep reading to explore the best welcome emails in all shapes and colors!

What is the importance of a welcome email?

A good welcome email marketing campaign can shape the right initial impression of your brand and serve as a value proposition. It is also a great opportunity to capture the subscribers’ attention, increase the engagement rate, and drive sales without lifting a finger — email automation does it all for you. The customers can learn more about your business and get motivated to explore your website or purchase your product or service. At this point, sending a welcome email is a gesture of common courtesy: your customers sort of expect an introduction to your business, and not doing so is a massive missed opportunity.

All that is confirmed by numbers: the average open rate of welcome emails is over 60%, which is twice as effective compared to the general average opens.

Welcome emails are an essential part of email marketing which often involves sending bulk emails to the new customers. Check out our article for more information about bulk emails.

What makes a good welcome newsletter?

So, how do you make a great welcome email? Here are some of the things to consider while creating your welcome email marketing campaign that can make your customers want to explore your business.

Creative subject lines

An email subject line is the first thing that your customers see. So, make it catchy, short, and simple. You may include some personalization elements and mention the benefits that the recipient might get by opening your email. It is also recommended to use emojis and playful language to catch your customers’ attention.

Here’s a great example of a solid welcome email subject line.

From: Bark & Bitter
Subject: Ciao! Welcome to the bitter life
A welcome email from Bark & Bitter that features a black and white photo of a man sitting with his legs on a table. It also showcases some of the brand’s items.
Source: Really Good Emails

This subject line is great because it’s intriguing enough to open an email and contains a smart word play — Bark & Bitter produces non-alcoholic bitters for cocktails, so “bitter life” means both “sad life” (ironically, of course) and “life with bitters from this brand”. So, don’t be afraid of using funny subject lines for your welcome campaigns!

Personal offers

Another method that many businesses use is including a personal offer in a welcome email. It may be a discount, freebies, or free shipping for the first order. A promo code for the first order attracts new customers, drives sales, and increases the chances of new subscribers converting to loyal customers.

Here’s a welcome email from August, where the brand offers 20% percent off first order. It provides a clear motivation for the subscribers to take action.

An August welcome email with a personal offer. The email includes a picture of a hand holding a coffee cup and the brand’s product on the side. It also features some other products that the brand offers.
Source: Really Good Emails

Content recommendations

Start your welcome email with a warm welcome and a brief introduction to your business. Then, confirm the subscription and express your gratitude. You can also let your audience know what content they can expect from your newsletter and what benefits they can get by being subscribed to you. Some other points to consider are call-to-action and personalization elements. 

You also don’t have to focus on one objective of your welcome email — let’s take a look at this example from DEEPS. Notice how it has more than one CTA but doesn’t look overwhelming and gives a good general overview of the company and its product. Also, hey, discounts are always nice, right?

Welcome email from DEEPS that offers more info on the company and a discount off the first order
Source: Really Good Emails

One more element that has to be included in any of your business emails is an unsubscribe option. Apart from being a legal requirement, it is also an important aspect of email marketing. The option shows respect for your customers and creates a positive sender reputation.

Remember that you can use marketing automation platforms for email automation to enhance the effectiveness of your welcome email marketing campaign.

Types of welcome emails

There are different types of welcome emails. As we’ve mentioned before, some of them might offer a promo code, while others can just introduce the brand. Below, we’ve gathered three of the most common kinds of welcome emails. Keep reading to see what works best for your business!

Hello emails for new subscribers

Hello welcome emails aim at greeting new subscribers and introducing your business. It is also a great opportunity to make a strong value proposition. In this type of email campaign, provide a brief overview of what subscribers can expect from your company and its newsletter. The content of the email doesn’t have to include a discount offer or a call-to-action but rather send a welcome message, leave a good first impression, and prepare your customers for future engagement with your business.

In the email from, the brand lists what it has to offer, so that new customers can understand which types of help they can get from the company.

A welcome email from in signature colors showcasing a car
Source: Really Good Emails

Offer emails

Offer emails are the ones that include a special deal for new subscribers. This type of email campaign is the best for capturing your audience’s attention and encouraging them to make purchases or take other actions to drive sales. Offer emails are a great choice for your business if you aim at increasing conversion and engagement rates.

Here’s an offer email from PLAE. Although it’s quite simple and doesn’t provide a lot of information, it captures the customers’ attention and makes a great deal.

A welcome email from PLAE with a special offer. The email includes a photo of a woman jumping and wearing the brand’s items.
Source: Really Good Emails

Thank you emails

Thank you emails are meant to express gratitude for signing up and connecting with your business. They positively affect customer loyalty and build good relationships with your new subscribers. Although such email campaigns don’t necessarily have to include a special offer, they can make your customers feel appreciated and want to explore your brand — in its turn, that will drive your sales in the future.

In this email from reMarkable, the brand expresses gratitude towards its new subscribers and makes a brief introduction. It sparks interest and makes a good call to action.

A welcome email from reMarkable that features a photo of a woman holding the brand’s item
Source: Really Good Emails

10 best welcome email examples

Now that you’ve learned some theory, it’s time to explore the best examples of welcome emails. Get some inspiration for your marketing campaign and get ready to drive your business’ sales!

Wunderkin Co.

A welcome email from Wunderkin Co. that showcases a girl wearing the brand’s bow near the lake
Source: Rejoiner

Wunderkin Co. is a kids’ hair accessories brand. In their welcome email campaign, they offer new subscribers a promo code for free shipping on the first order. The email demonstrates the benefits the customers can get by staying with the brand. The first free shipping is also a great choice to leave a good first impression, build customer engagement, and create a bond.

The email is simple and matches the business’ aesthetics. It doesn’t have too much information but rather gets straight to the point.


A welcome email from Eve that demonstrates some of the brand’s items and lists its benefits
Source: Rejoiner

Eve is a UK brand specializing in mattresses and bedroom furniture. In the brand’s welcome email, they state some of the information about the company, its values, and some of the recommended items. It is an effective strategy to leave a good impression on customers who are not familiar with the brand, as they can learn more about the company and what it has to offer.


A welcome email from Thinx that showcases a woman coming out of the wall and wearing the brand’s underwear
Source: Rejoiner

Thinx is a reusable period underwear brand. As for their welcome email, they chose to introduce the brand and let the subscribers know what they can expect from the newsletter. By doing that, the brand demonstrates what other benefits the audience can get by following them. The email also mentioned the brand’s activism, which helps build trust and encourages engagement with the business, even though it doesn’t feature a special first-order offer.


A welcome email from Savee listing the CTAs
Source: Really Good Emails

Savee is a platform for saving and sharing images from various sources. Its welcome email is simple, short, and gets straight to the point. It lets subscribers know how they can use the platform while making a call to action at the same time.


A welcome email from Kurk that showcases the brand’s supplement bottle on a yellow background
Source: Really Good Emails

Kurk is a supplement brand from London. In its welcome email, the brand included a discount offer for the first order and put some positive reviews. It is a great strategy for introducing the brand to a new audience as they are not familiar with the product. Including positive reviews helps build trust between the potential customers and the company.

Lonely Planet

A welcome email from Lonely Planet that demonstrates a picture of two women walking in nature and other pictures of people in touristic places
Source: Really Good Emails

Lonely Planet is a travel guide book publisher originating in Australia. In the welcome email marketing campaign, the company provides some information about the newsletter and what their audience can expect. They also provide a discount promo code. Although the email is quite long and informative, the content is presented in blocks that are easy to read. The discount promo code is also an effective way to increase engagement and drive sales.


A welcome email from Stills that showcases a picture of a woman peeking from the window blinds with a cigarette in her mouth
Source: Really Good Emails

Stills is a platform for image licensing. In its welcome email marketing campaign, the brand uses a picture that matches the brand’s aesthetic. The content includes the invite codes. It is an effective word-of-mouth marketing strategy that can reach new potential customers. It leaves a good impression by creating a sense of exclusivity and making the audience feel special.

Little Sleepies

A welcome email from Little Sleepies in bright colors that features some pictures of kids wearing the brand’s items
Source: Really Good Emails

Little Sleepies is a pajama and daywear company. The brand’s welcome email marketing campaign focuses on greeting new subscribers and introducing the brand. It also provides a promo code for the first order and lets the audience know what they can expect from the company’s newsletter. 

The email design makes it stand out while matching the aesthetics at the same time. It also includes some fun content, such as the link to a test that can help choose your kid’s outfit. These CTA elements make the campaign informative and effective.

Brooks Running

A welcome email from Brooks Running in the brand’s signature colors that features some pictures of people doing sports and wearing the brand’s items
Source: Really Good Emails

Brooks Running is a sports equipment company. As for its welcome email marketing campaign, the brand decided to offer a discount for the first order and motivate the subscribers to take action. The email includes links to the website, which together with the promo code makes an effective marketing move for driving sales.

Big Blanket

Welcome email from Big Blanket that features a discount code for first-time buyers
Source: Really Good Emails

Big Blanket is a company specializing in blankets, bedding, and home wear. The brand’s welcome email also features a discount promo code and a free shipping offer. It also showcases some pictures with the items and a call-to-action. Although the email is quite simple, it is effective and leaves a good impression for the new customers.

Final thoughts

Creating an effective welcome email marketing campaign is an essential step in leaving a good first impression about your business and forming good relationships with the customers. So, don’t miss the chance to drive your business’ sales and create your own welcome email marketing strategy!

20 March, 2024
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